44 comments on “Sunday Sentiments: Why I blog more and vlog less

  1. He’s only a good writer pero yung taste ng beauty nya is meh. Sumikat lang ang blog nato kasi marami siyang pakulo noon. May pa contests with matching cash prizes. Nang sumikat na nawala na yung mga pakulo nya.

  2. I am grateful to you, Norman. Even though we have not met, you have been part of my life and I know a part of the lives of many others. Your blog has kept us company and made our lives a little more interesting.

    Keep healthy and remember that I love you, we love you!

  3. To the fabulous Norms, thank you for all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve shed all these years to keep us entertained, informed, and engaged! Simula pa lamang ito, may many many more blessings and good fortune flow your way on the road ahead.

    Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing we could always count on Norms fo sure…. korni lol! But the sentiments are truly meant and felt 😉

  4. My day is nit complete without reading your bligs. Thank you for great pageant reporting all these years. If u remember Ducky, that was me. Keep it up.

  5. just like the others, i too am a fan, and a regular, daily reader..you are objective and incisive, and these make you credible.. there are a lot of us who wish you well.. thanks so much for your daily inputs.. may the good force always be with you..

  6. Avid reader and fan here Sir Norms- we actually share the same surename. I am so lucky to see you in person during the Bb. Aurora 2017 in Baler and you dont have any idea how much I love pageantry more now because of you!.. and yes like everyone else here, this is the only blog I visit everyday wether I’m at work or just lying down in my sofa at home..keep it up Sir

  7. Tito Norman, I have been an adoring fan since way way back and meeting you and your Mommy Aurora was one of the highlights of my experiences in the pageant world. Just like Claire, one of my daily routines is viewing your blog which I consider to be authoritative and credible. Keep it up always.

  8. From where I work as an expat halfway across the globe, this is the only blog that I open daily in my laptop, tablet or cellphone after a day’s grueling work. I don’t have time for any other blogs because of the demands of my work. Nor do I have the patience for opinionated blogs or vlogs. This is my only source of objective fresh news and developments on pageantry. If I want to be amused, entertained, annoyed, and yes– be educated– on other fields, I read the commentaries where colorful parlorista gayspeak, serious academic writing, and straight technical journalese all coverge into a mish-mash of ideas on pageantry. This blog eases the tedium of my day’s work. That’s why this blog attracts a wide spectrum of audiences– geographic boundaries, professions, ethicities, political persuasions, generational divide, religious affiliations.

  9. Everytime I come to work,

    I first open my email then click normannorman which is already bookmarked on my Mozilla Browser, routine na yan daily! Reading Norman’s blog sets my mood for the day! Ganun siya ka contagious!

    Ako din, mas masaya sa blogging! I blog for 4P’s (politics, pageant, porn & my professional career), the last two is the only surviving blog I have! Namatay na yung first two!

    I also have a YT Channel but its all about movies and songs!

    But none of my blog was earning something or being monetized, its all for pure passion! Masaya nako nakikita into output all my ideas!

    For Norman to be able to monetize his passion is the best job in the world! San ka pa? Invited sa mga regional pageants! Meeting beautiful people! Walang boss na nagdidikta kung anong gagawin!

    Norman, you have the best job in the world!

  10. Tito Norms, you’re my only source for pageant related information in weblog (blog) format. I was following previously another blogger who happened to be a past national beauty queen twice, but she got busy on the media spotlight for years doing a feature or being featured as well in her “adventures”. Keep on going tito Norms. I’ll be looking forward for more interesting and insightful blogs in the future. God bless.

    • Is there a possibility Jonas might be considering you to be one of the judges of this yr’s MUP ?
      It only makes sense as your blog is the most popular pageant blog in the nation… not to mention you represent the great majority of the pageant fans .Along with former MUPs and MU’s from the Philippines , chances are you will choose the most perfect candidate
      Also I have a nagging question in my mind , why didn’t Boy Abunda invite you to the pre-MU show with Gazini????

      • If that is a possibility, then I hope Jonas is reading now. Hahaha. Seriously I am not a celebrity to be even considered.

      • He’s only a good writer pero yung taste ng beauty nya is meh. Sumikat lang ang blog nato kasi marami siyang pakulo noon. May pa contests with matching cash prizes. Nang sumikat na nawala na yung mga pakulo nya.

  11. Whats the issue with BPCI? Hmmm. I didnt know that. Anyway, although I have some issues re: apparent animosity with Cat, I adore your blog. Keep it up!

  12. You have always been and always will be one of the best, if not the best, in this complex, confusing, inspiring field of pageantry blogging, reporting and judging. I’ve been a fan, a reader for many years and have no intention of stopping my daily visit to your wonderful site. Keep your light shining and I will gladly and willingly stand in it’s glow. Much love to you.

  13. Norman, where was that picture taken with all the lamp-posts surrounding you?

    • At Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point in San Fernando, La Union – it is one of their many IG-worthy spots in the place. 🙂

    • I forgot to mention Norman, I am your biggest fan since your site’s inception. I have not missed any single posts you’ve written, not ever. When I wake up in morning, I check your site…it’s like a daily routine however I don’t normally read the comments because it might ruin my day. Take care and I truly appreciate in what you do and what you’ve done to all of us pageant aficionados.

  14. Tito Norman, you’re one of my daily source of happiness. Isa ka sa mga sites na binabasa ko pag-gising. Sana nagpapicture ako sayo nung nakatabi kita Miss World PH coronation nun sa MOA, Arena. I guess you and your company were busy chatting with John Spainhour then. Hahah. GF pa nya nun si Alaiza Malinao.
    You’re still the most credible pageant blogger in PH. You’re still the best! Ang galing mo magsulat. Nakakatuwa at hindi nalaki ang ulo mo. Gaya ng iba dyan. Haha

  15. Kuya Norms, you’re my daily dose of happiness!!! Since discovering your site, you’ve always been my go-to site for pageantry update even when I was out of the country for a long time. Your posts are brief and concise, and most of all very professional. There was that time when you posted about your thoughts whether to continue this blog or not, I was worried at first, but then I was really glad that you continued following your passion. I may not comment on all your posts, but I have read them and, through your posts, I see your humility and pride as a Filipino. When you started appearing on TV, I was really proud of you and silently prayed that you will be given more opportunities to use your platform to inspire a lot of people. God bless you and your family always, Kuya Norms!

  16. Very well said, Norms. Yes Humility is what is necessary in this world of fake tryin hard to be experts in pageantry unlike others who feel entitled because of their huge following.

    I do hope that your little scuffle with the Aranetas will be resolved in the future. Forgive and forget.

    By the way, I did not know the reason 😉

  17. Hi Sir Norman, I really appreciate you. I’ve been reading your blogs since 2015. I wish you good health and more successes. All the best!

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