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  1. Sangkatutak na advocacies na hindi naman in line sa mga advocacies ng international pageants na mapapanalohan nila. Dapat hindi requirement na may adbokasiya ang bawat candidata. Ang international beaucons nga hindi nagrerequire na kailangan may advocacies ang mga kalahok nila. If in case they win one of the crowns, dapat doon sila magsimula kung ano ang advocacy ng international pageant na napanalunan nila to be in tune with what the organization is advocating. Doon makikita kung gaano sila ka porsige, desidido at madiskarte in promoting the advocacy of the organization. Plus points yun dahil nagpapakita na sumosuporta sila, hindi yung ano-anong advocacies ang maisip lang nila, except for a few of course na alam mo talaga na yun ang ginagawa nila even before they join beauty pageants. Yung bigla lang may advocacy is what makes a candidate not authentic and genuine at makikita naman yun ng madlang people. This is probably one of the reasons also that people from around the world ay nawawalan na nang gana sa beaucons kasi most of the candidates ay nagpapakitang tao lang. Pagkatapos ng contest, hinto na rin yung advocacies nila.

  2. Artistahin ang ganda. Yung tipong isa sa mga barkada ng bidang babae. Ganoin!

  3. Hi pretty Danny, you look so sweet.. No need to show the prelude to the bosom.

  4. The dress should’ve dropped the belt, not the cleavage. Girl’s pretty, but that outfit should not be worn earlier than midnight. In the dark. In the club.

      • @ Fabian Reyes aka, Admin. Don’t you! Baka bumagay kay @ DanDan. 🙂

        The high belt is OK. This is in-trend right now. What isn’t are cleavage and SHORT skirts.

        But then, malay natin. Baka gusto talaga ni Danica to wear it. Manager and mentor, naman, are both present (JT and RF, respectively).

  5. James Tiu is her manager? Same manager as MUA 2018, then. 🙂

    Andy Cayna, kyoot.

    ‘Yung mga nasa group photo, may ila’ng nag-co-comment dito under “not their names”.

    To this day, Mr. Tinio, marami pa’ng marble sa Romblon?

    THE DRESS….. Danica apparently wants to attain Parisian flair. She should be introduced to a former BBP-Maja titlist and the boss of Mutya organization, both of whom have an idea…. NOT (Puso), who might come across as fashion victim to some. But (Puso) is already supporting the “Gallery” on the other side of the backyard. But I will agree that French is a good nationality to have. I would busy myself in the north, in a farm that would be sufficient for my needs, QUIET and far from the noise of urban EU. Once I save enough money, I will cross over to North Africa for holiday. And Thailand. 🙂

    • OK. I finally got to watch the Talent video.

      The puppet is spooky. 🙂

      Great talent-advocacy! Can collaborate/harmonize with like-minded candidates at MUP, and MPE later.

      Balikan pala kayo, Mr. Tinio. I thought you’d spend the weekend in La Union and nearby…. TATAG!

    • On a more serious note, the puppet act reminded me of the question asked of Laura Gonzales-Ospina at the semifinal round of Questions in MU 2017.

      “How would you explain terrorism to a child”?

      I remembered that there was a group that used puppetry to console/counsel conflict-displaced children somewhere….. The puppet was sad….. #StopTheWarandViolence. Caracas-possible! 🙂

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