22 comments on “Hazel on a Sunday morning

  1. I hope those nails are faux. They look like talons. 😦

    Winning Slimmer’s World-Bikini Philippines is a GOOD start.

    But I am fairly certain she will not title. That’s SIX (6) years since her Nationals victory (2014)! She might come across as “yesterday’s news” (aka, no longer fraiche) to those who are in the know and in a position to influence the results. Her only chance is to present something ELSE/NEW. She will not get anything if she thinks she can get along with “business as usual”. Though I will admit, I like what I see. 🙂

  2. Now THIS is truly a Filipina beauty! Love that beautiful Island-naturally-brown look.
    That’s what I’m talking about.
    Crown worthy in my book!

    All the best Hazel Ortiz!

  3. Big Hit ang Beauty and skin tone niya sa Poland !!! Plus her banging body!!!
    Supra please !!!!

  4. This is the Filipina beauty! Unfortunately, she may be one of the beauties who will sadly be glossed over by the Filipinos’ misplaced Western beauty standard– white skin, towering height, English fluency… To me Hazel is more deserving than the hyped-up halfies.

    • U make it sound like the Halfies are not / do not deserve to be Filipinos and fight for the chance represent our country to the international . And what abt u hyping up Biliran ? Isn’t she mixed too ?

      • I’m talking about Western archetype halfies who just come here to satisfy the residency requirement.

      • The playing field is not level when the beauty standard is stacked in favor of the Caucasian archetypes who speaks English with a foreign twang.

      • Alaiza Malinao and MG … and Galleria are the top contenders at this yr’s MUP . And they are all pure Pinoys.
        MUPs have been predominantly Filipino since the beginning of time. How many of them are mixed ? Very few .
        So I think your Observation is misplaced

  5. off topic:

    What happened to Duday’s pageant pala? tapos na ba? or postponed?

  6. Hazel Ortiz gorgeous, tall 5′ 5″ and young, 24 years old

    * Slimmers World Miss Bikini Philippines 2014, Winner

    * World Championship of the Performing Arts 2015
    (Female Model Category), Silver

    * World Supermodel 2016, unplaced

    * Miss Oriental Tourism 2017, unplaced

    * Bb. Pilipinas 2020

    * Mutya Pilipinas

    * Miss Earth Philippines

    * Miss World Philippines

    * Miss Scuba Philippines

    • @ms queen she can’t be 5’5 since she is candidate number 14
      I would love her to be mgi pH but angkol already have set his eyes on a certain binibini w Latina type of body

    • akala ba namin eh dead na sa kanya ang Binibini kasi wala na ang MU title. pero heto pa din siya sa pagccomment.

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