9 comments on “When Binibining Pilipinas turned Silver (or the 1989 Edition of Bb. Pilipinas)

  1. Sayang ito. Beautiful, tall, articulate.

    I will leave the it to Angelo Reyes. Favorite nya ito.

  2. Hi norman. Can you please share the 1986 bb pilipinas coronation night video? I would like to see how did Violeta Nalus and Alice Dixson perform during the competetion.

  3. Whenever I see that group photo of the BBP winners in this edition, I always say that Sarah Jane Paez was definitely out of place. Sure, the other winners were beauties as well per that time’s standards, but when I see them, I could easily tell that they were from the 80’s not bec of their styling but bec of their facial features. It’s weird, idk. Their eyes, cheekbones, they all look 80s. Sarah’s on the other hand looks so modern and fresh as if she can still compete in today’s Nationals.

  4. The silver edition was the year when the top honors went to veritable brains and beauty package. They are all engaging conversationalists.

  5. Norman, thanks for sharing BP 1989 video to us. Do you also have BP 1980-1985 pageants as well? Merci.

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