7 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Best of the #BeyondTheCoastlines Videos so far

  1. bohol’s video impresses me the most. anyways quezon city, bohol & paranaque will be the last three standing come coronation night 🙂

  2. My top 5 for this challenge:

    Michelle Gumabao- I love the enthusiasm
    Billie Hakenson- she sounded like a reporter but in a good way…
    Pauline Amelinkx- She made me want to visit Bohol
    Sandra Lemonon- seems like she’s having a good time here…
    Paula Ortega- quite interesting…

    I actually love Bella Ysmael’s Video, she looked beautiful and she sounded fluent… but her manner of speaking was a bit of a snooze…

    Aliza Malinao also looked great…. but is it just me or she wasn’t informative enough?

  3. behold bohol
    wow davao
    hello iloilo
    on and on sorsogon
    run biliran

    puson, quezon city

  4. Thank you for the clips from the videos released so far. The Ministry of Tourism must be mighty proud of all our MUP aspirants. They are amateurs in film making yet they all produced and presented videos succinctly capturing her province or city‘s essence in crystal clear images. Finding the defining character of one’s province/ city is a huge challenge to branding specialists and urban/rural planners yet our local queens did it with aplomb in less than a month! What is fascinating is the emergent central theme that “beyond the [beautiful] coastlines” are people—community of farmers, fishermen, weavers, potters, wood carvers, market vendors, cooks, students, office workers, worshipers, street revelers—who celebrate life’s beauty everyday. The way they are presented in some subliminally gives a peek into the inner beauty of the presenter. A feel-good video in this depressing time of lockdown.

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