6 comments on “No alcohol or hand sanitiser? Use soap and warm water instead

  1. Can I just make a suggestion on the third “reminder” from PSALMSTRE? The social distancing rule applies to everyone and not only to those with perceived symptoms. You are not supposed to have close physical contact with anyone because many so-called “COVID-19” carriers are asymptomatic during the period of incubation – i.e., they have no signs of fever, no coughing, etc., yet the virus is inside them. Being lax nowadays should not be your normal, otherwise the virus will continue to spread fast as it is now. If this pandemic persists and any absolute cure or vaccine is not forthcoming, we may need to draw a new social norm and etiquette.

  2. Ay!!!

    I have been a big fan of Renew Placenta since 11 years ago. Mamatay man. Hindi ako bayad to write this, pero I’d say na this piece deems a give back of sort to the soap that has been making me beautiful since the day I bought it from a drug store.

    Before using Renew Placenta, I used to apply an exfoliant brand on my face. Totoo namang nakakanipis ito ng kutis, kaya mamula-mula ang effect nito sa fez. However, I felt na mas madaling ma-irritate ang skin ko sa exfoliant. If ever ma-scratch ko ang aking face because of a little germ, my G, nangangati ito to the max! Plus, kapag nilalagay ko ang exfoliant sa neck ko, nangangati din ito. Redundant tuloy ang dating kase nga taga-Makati rin ako. Kaloka.

    When I started using Renew Placenta, I already felt the effect on my skin the day I used it. I made babad the soap on my face and on my whole body, God, nakakanipis din ng skin! Ramdam din ang konting hapdi lalo na sa fez, pero keri naman, basta you cover it with a moisturizing soap as your last applied soap on the fez. Yes, girls and gays! I use two soaps sa fez. Pero yung moisturizer soap for me is to avoid irritation. Pero kahit wala na minsan ang other soap, and purely Renew Placenta lang ang gamit ko, effect na!

    Heto pa. I apply Renew Placenta on my V and B parts down under. I also make babad the soap for five to ten minutes down there. Medyo ramdam ang hapdi (tiis-ganda syempre to get the desired effect on them), pero, dzaiiiii, feeling ko may pussykip effect s’ya! Sa truelalu at walang halong eklavu lang. Kaya si Dannish husband ko, feeling n’ya virgin ako lage. Hihihihi! Pero ang pinaka-effect talaga n’ya sa part na ‘yan , eh, sobrang nakakakinis s’ya talaga at maintained n’ya ang aking singit sa pagpapaputi.

    Bagama’t minsan, eh, I try different promotion soaps na ino-offer sa akin, bumabalik pa rin ako sa Renew Placenta. Loyal ako sa orange variety, ‘yan ang karaniwang gamit ko.

    That’s all.

    • Before I forget, let us all keep safe from the harm of Covid-19. A good hygiene and staying more at home are good precautionary measures to fight the dreading virus. Girls and gays, ‘wag magpatiwakal kung hindi kayo naging “in” sa pagpapa-panic buying ng face mask, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers, and tissues. These are not the only things that will save you from Covid-19.

      Take a bath or wash your hands and face as often as you can. Ganun kasimple. Ganun kagaling.

      That’s all!

  3. Alannis Reign Binoya, YAASSS!!! 🙂

    I am down to my last 5 milliliters of isopropyl alcohol. I will make it last until this whole thing dies out…

    … and when that is all gone, the nearby mall/supermarket has hand sanitizer for those who wish for a squirt or two upon entering. Huwag lang araw-arawin at baka magkutob si Koya Kyootie Guard kung bakit balik ka ng balik…. (and avoid eye contact, baka isipin niya siya ang dahilan… hihihih…..).

  4. Get enough sleep eat healthy and take your vitamins especially D and C.

  5. if you have safeguard or any antibacterial, antiviral soap
    use it —- 30 seconds or more

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