6 comments on “Watch: The Preliminaries of Miss International Queen Pageant 2020

    • @ Padede Boy Boy, LED wall lang po, ‘to. In a straight-forward stage.

      ‘Yung sa ME, installation-sculptural piece depicting last year’s floral theme. And in an enclosed pool area which posed challenges for the organizer. The lighting seemed good, judging from photos of the event. And it did not hurt that it was timed more or less with the Manila Bay sunset. That was the idea…

      You must be referring to ME’s earlier stage productions? 🙂

  1. Philippines presentation reminded me of gazini pre polished period. hehe Her face though reminds me of pia wurtzbach. Must be because of the veneers and the lipstick color she uses. Malakas ang laban ng Pinas this year. Sabi ng ilang shupitvalur sa santolan station, mas may advantage daw ang delegate nila physically pero kapag nag QnA na, uwian na. Panalo na ang Filipina.

  2. The host delegate is like Wurtzbach and Amelinckxz combined, with LOOONG lines.

    Taiwan PROC 4th RU, Philippines 3rd RU, Mexico 2nd RU, Norway 1st RU, and Vietnam FTW (Mutya Datul vibes!).

    The other Viet, Vicky Tran sashed as “Sweden”, reminded me of Czech Republic’s rep to Mister Global last year. He was Czech by birth and grew up Czech. Eventually, he found work in the UK as head waiter for a Viet restaurant while teaching mixed martial arts. He served as translator for the reigning Mister International, Trinh Bao, who was crowned in Manila ahead of our hosting of Mister World (Jack Heslewood) and Manhunt International (Paul Luzineau), when the latter was in Prague for Muz Roku (Man of the Year), which has the franchises for the better international male pageants. My point — there seems to be some Viet expatriate activity in Europe. Are they particularly keen on pageantry? And why?

    Malaysia looks like Alexandra Rosales. Her evening dress ENHANCED EVEN MORE her “girls”.

    Laos reminded me of Filipina actress Marian Rivera, who is half-Spanish.

    INTENSIVE use of LED walls seems to be a Thai thing. MGI and MU 2018 (IMPACT Arena) also did.

    When will Philippines host?

    I want Mr. Tinio to serve on the “distinguished Board of Judges of stars”. 🙂

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