13 comments on “International pageant postponements due to COVID19

  1. Really? Pageants moved to May – June? That will be about the time the virus is going to peak in Egypt and India, and these 2 very densely populated countries don’t have the resources to handle this pandemic when it hits them!

    • andun na ang virus pare
      wala lang sila paki kasi hindi nila tinetest parang indonesia
      bubulaga na lang yan

  2. wala ng pageant na matutuloy
    umaasa pa kayo
    2021 pa mapupuksa ang virus na ito

  3. Well,looking forward lng namn to these beau cons: BBP, MUP, MU, MI….waley n😁

  4. This pandemic that virtually screeched global business to a halt shows how easily pageantry could slide to irrelevance if it does not touch the lives of people reeling from this existential threat to humanity. This juxtaposes the absolute need for pageantry to be a platform for a relevant advocacy. But which among the pageant organizations provide such platforms? Which one seriously makes its platform operative? To be more specific, which one has the potential to impact the lives of its followers during the onslaught of this pandemic and beyond? Which one can face head-on this harbinger of doom to a pageantry business? MU? MW? MI? ME?

    • Which pageantry can be relevant in the midst of a pandemic such as this? MU with its open platform to any empowerment advocacy? MW with its platform for charitable projects? MI with its ascription to “world peace”? ME with its platform for environmental protection?

      • @ scorg This community quarantine _hit just got very real! Manila is now code “yellow”. Everybody’s online now, but as result the WIFI here is erratic. 😦

        These viruses should not have jumped species in the first place. So, I would say ME has the cause closest to the core.

        This needs to peak ASAP. Otherwise, we are in for protracted guerilla warfare. Armed troops are on the streets because (some) Pi_noys are being hard-headed.

      • @Flor: Among the major pageantry organizations, it is ME that is closest to the issues associated with this pandemic. With climate change ramping up, the world is entering a new phase of epdemics like the corona virus. Climate change is hypothesized to amplify its causes and effects and lead to the creation of mutated, vaccine-resistant strains that can be equally hard to control and contain. Scientists have also found out that rising temperatures are making our natural immune systems less effective. These said, my only observation is that ME’s environmental concerns seem to be more of a promotional tagline than an advocacy. I hope this is an eye-opener for ME to seriously fleshen up its avowed advocacy and elevate its brand to a higher level of relevance. Note that MU brand is evolving. Its open platform can also attract a climate change- related or a public health advocacy by its titlist.

      • @ scorg Go google Lourdes Cruz, a marine scientist who was the recipient of the L’Oreal UNESCO Award for her work on the toxins of marine snails for biomedical applications.

        THIS is as #phenomenalwoman as it gets!

        But, L’Oreal is a MW partner-sponsor, so I am unsure if and how MUP can use her as an example.

      • @Flor, I am not sure if L’Oreal is still a sponsor of MW. As far as I know, it was only during the reign of Aiswarya Rai that she was chosen to be its spokesperson. But L’Oreal is known to be a brand that supports “women empowerment” initiatives. They have congruent advocacy that it is a puzzle why MU has not partnered with the brand. I’m sure if MG (Mario Garcia) can get L’Oreal as one of the MUP sponsors it would be a prize-catch.

  5. MWP organization MUST begin the PHYSICAL screening of applicants for the 2021-22 season.

    Understood that those currently at MUP and BBP that are open to crossing-over immediately after their respective finals, J14 & M31 (?), will be considered only if they are unplaced and/or got no binding contracts. Siyempre, they must SECRETLY express their intent…Mabubulaga na lang tayo!

    Pero ‘yung mga plano’ng mag-MWP na wala naman at both right now, kahit as early as now i-entertain na sa advance screenings, kahit paunti-unti, para hindi sayang ang oras at mahirap masabi ang mga mangyayari sa darating na mga ilan’g araw dahil na nga sa “corona”/”lock-down”. I saw a video on YouTube that said secondary/follow-up waves, like aftershocks after the main shake, can happen.

    They can go in groups, as camps, by regional cluster (for example, why not ALV instruct a team in Mindanao to assess the possible candidates there?), etc… etc. He can also monitor the proceedings online.

    Both Montaigne and Mugford will be tough acts to follow. But both Kelley and Isabelle (“I”, not “Y”) look FIGHT. DEVOUR them, Missy’s! 🙂

  6. The major pageants will do the same. especially mu nagextend sila non sa january sa d ko knows na reason. so with that covid virus they will do the same again. now on our national pageants. good points that they change the coronation date. pero kung may covid issue pa din. i think wag nalang i extend ang date. just stick to the second date and do it without audiences. kukulangin sa preparation if ma extend pa yan. But disadvantage sa mup and bbp is wala sila kikitain if no audience. But there is a solution which is a pay per view. its fine unless if the price is right. kaya lang possible iisa lang ang price since walang general admission. or vip etc etc since hinde naman manonood sa stadium. so if yan gagawin nila for sure mahal ang price sa pay per view. or baka iba iba pa din ang price parang nanood ka lang din sa arena. kung vip sa arena malapit ka same as pay per view. pero kung nasa taas ka sa arena. sa pay perview ganun din kalayo ang mapapanood mo hihi. each level of seats my camera.

    • @ jed ‘Eyow, po. 🙂

      I’m sure their new dates already took into consideration the possibility of a persistent occurrence, and therefore of a protracted battle. ‘ika nga, no need for a plan C.

      OR,… different (time) duration depending on how much you paid. VIP will get start to finish, while GA will get only the crowning moment. Para all, same ang “distance from stage”. Puwede ba ‘yun?

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