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  1. What’s MG ba?
    Pls don’t read too much into the acronyms
    Michele has tested international waters already and she did not do well . Do you think we can expect better at MU ? I dont think so .
    MU needs a queen , not a cheerleader
    I would prefer Bella Alaiza Apriel or Sandra to Michele . U know why ? Michele will not lose weight for MU . Pls give the crown to someone who has been working hard for it .

    • @ Fabian Reyes “MG” is a UK automobile brand. The prize sponsor.

      If I understand correctly, competitor to other Brit brands liker Jaguar or Rolls Royce….

      But of course, these might be catering to different clientele and so are of different formats.

    • But Alaiza Apriel and Sandra have already tested “National Waters” by way of BBP, and all of them did not do well. So going by your logic, do you think we can expect better at MUP? Should I also answer “I don’t think so”? What about Bella, you might ask. Well she hasn’t won any local crown yet. You’re banking too much on previous pageant placement, so sige. Among the ladies you mentioned, sino nga kaya yung mayroon nang track record of nailing at least a National Crown? Oh no, wait, It’s Michele Gumabao? Pano kaya yun???

      You see, the problem with your reasoning is it discounts the fact that these girls had time and opportunity to grow and improve themselves after. And you’re also taking out of consideration the fact that their previous endeavor had judges that have a totally different set of criteria for judging compared to the pageant they are currently competing in. Olivia Jordan never even placed in MW but surprise surprise she’s 2nd RU in MU precisely because 1) shes not what MW is looking for and 2) she had time to develop and improve her brand in time for MU.

      • @ unorthodox Ang akin (rin) lang, after Michelle returned from Albania, not much, if anything, was OPENLY heard of HER desire to try again. Bakit BIGLA’ng nag-resurface? My take : orders of camp.

        Sandra, some said she would acquit herself of her “Build-Build” debacle eventually. Alaiza, she said she would, “dahil last time ko na ‘to” (or something to that effect). Apriel, she herself said “2020”.

        To be fair to Michelle, she DID manage to pull in a noticeable weight loss by BBP 2018, with her asymmetric evening dress to evoke the Barazza worn by Quiambao. I imagine it would be not easy to conceal “weight” in something like that.

        Had Michelle expressed some sort of openness to try again, AND ACTUALLY HAVE THE BODY to prove it after a TWO(2)-year break, then yes, probably she would have some sort of “credibility”. I am not keen on the whole Siera Bearchell argument, anymore than the “black magic” thing.

        And Apriel, because she’s black? I am supporting her now because I sense HUNGER in/from her, something I am not getting from Michelle, whom @ Fabian Reyes described as “cheerleader”. Michelle’s levity endeared herself to me enough for me to favor her over Catriona back in 2018. But the playing field is different now, and she just seems a tad flippant (for me) now.

        I have said before — if there is an AP the organization must please as an expression of sincerity, then the Cebu cluster – Mandaue City, Cebu City, and Cebu Province – should be given priority, imo.

        Apriel in both glam shot and at the runway challenge looked COOL and SHARP as a fresh razor blade. In Jade’s words at “ANTM”, “I am here to win, not to make friends”.

        (Yes, I did not like her frilly short dress. But Michelle’s type of beauty, we can easily find again. We keep saying we would send a black rep to MU. Why not now? Here she is. What are we waiting for?)

      • @Flor, I’d like to give MG the benefit of the doubt re: Camp Orders. For me, It is safer to assume that she thought there will not be another chance for her to join and nail MUP. I think Michele is one of those girls who think that MUP is the only crown that matters. So she thought winning BBP-Globe effectively ended her chance of nailing the MUP crown forever given it was still under BPCI. If I were her, why would i publicly express my desire to join again given na alam kong bawal na ako sumali ulit for another chance? I’d rather focus more on my volleyball career because that’s what my passion has always been all along naman and that’s where my life will be after pageantry.

        So when the MUP separation finally happened, I would understand why MG jumped into the opportunity kahit na halos wala syang time to prepare for it. Many might say “eh she’s from A&Q imposibleng hindi nya alam yung separation ahead of time”. That may be true, but remember that their PVL season extended up until end of October and she’s also part of the volleyball National Team for SEAGames 2019, it’s natural that her priority is volleyball rather than her preps for re-joining another pageant.

        And since ang dami ko na ring namang nasabi, sagarin ko na. Remember Pia showed up in Araneta for her third attempt looking really unprepared body-wise. Yun talaga as in fats ang problema ni Pia (si MG muscle mass). Pia also did not express her intent to join for a third try up until days before deadline of submission. Joining pageantry takes a lot of toll to a candidates finances,obligations, and personal life and so I would understand ladies who were able to have last-minute decisions about joining

      • @ unorthodox Thanks for the reply and points all clear and taken.

        Cool. I agree. Let’s grant MG the benefit of the doubt on the camp orders. I did say in the most recent installment of Introduction Videos that she should be granted the chance to give meat to her determination (no pun intended). For me for now, it will be Apriel and her for the crown. Apriel herself played volleyball (as far as I could glean from her video) and though these are spiels her grasp of Cebu, the ENTIRE, seemed more grounded and magnanimous (paradoxical?) than MG’s of QC.

        Mr. Tinio, I hope will in the “cooler” days to come blog on how A&Q partitioned their wards between BBP and MUP this year. With the exception of MG (which as you said already competed international and precisely for that is now ineligible to repeat at BBP), it seems for the most part Nationals veterans like MG herself, Sandra, Apriel, Pauline, and Riana are at MUP and at BBP they fielded relative recruitment noobs like Hannah, Carina, Cinderella, Karen Laurrie, Pat, and Shaira.

        The point : how much was the choice between MUP or BBP personal versus official (camp orders)?

        And if this is camp strategy, how EXACTLY? But knowing @ unorthodox, he/she would love to mull.

  2. I hope they can sustain the sane bongga prizes they have on their debut year on their second and succeeding years. Hindi sila maging ala Cory Quirino. If we remember they had bongga prize of P1 million cash money and a condo unit prize package on her debut year as Miss World Philippines ND. Then the following year wala na yung same prizes na iyon.

  3. ‘Eto ba ‘yung may kasama’ng driver sa pa-tsekot?

    Sana, sweet lover. ‘Yung tipo’ng mala-Aaron Beau Davies.


  4. Sana lang talaga tama ang manalo this year. I mean yung pinaka deserving sa lahat. overall. and sana hindi jinx ito sa future natin sa MU. like what happened to India.

  5. In fairness sa pa kotse…

    pero.. ugh.. andyan nanaman si JG. kailangan talaga naka front lagi. mas fumofront pa sa ND. LOL

  6. And then we have the passé worn out pageant give away one year’s supply of cream silk! Di man lang sinamahan ng shampoo. Total kacheapan!!!! Hahaha

    • @ Jasmine Whu…t? ‘Di ba shampoo nga ang Cream Silk? Did you mean conditioner?

      • Mami, cream sillk conditioner. Pero wala sila papremyo na shampoo para complete package na sana pagiging kacheapan nila. That’s what I meant hihihi

      • @ Jasmine Hindi kaya namamahalan sila sa Cream Silk?

        May mai-re-recommend-a ako’ng mas mura. Kaya lang, competitor brand.

        Starts with “H”. As in, ‘yung dati’ng Nationals nu’ng retired (+) soldier (of lofty rank) sa Solid North.

  7. Ava ava ava sobrang queenly naman talaga ang treatment ng potential winner…

    BBP, your turn to impress…hihihihihihi

    Gusto ko tong rivalry ng dalawang pageant. Ayaw patalo ni Madame SMA kay Lola Jonas…. The new bida-contravida tandem!!!

  8. Can’t completely comprehend how and why do some people still have the time in the world to express negative comments or what we commonly call “bashing” despite the efforts of MUPO to solicit additional prize like this for the sole and rightful winner. Why don’t we just be glad because for the longest time, BBP (being a charitable institution) has been incapable of giving handsome prizes to its winners. No offense meant to BBP. I love BBP so much because I grew up watching its annual pageant night on tv.

    • Simple answer: Filipino crab mentality! A not-so-simple answer from Psychology: those who hate others in reality are self-haters.

      • Scorg , is it crab mentality … or is calling it crab mentality the real crab mentality ?
        To say nothing is wrong when there is … is unacceptable . Look at Gazini . Because she thought her gown was the bomb when she won Best in EG , she did not change a thing for MU . U know what happened to her .

        Criticisms bring out the best in a candidate . But it has to be the right candidate Whois strong and open -minded .” Let me see . Maybe they are right so let me do something abt it .“
        Candidates who are easily slighted by the criticisms have no business in pageantry .
        Watch Nicole Cordoves ‘ video on the topic

    • @ Adrienne ‘Oy, ‘oy, ‘di ko sila hate, ha. Though I said before “it’s their money,… they can do what they want,…. there’s nothing any of us can do….”, MAHAL ko naman sina MG at CV (MisOr). 🙂

      I will now need to update/revise my 5-Pick. But this time, I will extend to the Top 10 for SHEER FUN.

      Top 10 – Galeria, Hakkenson, Markwalder, Mateo, Amelinckxz.(Boholana MUST be absorbed by MUP organization in some capacity….).

      Kim Dochekalova — Ysabella Roxas Ysmael
      Patraporn Wang — Lou Dominic Piczon
      Tanahchapohn Boonsang (Pariwisata) — Alaiza Malinao
      Miriam Somnprommas (Lingkungan) — Michelle Imperial Gumabao
      Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin — Apriel Smith

      @ paul Rabiya can now join MWP 2020. I am willing for ALV to give the seventh still-mystery title to Sharifa Akeel. I said before that it is at MU that Inday Apriel’s beauty can stand the best chance of acceptance. Why let this opportunity pass? Besides, the ONLY thing that can make me agree in principle to an “artista” winning MUP is if we are talking about Teresita Ssen. And as you can see, my Final 5 is an almost Cebuano sweep…. (‘coz Cebuano is the tongue-in-fact of Davao Region, no?).

    • mga inggiterang vekla lang yan…hihihihih like Tita este Contravida Lavinia of TitasofPageantry…

      • Yes sinabi mo pa. Halatang galit na galit sa MUP. I love how MUP is proving their bashers wrong hahaha

      • ‘Daba Laila ang pseudonym ni Tita Lavinia ng🥂 Titas of Pageantry when she used to comment here? Madalas kami ang nagpapalitan ng kuro-kuro noon here. I find Laila’s comments relevant and full of sense. I stalked her Titas of Pageantry IG account and she is a hit there. She also ventures on vlogging. I find it OK. I understand naman na vlogging ang ginagawa n’ya at hindi serious journalism, so keri lang kung hindi interesting at malalay ang content n’ya minsan at kung hindi ganun ka-okay ang pagsasalita n’ya, ang importante marami s’yang followers. Lest we know it Laila or Tita Lavinia will become a big name in pageantry. She is getting there lalo na’t nagkaka-issue na s’ya sa MUP or kay Jonas Gaffud. Sa Journalism nga, may kasabihan na kapag hindi ka nakakatikim ng Libel case, hindi ka daw certified journalist. Oh well…

        I miss Laila here. Although masaya ako sa nangyayari sa kanya ngayon. Ako naman kase itong blog ni Tito Norms ang naging comfort zone ko pagdating sa pagi-air ng views ko about the pageant goings-on. I could have my own blog or vlog and make it big there, pero sa dami ng ginagawa ko sa buhay, okay na ako dito sa NormanNorman blog. I’d rather be doing fashion vlogging.

        Inggitera ba si Laila o Tita Lavinia?

        That’s all.

      • Ana Winter, Lavinia or Laila and JOnas Gaffud have some sort of a riff daw kasi vet ne vet nilang pagchismisan si Lola Jonas… I blame it to her bff sashesandscript na puro blind item about Lola Jonas and A&Q…

        Ayan, hindi vet ni Lola Jonas ang beuaty ni Lavinia kaya hindi sila in good terms…

        With that said, TitasofPageantry has been biased against MUP that’s why they mostly hype the BBP girls and their activities…

        Now, is she inggitera? I dont think so but she feels entitled as if MUP needs ToP to get their pageant buzz…hihihihihih

        Let’s just stick to Norman who is more credible and highly respected in the pageant scene.

        I still follow ToP since Tita Belay is there and she is more tolerable of a character.

  9. The two guys on the left, short and tall, are cute. But of course, MG* is cutest of all. 🙂

    Parang “The Prize is Right”. “A new car!”,….. (Bob Barker was THE BEST MU host EVER!).

    * — Mario Garcia.

    If I could, I would give a second unit of the same model (whatever it is) to my CV from MisOr, because her BEAUTY IS ENOUGH. Q&A be da_n_d.

    “Beautiful women must be showered in constellations”. — Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.

  10. The fabulous prizes will definitely make the aspirants hunger and hanker for the crown. I can almost see everyone stepping up with the training on all aspects. One thing that sets the winner from the rest is the iron will to excel. The newbies should take inspiration from their ND, Shamcey, who when she joined had to train how to walk in high heels. And the veterans should not be complacent because the level playing field afforded by the trainings could potentially pull the rug from under their stilletos.

  11. Fantabulous!

    The prize adds premium to the prestige MUP is getting and is a good motivation for each candidate to give her best during the entire competition and be the deserving winner of the car (and the crown, of course) on the judgment night.

    I’d love to think that the next MUP will experience the “real queen feels” as she lives in the MUP apartment and rides on her own car sponsored by MG during her reign. I just hope that the judges will pick the deserving winner based on the girl’s full performance on that most glamorous night. Otherwise, MUPO’s effort to build the brand will put to waste.

    Anyway, kudos to the organization for doing its best in generating excitement to the pageant enthusiasts like me. I can’t wait for more pasavogues.

    That’s all!

      • Not far-fetched, Scorg.

        MUPO is seriously in the realm of business and pageantry combined. I thought MUO has chosen the right people to run the MUPO. I hope no controversies would leak from the team itself, so they could keep the momentum.

        That’s all.

  12. Alam na this. MG Philippines for Michelle Gumabao Philippines!

    • I am hoping that statements such as this would not let Michelle Gumabao rest on her laurels, if ever she or her camp reads this. Instead, she’d use this as her motivation to prove to all her supporters that she’s worth the hypes/praises.

      There is no question that she’s got the goods (facial beauty, height, experience, and brain), but her loyal followers are asking for one more pack for her to be declared The Miss Universe Philippines, and that is… to lose weight. She needs to strictly watch her diet and extremely do gym routines. Please.

      That’s all!

  13. Grabe prizes nila. They will definitely choosing the best representative in this batch. They will not go on favoristism. cant wait for the Coronation night. i hope hinde ma extend ang finals.

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