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  1. Pariwisata was the crowd favorite. they wanted her to be sent to Miss Universe. well i guess iba talaga ang para sakanya.

    Zozi looked gorgeous in her Kebaya. napaka statuesque talaga niya.

    But.. let’s be honest. Pia was so radiant that night. mukha siyang reigning queen. hehe

    • @ MrManila It seems Pia has GOOD connection with the Indonesian pageant community.

      Kudos to her handlers for making it possible! 🙂

      In a post-pageant interview, Ayu said that she was “confidently beautiful with a heart” when asked why she should be the next Miss Universe.

  2. In terms of star quality , Pia trounces all the 3 current international queens

    • She doesn’t look sophisticated
      Provinciana ang peg
      She may look better when talking , I have yet to check

      • @ Fabian Reyes She is no better talking.

        Fred was WAY BETTER.

        Indonesia will not place at MU this year, in my opinion.

    • si miss south africa daming nang okray ng kinurunahan miss sa universe… but see the result wagi ang inaakala n chaka… miss universe 🙈

      • @ will YAM I will speak for myself.

        I NEVER said ZT was ugly. In fact, I said I would not mind a South African sandwich. Which is what happened….

        My saying “Indonesia will not place at MU this year, IN MY OPINION” is NOT the same as “ugly”.

        It all may simply be that the vast majority of Filipino fans were expecting a similar vibe to Fred Cull, and Jihane Chedi was the best this year in that regard. I, myself, felt Ayu would be better in Tokyo, with her height.

        I agree with comments most everywhere that Puteri Indonesia 2020 is transformable. Let’s see… 🙂

  3. The Supra is MU material…she reminds me of Pia/gazini. The Miss U winner is more appropriate for MI. The other one (MI winner, we’ll she got lucky).

    • Have you watched it? If you did you wouldnt say she got lucky. People were expecting to win as she did really well during finals night.

  4. Am not too crazy for Bali (whether contestant or island), but she was the one who OPTED (I thought at first was mandatory) to A the final Q in English and just looking at her now I am certain she will look like legit maiko once styled for the traditional pre-arrival kimono shot. 🙂

    From Jessica to Jihane, a complete switch from sweet to fierce. But I would rather she be in Poland.

    Ayu is a student of Law (“hukum”), or already lawyer?

    And speaking of Bali,….

    Mr. Tinio, when are you planning to do the ocular for MUT 2020 with Pariwisata ARK?

  5. In fairness, puro swan neck sila ha!

    And talaga naman nung in-introduce si Pia sa panel of judges, ang hiyawan parang Araneta Coliseum!

    For an off topic,

    Aside from Kelsey Merritt, another Pinay model, Hannah Locsin was booked for a luxury brand, Gucci Beauty! Ganda ng commercial niya!

  6. Parang kuneho yun tenga nung putu aryu sarawasti MI indo Nila. Malamang ooperahan tenga nyan bago mag mi

  7. Their MU rep has all the raw materials they can work with: the towering height, slim figure, and communications skills. Her face is somewhat of a blank canvas they can easily transform. She also takes good pictures.

    I like that last year, they didn’t ‘touch’ so much on Frederika’s face. Hopefully this year they will do the same except for a well-structured veneer.

  8. Jihan Chedid’s face looks like Pia and Gazini combined… does she also have the curvacious body?

    • For me Jihane has striking resemblance to Urvashi Rautela a former Miss India Universe.

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