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  1. The Bohol video is outstanding in most if not all aspects. Despite the popularity of the places highlighted, the video still attracts and gets us in awe.

  2. My comments are centered not on the girls per se (they’re all uniquely beautiful) but on the visual elements and scripts of the videos posted here. If the main concept of these videos is to highlight the places that each girl is representing, it seems Albay missed the memo. Although the video is glossy, she says little about Albay (the place) and focused more on herself – where she was born, her family background, how she competed in the provincial pageant and the influences that fanned her desires to be a pageant girl.

    The girl from Angeles City is showing what you call “a day in the life” snippet (almost a documentary feel) – i.e., main streets, kids, church, museum (a good inside shot would have made this more cultural).

    The Antique piece provides the best drone-propelled aerial videos pf specific touristic spots among the bunch. It brings memory back to those DOT 60-seconders circa 2000’s.

    The Aurora video features a specific indigenous community. I would have appreciated it more if aside from explaining the meaning of the ethnic dance, the video went further by mentioning their legacy way of life, their clothing, music and instrumentation.

    The challenge for the Baguio City presenter is that most of us know much about the place to the point that the script tends to be hackneyed. But there is one thing the girl said that caught my attention which is a specific plea that is an issue-of-the-day for Baguio City nowadays noting its continued urban degradation. To quote: “Let us be mindful of our actions and make sure that we always follow the rules and regulations that govern the city.”

    The Batanes landscape is breathtaking and the “Sound of Music-like” pan-shot in the beginning effectively calls my attention. She did not speak for the first 28 seconds and just let the video flow through. This is an example of a video that speaks for itself (the touristic message is clear even if the girl says nothing). My only criticism is that the girl needs to speak more naturally – her delivery sounds a bit tantric and her facial expressions are a bit stoic.

    The Bohol video provides the best balance of everything the place could offer without it appearing crammed. The video seems to be encoded in HDR quality so the colors pop up more. The girl is also pleasant to listen to and I don’t mind the accent (it actually makes her sound organic).

    The Cagayan de Oro video can be made better by re-editing to tie up the vignettes tighter to suit the messaging (by cutting down the reappearing elements of the same lighted freeway/bridge). I appreciate the girl though for highlighting the need for support to education.

    Overall, well done so far MUP especially considering it is the first edition.

    • @ Luke Skywalker Thanks for the education. We submit to your scholarship.

      Now, I know why i prefer Paolo Ortega’s (Albay) video.


    • Hi @scorg, thanks for the affirmation. I’m a total nobody although I worked as a junior at Leo Burnett Worldwide before so I get to be exposed to a few brilliant creative minds. But that’s all I can share:)) @Flor Tula, your fun personality shows in your uncanny sense of humor:)) We all publicly share our opinions (no matter how different they may be) to keep the local/national pageantry scene alive.

  3. Exhilarating feeling to see magnificent tourist spots in the Philippines only a local would know. I never before knew such sand-bar islet exists in this planet had not Miss Antique presented it! And Aurora’s breathtaking Pacific coastlines and cliffs! Batanes’ rustic scenes and charming stone houses are a sight to behold! What is most interesting are the people, the communities that root for their reps. “Beyond the Coastlines” successfully showed how nature’s beauty shaped people’s lives. It also showed how deep-rooted our candidates are in their local communities, a necessary attribute of a queen whom people looks up to, listens to, and draws inspiration from.

    I can’t wait so see more scenic spots– and interesting locals– from our MUP candidates.

    • The videos eloquently presented that “beyond the coastlines” are ordinary people– the communities of weavers, fisherfolks, school children, street revelers– who celebrate beauty in their daily lives. Our MUP local queens subliminally delivered the message: that what matters most in this world is to appreciate beauty abundant in nature and in people and celebrate it daily!

  4. MUP is levelling up! i dont care if they are doing this ala ME and tourism. expected na na magkakaroon sila ng ganyang paandar. Helpful talaga ito for future tourism purpose i just hope that the covid will end na and I feel that MUP coronation date will change too.

  5. Still for Alaiza vs Bella
    Runners up : Apriel Michele Sandra Leyte
    I like Cavite too . I find her classy . She just needs to improve on her comm skills.
    Still no to Galleria. .. though she keeps improving
    Still no to Pauline
    Still no to Biliran .i don’t understand the hype

  6. I don’t think should count for anything
    It’s all abt beauty comm skills and personality

  7. Both Bohol and Banates’ presentations are amazing! however Pauline seems short, how tall is she??

  8. With all these promotional videos, do we still need the Department of Tourism? Sobrang nakakalibre na ang DOT, huh! Sana man lang may ambag din sila sa ganitong event. Hindi rin biro ang effort ng candidates lalo na ang gastos nila.

    Anyway, I wish na ‘yang covid-19 na ‘yan is not going to be a road block sa staging ng MUP. I am excited sa grand finals.

    That’s all!

  9. Paula and Albay nailed it. Great video of the sights, beautiful video about Paula. Gooo Paula!!

  10. In fairness, ang daming gumagaya sa Miiss Earth. Miss earth started this video video thingy !!!

  11. My favorite video is Albay.

    Batanes is “blatant(ly)” beautiful?

    WOW! They have LIT UP the bridge in CDO City….Very colorful.

    BEAUTIFUL church, there, in Angeles City. 🙂

    Batangas video has an error…. If I am able to, I will check later to see if it has fixed itself, somehow.

    • I am 5’4″ and I met Pauline up close. She towered over me in her flat shoes. She must be about 5’7″ or 5’8″.

  12. These tourism videos are great. Who knew there’s a lot of things to see in Antique. Makes me want to go and visit.

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