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  1. The challenge in introductory videos on a highly urbanized city, especially if they are part of a megapolis, is finding its defining character. It is almost impossible to encapsulate a city’s brand within in single word because of its multi-dimensionality and its constant change and evolution. But how does one present her city from just being a location into a destination, where people want to live, work, study and visit? If this is a huge challenge to branding professionals and urban planners, more so for MUP candidates who are to produce a video presentation in less than a month. On this note, I commend QC, Paranaque, Taguig, Makati, Iloilo, Cebu, Mandaue, Angeles, and all the others similarly situated who are yet to release their videos, for a good initial attempt. But in keeping with MUP’s thematic “celebration of beauty”, I still hope to see a video where people are presented as a community of individuals who are passionate about the place where they live, work, learn, and play.

  2. Important Announcement from MUP Org.

    Miss Universe Philippines (MUPh) is taking a graceful pause to stand with the Filipino people in its fight against COVID-19. The support of our contestants, pageant fans and sponsors thus far is both humbling and inspiring, and it gives MUPh the confidence to take this important step to help our country.

    Pageant activities will be suspended with immediate effect to ensure the health and safety of our contestants, and for fans and production teams to focus on responding to the National Government’s recently implemented community quarantine. The Finals will now take place on 14 June 2020, Sunday. MUPh remains committed to taking Philippine pageantry to amazing new heights. Measured adjustments to the competition schedule and delivery of new and exciting events are being finalized and will be announced in the coming days and weeks.

    The Philippines’ four Miss Universe crowns are a testament to the country’s ability to come together as a people and support an important cause. The fight against COVID-19 is no different. The entire MUPh community is encouraged to stay healthy, vigilant and informed as the country works to rise above this evolving challenge. In the meantime, we will continue to post online tourism videos of the contestants so that amidst this challenge, we still can be reminded of the beauty of the Philippines worthy to be celebrated beyond our coastlines.

  3. Madam Norman, Sino Ang Top 5 Ng MG Philippines dahil major sponsor Naman sila😊
    JawzKuh Naman Ang Davao del Norte at may magagandang tanawin pa na di pinapakita kagaya Ng mga Hot springs and Falls Hindi puro liyad sa beach na parang balyena hihihi😆
    Nasaan na Yung Rep Ng Davao del Norte last year sa BbPilipinas at super ganda pa naman Yun😊
    Parang Miss Barangay lang Ang Rep ngayon sa MU😭

      • Fabian, may Corona virus na pero Wala pa Yung LV bag ni Auntie Norman hihihi😊
        Meron tayong Freedom of speech AKA freedom to spit kaya Go lang Tita Lavinia 😆
        I miss Laila here😭
        Superstar na c Laila Divahhhh hihihi😊

      • @ bong700 Sa DAMI ng gigs na ngayon ni Mr. Tinio, he probably could use a new carry-in tote.

        Like recently, nagbalikan lang siya for Mutia ti Naguilian (La Union) kasi the next day, Press Day nu’ng alaga ni James Tiu sa BBP. Sorry, I forgot her name. Was it Danica?

        Ta’s may time na he literally flew back and forth between Luzon and Mindanao (MisOr ‘yata). I think this was nu’ng time ng Hannah’s sa Ilocos Norte.


        Sir Blogger, wala na’ng Miss and Mister Hannah’s Ecotourism, ever?

      • Ate Flor, natayen ni manong general kaya dead na Rin c Hannah sison (where is she now), puede pa yata cya sa BbPilipinas Kasi Wala pang 29 yata 😊
        Sayang c Hannah pageant, galante pa naman c general hihihi😊
        Nakamagkano ka auntie norms Kay manong general 😆 hihihi

  4. Must she always say ‘Michele Theresa Imperial Gumabao’? Parang kindergarten lang. Michele Gumabao na lang. The shorter the better.

  5. HAZMAT suit competition
    instead of swimsuit

    i think is timely and appropriate

    • @ kembular2020 Do you have any idea how expensive a HAZMAT is?

      Ano ka? Mema lang?


  6. Sorry but Parañaque teeth are too distracting ? Another example of beauty for local consumption only . Internationally her peculiar features will not be as appreciated. Rich tisay , good voice but sorry pass.
    As for Gumabao, I liked her better in her Bb days. The make up is too heavy, she doesn’t look fresh nor youthful .

  7. macacancel din naman ang
    Tokyo Olympics
    also MInternational

    sarado din ang Europe
    kaya walang Miss Supra

    din ang MW and MU

    so para saan pa ito

    waste of time

    mag self isolate na lang kayo pakalat kalat pa kayu sa iba ibang cities and probinsya
    ma expose sa virus tas lahat kandidata mahahawa pa

    • @ kembular2020 They are already in Manila; everything has gone full throttle. Same at BBP. Might as well go through with it. Anyway, naabutan na ng community isolation/quarantine.

      Wrap up na lang sila by Palm Sunday. ‘Yung mga taga-Maynila or have their own places here can “go home” by Holy Monday. The others, out of humanitarianism siguro naman sagutin muna ng Novotel or some other decent accommodations until the Order is lifted.

      Paradoxically, also within Manila is the capability to properly attend to anybody who might get sick. Huwag naman. But they are in safe hands, under safe conditions, and they are all young with neither immune system issues or pre-existing conditions.

      If none of the BIG’s materializes this year, puwede ba’ng next year na lang sila ilaban? Meaning therefore, scrap the 2021 Nationals? Para, wala’ng accrual into 2022. But for example, if Vickie Rushton finally bags a crown, she’ll turn 29 by then and definitely she becomes only eligible for Albania. Or, hopefully pasok pa sa age ceilings ang mga Runners-up. Idk….

      Magagawan ng paraan ‘to. Keri. Brainstorm for solutions! Lahat tayo, may utak. 🙂

  8. It’s amazing how these videos make our cities and provinces look like first world sites
    I think it’s fair game since international media do not show the inner cities and small rural cities of America and Europe … which are really ugly too

  9. Davao del Norte is pretty and sounds American . But she needs to work out and lose weight

  10. I never paid attention to Sigrid Flores until now
    She is so classy
    Why she didn’t even make top 25 at last yr’s Binibini is baffling to me
    She rep’d Iloilo last year , now she’s Catanduanes …. why ?

    • Sigrid Flores’ permanent home address is Catanduanes but she studied in Iloilo for her undergraduate degree at UP Visayas. She is a missionary thus she goes around the country but is currently based in quezon City for the pageant. Yap, she is classy and good in enunciation. SHE JUST NEEDS THE RIGHT TRAINING, RIGHT PACKAGING & RIGHT ATTITUDE in competing. In the past 2 BPP editions that she joined, the problem was that she DID NOT PUT HERSELF in the FOREFRONT of the competitive, she let others girls out shined her. This is her last year to be able to compete (because of age limit), thus she needs to show her best.

  11. I thought there would be surprises in this batch
    Very disappointing
    Cavite for me has the best video . Great content . Beautiful delivery

  12. mag beyond the coastlines din dapat about coronavirus
    lalo na yang mga taga metro manila

    macacancel naman itong pageant na ito
    bawal ang large gatherings eh
    or for sure sila sila lang allowed sa mga pre event and main event

    who knows if kumalat ang virus at maging Iran or Italy
    hindi na din sila pede punta saan man ang international competition ng MUP2020

    makinig kasi
    dapat kasi 1 week event lang ito
    nakakulong sa hotel eh di sana tapos na
    ganun lang din naman sa mismong MU last year

    • I agree the 3-month wait is way too long
      I’m sure you can tell within minutes of talking to these girls who are potential winners and who are fillers .
      But you have to realize this is also a form of life training for the girls . The personality improvement they gain from this will help them in the future , be it in job application or business and political ventures . That way , even losers can be winners

  13. @Flor, you are just piqued because MIG did not mention your Alma Mater. Lol! QC is a multi-faceted city– seat of government, university city, shopping Mecca, entertainment centre, parks and recreational areas– a motley of so many things. What then is the defining character of QC? Since it was not defined, to talk something substantive about each entry in the tapestry of images would make the presentation long. But if the presentation said something substantive about the monuments of heroes, does QC brand revolve around the image of “home of heroes”?

    • Alam ko na ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw ni Flor kay MG. He, he, he… Nagpakita ng mga eksena sa loob ng unibersidad ni Flor, tapos hindi man lang nabanggit ang pangalan ng pangunahing unibesidad ng bansa. I think hindi pa alam ni MG na si Flor ang hinahanap at inaabangang misteryosong babaeng nakaputi sa loob ng campus. HA, HA, HA… Mr. NORMAN TINIO kailangang malaman at makilala ni MG KUNG SINO si FLOR TULA!

    • @ scorg & @ Pierro Rocco Au contraire.

      NEVER even crossed my mind. Besides, what do I gain? Good morning/afternoon/evening.


  14. FLOR these are my observations/reflections based on the videos of batch (part) 5 girls presented by Norman:
    1. All the 5 girls are good speakers (especially in terms of enunciation/diction). I know all were scripted, but least they were able to deliver well in the video presentations.
    2. Wa’am Ahmed is an UNCONVENTIONAL BEAUTY. I think she is more of a model rather than a beauty queen. If she can lose few more pounds and train well in projection & runway skills, she can be a excellent contender in ANTM or focus on in modelling.
    3. ANG BILIS NG PAGPAYAT ni MICHELLE GUMABAO Flor. She just needs to lose few more fats and then a little of muscle toning, vava-voom na.
    4. The Miss Universe Philippines 2020 titleholder will be a BATTLE between the 2 DLSU girls. But I prefer MICHELLE GUMABAO over Ysabella primarily because the former is already in the pageant retirement age. BESIDES, I would like to see YSABELLA YSMAEL in action at the Miss World stage if not this year, then next year. Ysabella can be a runner up to MG.

  15. When you have a city as diverse and storied as the one MIG represents, attempting to encapsulate pretty-much-everything without saying anything really substantive is unfortunate. Tulad na lang nu’ng mga bantayog sa “Scouts” at “desaparecidos/martyrs of the Marcos Era”, those two alone would be good enough a topic. Expectations for this LGU-AP should be higher in this regard.

    MIG, I hope you TRULY realize how much your home has. If you win MUP, you need to reflect that and the judges at MU must see it.

    “QC” is not another sandbar, or Stations of the Cross perched on some hilltop affording a panoramic view. The highest part of the nation’s capital, it’s weather, by virtue of this elevation, is on average wetter. But that’s just topography….

    My point : nabababawan ako kay MIG.

    Fine, let’s ditch the whole weight thing. ‘Pag-in-interview ka ng CNN Philippines, I expect to hear someone with VISION to match that of the great man whose remains are interred at “Circle”.

    I LOVE QC. I have never lived there. But I know good people who do. Practically my entire formative phase was spent there. Even leisure time was there; dinadayo pa namin, despite the ten (10)-kilometer almost-daily commute. Even today, there are parts of it I have not been to. REALLY BIG.

    And on more thing….

    EDSA Shrine is deceptive. Where it stands is NOT QC alone, but a crossroads. But I will pin the blame squarely on the video director for this. 🙂

    • That’s my complaint abt MG
      I don’t know if it’s the lack of depth as it is the manner delivery . As I’ve said earlier , she’s more like a cheerleader not a queen.
      Pia SA 2017 Cat and SA 2019 have a totally different bearing

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