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  1. Remember when Alaiza quit ANTM? Ayaw na daw nya mag model pero ang sabi nya sa intro nya sa Manila Hotel presentation ay model sya. Ano ba talaga Inday?

    • Alaiza deserves another chance … like anyone else . And she’s proven to be worthy of that Chance because she’s working hard for it
      I just hope that she will be more careful with interviews . Just because baklaan ang usapan does not mean she has to go down to that level. Every time the camera rolls , She has to prove she can be queenly and approachable at the same time . A video , no matter who produces it , can make or break someone’s chance .. just like when Galleria got interviewed by the bag snatcher

  2. I support Galeria! 😍😍 Her advocacy (Fast health care access) is timely and relevant not only in her country but in the whole world, the universe rather. This girl is on fire!

  3. Ikaw ang magulo, ang dami mong komento pero wala naman direksyon. Ang daming suhestiyon na parang ang daming alam, wala naman katuturan. Manood ka na lang ng finals, ganon kasimple ang buhay! Wag mong gawing kumplikado kaya pati adbokasiya ng mga kandidata eh napupuna mo! Utak biya!

  4. Sana naisama sa video ni La Union yung coastline ng Luna, Amburayan river and bridge, at yung mga tindahan ng bawang, sibuyas at daing sa roadside ng Damortis.

    • I agree. The pebbles of Luna coastlines are like black diamonds. I’ve spent a Lenten Week in La Union sometime ago and I found the hills of Balaoan very tranquil and the surf sites of San Juan very inviting.

  5. On a trolls’ comment on Corona Virus: I don’t normally dignify comments that are devoid of logic and reason, but when they border on cheering humanity’s misfortune like Corona Virus just to pull MUP down, I have to register my unequivocal opposition. Trivializing a pandemic is bad enough. Whooping it up to criticise a nation’s celebration of beauty is insensitive if not diabolic. Every sane person the world over prays for the immediate end to this existential threat to humanity. Weaponizing it to pull down an activity he/she/it does not like is simply insane.

    • OMG , so special .
      Even Norman won’t say anything like that
      pls come down to Mother Earth
      @ Flor , this is the real me

  6. GALERIA is simply stunning . Girl should just model internationally . The videos are great but the focus is uneven. Some focus on the girl , some on the places . Either way they are very enjoyable to watch .

    • Still I don’t understand why people are gushing over her beauty
      She needs a nose job or proper nose make up
      I think MAxine or Leren is the ideal Filipino beauty

    • @ Gasgazini & @ Fabian Reyes @ paul said she would be considered ordinary where he lives; surely it’s all about perspective.

      To 4M (Maxine) and Leren, I would add Mutya and Hillarie Parungao to complete the Filipinas Quartet of Earthiness — wind, water, fire, earth, south, west, east, north.

      I prefer those videos that focus on the candidate, so we get to know something more about them. So, I like Paola Ortega’s most at this point, as through hers we learned that she is NOT Spanish halfie and that her Ortega is legit – the La Union clan with clout. She registers very genuine, (just) for me.

      I would prefer her to Michelle Imperial Gumabao. Thus, a little tweak on my running 5-Pick….

      Kim Docekalova — Ysabella Roxas Ysmael
      Patraporn Wang — Lou Dominic Piczon
      Tanachapohn Boonsang — Alaiza Flor Malinao
      Miriam Somnprommas — Michelle Imperial Gumabao/Paola Ortega
      Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin — Apriel Smith

    • isn’t Galeria the online novelist? Why is she not highlighting that aspect of her persona? I find that more interesting. On the other hand, I bet if a nurse is as beautiful as she is, every ill or convalescing person would feel good just with her smile and presence.

  7. What do I see in all these videos? “Beyond the [beautiful] coastlines” are ordinary people whose smiles depict a daily celebration of life’s beauty, presented in a way that we also get a glimpse of the narrator’s inner beauty. Using own dialect added authenticity and credibility to the presenter– confidently beautiful! Now, my conviction grows even greater that all the candidates are already winners.

    • So all of them winners ? I think that promotes complacency . It’s like saying . We’re poor but we are happy . So let’s stay poor anyway .

      These young girls need to know that it’s a harsh world out there . You should do your best in order to win . If you don’t win , you will be be pushed aside and forgotten forever … like Gazini .
      Strutting and posing and speaking in your native dialect does not make you a winner . It takes more than that. Sorry

  8. LA Union sounds very articulate here. Love how she presented her La Union 🙂

  9. Sangkatutak na advocacies na hindi naman in line sa mga advocacies ng international pageants na mapapanalonan nila. Dapat hindi requirement na may adbokasiya ang bawat candidata. Ang international beaucons nga hindi nagrerequire na kailangan may advocacies ang mga kalahok nila. If in case they win one of the crowns, dapat doon sila magsimula kung ano ang advocacy ng international pageant na napanalunan nila to be in tune with what the organization is advocating. Doon makikita kung gaano sila ka porsigedo, desidido at madiskarte in promoting the advocacy of the organization. Plus points yun dahil nagpapakita na sumosuporta sila, hindi yung ano-anong advocacies ang maisip lang nila, except for a few of course na alam mo talaga na yun ang ginagawa nila even before they join beauty pageants. Yung bigla lang may advocacy is what makes a candidate not authentic and genuine at makikita naman yun ng madlang people. This is probably one of the reasons also that people from around the world ay nawawalan na nang gana sa beaucons kasi most of the candidates ay nagpapakitang tao lang. Pagkatapos ng contest, hinto na rin yung advocacies nila.

    • Your statement is so confusing:

      1) “If in case they win one of the crowns, dapat doon sila magsimula kung ano ang advocacy… ”
      2)” Yung bigla lang may advocacy is what makes a candidate not authentic and genuine at makikita naman yun ng madlang people.”

      Ano ba talaga ate? Dapat ba sa simula pa lang ay may advocacy na agad si candidate OR hintayin na lang muna manalo ng crown/title si candidate para mag-start ng advocacy? Kung hihintayin na manalo, eh di bigla naman magkakaroon ng advocacy which is contradictory to your other statement!
      Ate hayaan mo na sila kasi sila naman yung mga candidates eh. Any ramifications of their actions, whether good or bad are none of our business.

      • Adrienne, kung manalo sila hindi yun bigla may advocacy sila kasi existing na yung advocacy. Ang gagawin lang nila is to support and promote what the organization is advocating, hindi yung ano anong advocacy ang maisip lang nila at pagkatapos ng reign hinto na rin yung advocacy nila. In case of MUP, dapat ang advocacy nilang lahat ay yung advocacy ng MUO para makita at malaman natin kung sino talaga sa kanila ang mas maige, porsigido, desidido at madiskarte.

    • Ang gulo kasi ng statement, parang ikaw lang nakakaintindi. Kami nalalabuan, kasi magkakontra ang ideas mo beks. Kung ano man gawin nilang adbokasiya, please… let them do what they want. They are the candidates not us, and their team and accredited partner know better than us. Basta watch na lang tayo on finals night!

    • Ikaw ang magulo, ang dami mong komento pero wala naman direksyon. Ang daming suhestiyon na parang ang daming alam, wala naman katuturan. Manood ka na lang ng finals, ganon kasimple ang buhay! Wag mong gawing kumplikado kaya pati adbokasiya ng mga kandidata eh napupuna mo! Utak biya!

      • At bakit ka naman affected? Sobrang strong mo manang. Kalma ka lang diyan. Baka magulo talaga ang buhay mo kaya lahat nalang ng bagay nagugulohan ka.

  10. Corona virus ang pinakamahalaga na issue now
    kaysa sa cheap na korona na ito

    cancel na dapat itong MU, MW, ME, Bbp muna
    oh eh wala naman manunuod nito dahil bawal ang mass gatherings
    live stream lang ganun

    tas hindi rin pede mag travel for international competition

    dapat kasi 1 ginaya ng MUPO ang MUO
    nakakulong sa hotel
    1 week event lang

    who knows hanggang kelan ang coronavirus na ito
    last pandemic na kinaharap ng mundo
    more than a year before nagsubside

    • @ kembular2020 The four international pageants you mentioned usually take place 4th quarter of the year. Assuming the best/worse case the virus incubates rapidly and begins fizzling out by then, January 2021 would not be too delayed a postponement.

      Imagine the four scheduled as to have their Finals within a day of each other…. KALOKAH.

      ‘Dami’ng vhaks na mag-fa-file ng extension sa kanila’ng Christmas/Holiday leave. Or, use that to avail of unused leave credits, kung ma-a-accrue pa’t papayag mga Boss nila…. 🙂

    • @ kembular2020 ‘Oh, ayan! Kaka-nCOV19 mo, na-lockdown na tuloy ang Maynila. 😦

  11. Why Alaiza Malinao CANNOT WIN this year’s MUP title? A&Q people have known (and worked with) Alaiza since 2015 when she competed in that year’s BPP. They are familiar with Alaiza’s personality & behavior as well as her other weaknesses (e.g. knowledge & comm skills). Five years have passed, maybe she has matured (in other aspects) but her values and skills remain more or less the same. If you have seen her interview with Lavinia, still she COULD NOT ARTICULATE her thoughts the way Demi, Catriona & Zozobini did in MU and in other public events. Alaiza IS JUST GOOD IN BAKLAAN TALKS just like what took place in Lavinia’s vlog and in interacting with her fellow candidates. Remember MU is looking for an effective BRAND AMBASSADOR & SPOKESPERSON and not a BAKLAAN HOST. The recent 3 MU winners are all excellent talkers and Alaiza IS NOWHERE NEAR to them in terms knowledge & comm skills. In addition, I can still feel the bad vibes from her. The bad attitude she had shown on ANTM is still VIVID in my MIND until now. I’m sure JONAS & Company will NOT SEND an ATTITUDE GIRL to MU. Most probably the girl who can ACE the Q&A on finals will be crowned MUP 2020. Alaiza for sure will be one of the semifinalists but taking home the crown can be a very TALL ORDER for her. Blocking her way to the crown would include the 2 DLSU girls Michelle Gumabao & Ysabella Ysmael, the Spanish speaking Paula Ortega, Bohol’s Pauline Amelinckx, the 2 other halfies – Chiara Markwalder & Apriel Smith, Iloilo’s Rabiya Mateo, maybe Lou Piczon, and yes, even the UNIVERSITY MATE of Flor Tula, Jonas, Shamcey & Lian namely Miss Catanduanes Sigrid Grace Flores. HINDI NILA (MUP Team) BASTA-BASTA KANI-KANINO LANG IBIBIGAY ang KOTSE. Ha, ha, ha…

    • @ Pierro Rocco Thank the romantic cats that awoke me, which in turn roused the dogs from their sleep, that I am able to see this…. 🙂

      I was thinking how Sigrid could be our schoolmate. I assume she was enrolled at either Diliman or Los Banos. I am unaware that the UP System has a campus in Region 5. I must really be old, now…

      The last time – I no longer recall – I was in Davao City, I was able to visit the Philippines Eagle Nature Center. I was amazed at the VASTNESS of the City! My favorite was Marilog District, whose chilly-foggy mountain views could rival Tagaytay City, in my opinion. COLORFUL Euphorbia were being sold on the road to Buda, in what was at the time to me at least the SMOOTHEST pavement I had ever seen in the country (that was until I beheld the freeway from Panabo to Tagum).

      I am torn between the CUTENESS of Ivanna’s dad and the governor of CamSur…. (hihihih….).

      Speaking of CamSur, now mull (over) the facial similarity between Kia, Galeria, Jash, and Catriona (the latter two from Albay). This must be STRONG argument for a “Bicol beauty gene”.

      Mr. Tinio, from the port of Poro, San Fernando City, coal (from Semirara island, Cebu, or Indonesia?) is brought to the Bauang Private Power Corporation (BPPC), the “four chimneys” visible from McArthur Highway.

      And those look exactly like the grapes we bought, as kids!

      Surfing in San Juan was unknown, then…. and with Siargao and Aurora, now comprise a “Surf Trio”.

      • Baka may errors, lang.

        I think BPPC is a DIESEL-fired, NOT coal-fired plant. But here’s the connection with Poro Port — the diesel is supplied by Petron Corporation’s facility/depot there.

        (As previously stated, I cannot remember whether the coal is local or imported).

        THE coal is sent to what I am sure uses it — Holcim Philippines’ factory (even) further north in Bacnotan, which I think is the last La Union town before where it shares a border with Ilocos Sur. But the Swiss cement firm merged with its French competitor, Lafarge, about 7-8 years ago. I am not sure how it is named now.

        (This is the problem when you already have TOO MANY memories. Nagsasalabat-salabat na.)

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