One comment on “The Years when Miss Universe was hosted in Asia and Australia

  1. Mr. Tinio, is this (veiled) hint that MUO is again looking to the Far East to host?

    If so, then China. The nCoV19 should peak there before long and begin to plateau, whereas only now is ASEAN feeling its potential. My Malaysian fren reports a growing sense of paranoia in KL. But Macau, interestingly and happily, has sent home all its last cases after RIGOROUS quarantine; the worst is over at least for that part of the Mainland. Ang MW, sa Hainan dati, no?

    ‘Di tuloy nakapunta sa ‘Pinas ‘yung rep sana ng Macau sa Manhunt. In the pre-arrival, he was the favorite among the Far East bets. Sayang…. He was like YUMMY Chinese meat bun. 🙂

    Unless, matuloy na finally ‘yung sinasabi noon ni Gov LCS na (South) Korea. But how are they now with the nCoV19?

    From this “hosting era”, I recall Areeya Chumsai (1994), Aurora “Chat” Silayan (1980), and Geraldine “Pebbles” Asis (1987). H’Hen Nie (2018) and Chalita Suansane (2016) will complete my ASEAN MU5.

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