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  1. Si CAVITE parang contravida sa teleserye, ang tapang ng mukha
    Celia Rodriguez lang ang peg !

  2. On a troll’s comment below: I don’t normally dignify with an answer comments that are devoid of rationality, but when they revel on humanity’s misfortune like Corona Virus just to pull a pageantry down, I have to howl my unequivocal opposition. Trivializing a pandemic is bad enough. Whooping it up to criticise a nation’s celebration of beauty is callous and diabolic. Every sane person the world over prays for the immediate stoppage to this existential threat to humanity. Weaponizing it to register his/her/its prejudice against an activity is simply inhuman.

  3. lockdown na nga
    hindi na matutuloy ito

    dapat kasi ginaya na lang ang MU mismo
    nakakulong sa hotel
    tas 1 week lang
    eh di natapos na agad sana

    now lockdown na
    malulugi ang MUPO

  4. Cavite have such lovely swanlike neck . She is one of my favorites. Still my mup is amelincx
    I like Sandra but I prefer her to join bbp next year. I’ve met her in person down to earth and beautiful

    • I understand why u like Pauline . She has the fire that Many candidates don’t have like Alaiza Sandra or MG
      I’m sure they will find a way to get her body ready for MU if she wins

  5. I’m not a fan of candidates with short hair, tattoos, uneven hair color.
    My only exemption in these line of candidates
    Is the lady oozing with Sophistication, Poise, and Projection….
    and nobody beats Miss Cavite, Kimberly Hackenson.
    I think she’s the one to beat in MUP 2020.😊👍

  6. Alaiza vs Bella vs Sandra for MUP
    Alternative : Apriel
    No to Michele for now . She has had international exposure and the outcome was not good . Now if she loses weight and the handlers are able to tweak her face like did on Janine’ … the answer is a maybe.
    Pls don’t blame it on volleyball. Majority of volleyball players are long and lean . And don’t blame it on genes – look at Mark and the hot dad .
    And pls do not expect The MUO to crown 2 consecutive non-conventional beauties .

    If MG wins an MG , I will support . But this may be the beginning of another long and painful MU dry yrs.

  7. I didn’t share my thoughts on the second batch of videos because honestly, I would be repeating myself as I have essentially the same comments that I already raised in the first batch. This third set of posted videos caught my attention because this group is a good study of extremes. Again, as a disclaimer, my views are my own and do not pertain to the chances of the featured girls insofar as their individual bids for the MUP crown are concerned (I bet they are not scored here and these are all part of their training). I accord them respect as they are all differently beautiful.

    Let me begin with the two videos which in my opinion could benefit from further tweaking/finery than the others. Firstly, the video and script are off-sync for Isabela. The girl is emphasizing optimal oral health as her advocacy and yet at the moment she is saying so, the video shows forests and then her helping out wrapping and subsequently eating (sugary) rice cakes (amusingly ironic). The video editor could have used that same verbiage in a particularly protracted section where she actually was holding a toothbrush and orthodontic aids (dentures) and distributing toothbrushes to young students. As a positive footnote, I like her nerdy look with glasses on which hints that she can look “vampy” and “educated” at the same time. In a few scenes, I can see problems in camera image stabilization (a.k.a. shaky shots) which could have been avoided if the camera used has reliable (gyroscope) OIS. Even so, those shaky shots can actually be post-corrected digitally so I wonder why the video editor wasn’t mindful of that.

    I like the beat of the music used on the Cagayan Province video. Because it virtually has no discernable lyrics (only “la la la la’s”), the music does not intervene with what the girl is saying especially during the interlude that sets the tone for the entire video, and that’s good. However, I can detect inconsistencies in the timbre of her recorded voice – either the microphone used has bad resonance or she wasn’t using a pop filter to even out her sound. Under that section wherein she talks about “unleashing potential with music and the arts,” that 4-second snap on a red metal bridge is off tangent (“bridges are more science than arts”). More so, having two separate snippets where she was talking “live” with children and few adults around her was superfluous (I prefer to just have the one on the last few seconds of the entire video).

    The three remaining videos are relatively sharper and snappier in different ways. The girl from Laguna enunciated her words well with the right phasing so I fully understood her spiel (there were a few girls in previously posted videos who also spoke in their vernacular but I still missed a number of their phrases). I appreciate the way she talked in the video as her mouth literally opened up as she looked straight at the camera in her opening and closing salvos (those shots framed her face quite well). I don’t know though if she speaks with the same level of clarity in English so I wish few English phrases were injected. It helped that the sound technician ensured that the music levels are properly interspersed with her lines (muted a bit in some portions). Although I like the background music, the lyrics “This is where it all begins…” is not necessarily suited for this particular video because she’s talking about the long history and what currently “exists” in Laguna, no mention of what is moving forward in the same. It is more serendipitous (I don’t know if there’s copyright restriction) as an anthem of sorts for the first MUP edition especially during the preliminaries where the real “battle” starts. Overall, the branding is a little muddy (a short epilogue could have tied the knots together).

    The Cavite and Taguig videos have one obvious similarity – i.e., both girls did not speak “live” on camera and fully used their pre-recorded voices. In doing so, the girl with a soothing voice from Cavite was able to maximize her time in playing with her sultry poses that showcase her outstanding modelling abilities (perhaps a little too much) while the girl from Taguig was able to display her preppy “city girl” sensual projections well (note her one-sided smirks and her body language).

    However, I can detect a little constraint in the recorded voice of the Cavite girl as I suspect that she doesn’t open her upper lip properly to emphasize those round vowel sounds. For her part, the Taguig girl seems to taint whatever natural accent she has to make it “local ivy league college girl” sounding – if you know what I mean. I’m not saying it’s bad (probably the six languages she knows caused this mishmash) but if I don’t know her, I wouldn’t figure out exactly where she came from (ergo, she doesn’t sound organic).

    The Cavite girl is able to effectively “brand” the place she represents (with precision) by not breaking into a smile (intentional or not) and wearing two different dresses with butterfly sleeves, both with interesting twists (one loud tangerine and one metallic) plus her sporting short hair (the Maria Claras of yore didn’t have those). In doing so, she amplified the branding of Cavite as a heritage city dashed with some modernity. It would have been overkill if the video was saturated with earth filters/tones, thank heavens. Discipline in concept execution works in this instance.

    The Taguig video has the most consistent rhythm among the bunch as the frames change frequently (try snapping your fingers while you watch and you’ll understand what I mean). I would suggest though that the Taguig girl eases up on her “touching-the-hair bit” (probably her mannerism) because those were repetitive. I counted 14 frames of her doing that. That bit wherein she said “…whatever hurdles life throws at me, I will use that as a lesson and turn that into my superpower” would have literally looked more powerful if the shot was zoomed out to show her entire body as she spread her arms into the wind. Oh, I learned a coined word from this video – “probinsiyudad.” However, the way the video flows undoubtedly branded Taguig as more cosmopolitan than an urban-provincial oasis.

    I’m getting long-winded here and my ideas are difficult to paraphrase but just the same, kudos to the MUP for enriching our experience. Thanks Norman for giving us this space to voice our opinions.

    • @Luke, great analysis as usual! Incisive critiques and commentaries are like a whiff of fresh air in this blog. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

      • @scorg, thank you. With our office being fumigated/sprayed and all, I had more time taking notes in the neighborhood coffee shop and share the little (probably insignificant) things I see. It’s not everyday I get to do this and not all materials posted in this blog inspire me to do so. Unlike photos and posters which are digitally enhanced, high res videos offer a better glimpse of the girls while in motion. With fans and critics converging, I say cheers to the Philippine pageantry!

      • @Luke : I share the same sentiment on the convergence of fans and critics for the development of Pbilippine pageantry. Armchair critics like us have a role to play by way of sharing our respective expertise. Research-based critiques that are solidly grounded on some technical competencies make the comments objective and developmental. For instance, I saw a comment about linguistics in this particular blog post– very educational! Comments of this type provides a welcome balance to the pervasive negativities/ toxicities spawned by a very partisan event like a beauty contest. Pageantry, after all, is a celebration of beauty.

      • @Luke & @scorg: I must say that you two are two of the most eloquent and diplomatic commentators on this blog. Know that your unbiased and well-researched comments are very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us. I, on the other hand, am a little too direct and “too the point” and, sometimes, may even verge on being harsh…. so thank you guys for serving as the perfect counter balance.

      • @Lily, thanks for the appreciation. There are other prolific commenters in this blog like @Ana Winter and @Roi, and others like you who write short candid paragraphs and/or one liners who in one way or another educate all of us. We may have divergent views, and different ways of expressing them, but they help us form our own opinions. @Flor Tula’s verbal pelts never cease to amuse me. @Paul’s brutal frankness jolts me but, oh boy, the guy has depth. @C2F’s snippets of history and folklore delights me. There are others who in one way or another contribute sensible comments– @just saying, @unorthodox, @ver, @jed– so many more. I may not agree to their opinions but this is expected in a marketplace of ideas.

    • For Taguig I hope she wore appropriate dress when shots are with other locals. Sample when she was chatting with the elderly women she is wearing high slit dress. When having fun with the tout in casual clothes and jeans she is in her sexy tube number. If shots are solo then she can wear anything she wants but if scenes are with other she must blend in to show sincerity.

    • @Lily, we all appreciate the democratic space provided to us. And no matter how short or how long the comments are, whether they are expressed diplomatically or are even crass, the fact that they are shared is already a boon to the subject of discussion. I even recognize the value of dissent or disagreement to my points of view because it shows people actually read them. It would be more unfortunate if any post does not even entice a single commenter. Keep safe everyone.

  8. GREAT save, Lemon! Taguig isn’t JUST BGC, after all. My fave from this (third) cluster.

    Mega-awra si Billie. 🙂

    One might get the impression that Cavite is Old World. Fact is, it’s proximity to NCR and access to Manila Bay make it more and more into a BUSTLING-if-now-somewhat-congested also-commercial-industrial megalopolis. Inevitable. Even once-green Silang, on the Aguinaldo Highway to Tagaytay City, is yielding to more concrete.

    Is it better to use “paglilok” instead of “eskultura” for Paete? Or, OK rin lang?

    Ang Region 2, talaga, mais at bigas…. The VAST Cagayan fields are essentially flood plain for the Rio de Cagayan, Philippines’ answer to the Mekong Drainage, another Rice Granary.

    • Flor , paglilok is An old Filipino word that is barely used . Idk how many of the young folks understand this or have the opportunity to use it . It also sounds icky to hear it
      During regular conversation. I would like our young students to learn how to speak articulately using common Tagalog and English words .

    • “Lilok” is a specific native tagalog word which means “to carve”.. while “iskultura” is the Filipinized version of the spanish: “scultura” meaning “sculpture” . Thus, “pag-lilok” is more accurate to describe the technique of carving while “pag-iskultur/to sculpt” is a general term that doesn’t specify the particulae technique used.

      • Wow, Laguna spoke in Tagalog. Good for her. There are words that I haven’t heard in years hehehe, like lawa and talon….love it.

      • @Fabian

        Not all.. ex. Making pottery… hinuhulma yun hindi nililok… baskets naman e hinahabi… etc.

    • FLOR I would like to show you the lexical differences between using Tagalog and Filipino.

      Tagalog: Kilala ang Bayan ng Paete sa Lalawigan ng Laguna sa larangan ng paglililok.

      Filipino: Well-known ang town ng Paete sa Probinsya ng Laguna sa field ng skulptyur.

      Note: This is a variety of Filipino that is accepted and/or endorsed/propagated by a certain department in the College of Social Sciences & Philosophy (CSSP) at UP Diliman. Functional English words are integrated in the sentence. Spanish and English words spelled according to the Tagalog/Pilipino or Filipino sound (phonics) system.

      I hope meron akong nai-share na kunting kaisipan tungkol sa linggwistiks.(Filipino din ito.) He, he, he…

  9. I think I’m liking si Cagayan Province. Sana mag improve siya. Type ko comm skills niya dito. Laban lang ate, ha? Hihihi

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