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  1. Haysssssssssss walang MU material dito. Baka next year meron. Disappointed sa inaugural pageant na ito. karma is real.

    • @ Ivan Next year is presumptive Bea Patricia Magtanong.

      Is she good enough for you?

      Could you also indulge us as to your preferences, so as to give good fight to the Cum Laude lawyer?

      • Sorry she may have things in between her ears but she’s not beautiful 😞

      • ….Oh, my, Admin.

        Look at what @ Ivan just said.

        I think I might have become something of a clickbait myself….. Anuvayen. 🙂

  2. OK, i know these pictures have been extremely photoshopped, but these are the girls that stood out the most for me……LEMONON (looks gorgeous with or without photoshopping). She exudes freshness no matter what. Girl from LEYTE looks pretty here………Gumaboa looks extremely photoshopped but she looks pretty here. Alaiza looks the same which means she is photogenic no matter what…..GALARia LOOKS fierce. I stand with my choice 🙂

      • @ VER Girl form Leyte?

        You are referring to Chiara Markwalder?

        I have to agree. She is the Karen Laurrie Mendoza, here — SERVING EURO-THAI HAWTNESS. 🙂

      • @Flor tula…yes Ms. Leyte looks gorgeous….she registered well on the photo. She wasn’t way too hyped but (perhaps she could be a dark horse). She’s definitely has a potential.


    MICHELLE GUMABAO – Miss Universe Philippines 2020, just needs to lose some more weight and
    updates herself with the current affairs;
    YSABELLA YSMAEL – to MWP, bagay maging Miss World Philippines 2020, magugustuhan ni
    Manay Julia ang kaniyang ballet performances;
    PAULINE AMELINCKX – to MWP, bagay maging Miss Eco (Philippines) International 2020;
    CHIARA MARKWALDER – to MWP, sa bagong title: ______________________________;
    RABIYA MATEO – to MWP, bagay maging Miss Multinational (Philippines) 2020;
    PAULA ORTEGA – to MWP, good for Reina Hispano-Americana with her fluency in Spanish;
    APRIEL SMITH – to MUTYA PILIPINAS for its Top Model title OR other Modelling Tilts, more of a
    model than a beauty queen;
    ALAIZA MALINAO – to MUTYA PILIPINAS for its 2nd Top Model title OR other Modelling Tilts, more of
    a model than a beauty queen;;
    SIGRID FLORES – to MUTYA PILIPINAS, good for Miss Asia Pacific International 2020;
    TRACY MAUREEN PEREZ – to MUTYA PILIPINAS, good for Miss Tourism International 2020;
    KIMBERLY HAKENSON – to MUTYA PILIPINAS or Modelling Tilts Jonas can Offer, more of a
    model than a beauty queen;;
    ZANDRA STA. MARIA – to MUTYA PILIPINAS or Modelling Tilts Jonas can Offer, more of a
    model than a beauty queen;;
    ISABEL GALERIA – to MUTYA PILIPINAS or Modelling Tilts Jonas can Offer, more of a
    model than a beauty queen;;
    LOU PICZON – kung may dugo siyang Intsik, sumali siya sa Miss Chinatown & allied contests;
    SANDRA LEMONON – to Binibining Pilipinas NEXT YEAR or enter showbiz, BAGAY MAG-ARTISTA.


    • @ Pierro Rocco Dude, take it easy. You are bordering on “broken record”. You have said nothing new, really. 🙂

      We appreciate you specified 2020 for Rabiya Mateo. This means the remainder of your MWP hopefuls can defer/postpone. Now, if MIlo(2x) can at least get MTP (as successor to Glyssa Perez), I am certain may matutuwa (aka, one-man cheering squad from the region she hails from).

      Does MG truly care about those issues she keeps herself updated on? Or, does she do it simply to look/appear aware/concerned? Anyway, it was discussed before that the most straightforward way for MUP/FrontRow to recoup their investment/s is to crown an already-celebrity. Prior to her formal declaration of non-participation, Teresita Ssen was THAT. They can do whatever they want. Who are we to stop them? After all, it’s their money. Sushmita Sen was already something of a star when she got the Universe portfolio. @ Fabian Reyes and @ Closer2Fame would have been MIGHTY pleased!

  4. Super photoshopped. What a disgrace to the girls. These pics are unflattering. Isn’t this artificiality contra to MUO’s tone of being relatable, being real, and being true to oneself?

  5. WTF hindi ko nakilala si Gumabao as in literal nag scroll pako sabe ko bakit wala sia lolll

  6. Ang gaganda! Lalo na sina Gumabao, Florida, Lemonon at Crizaldo.😍😍😍

    • Skelly reminded me of Miss Iceland from last year’s Miss Universe pageant, with her bubbly personality. Similar aura!

  7. WOW! These are quality photos for a beauty pageant.
    Such an upgrade from Filbert Kung.

  8. I have never paid attention to Davao Del Norte before until I saw this headshot. So far, she has not been in the radar of most pageant bloggers/vloggers. Make up and good cam projection truly do wonders, albeit she could do away with that hand-in-the-face pose. Here I can clearly see her half-Egyptian features – doe eyes, high bridged nose, full even lips. The long competition period is beginning to level off the playing field for unhyped girls and remove the mental conditioning brought by the early one-track pompom noise of fans.

    • I had a similar experience. Now I am noticing not only Davao del Norte but other unhyped reps from Batanes, Antique, Baguio City, Romblon, Makati and Misamis Oriental. They now add to my initial watch list of interesting unhyped girls which include Biliran, Oriental Mindoro, and Iloilo City. I’m sure as the competition progresses, some more reps will shine and give the hyped-up frontrunners a serious run for their money. I hope all of them will learn fast on the communication skills training and acquire that cerebral differential advantage over the rest. Note that in this pageantry, reps compete also on intellect alongside with physical beauty and advocacy.

      • @Jermaine I have noticed Davao del Norte ever since the Red Carper Press Presentation. Most especially with their Filbert Kung shoot, I think she has one of the better ones. I think many pageant bloggers do not really notice her because she comes next to Alaiza Malinao who many have been pegging as the one to beat.

        @Scorg Antique and Romblon!!! I love both of them!!

      • @Unorthy: what makes Biliran, Romblon, Batanes and Antique interesting is that they all come from islands never before heard in the pageantry circuit. Who would have thought that these remote nth class provinces can have beautiful women as their best kept secret? MUP’s Accreditation Program is indeed a good idea to reach out to all communities throughout the archipelago. The Philippines is simply teeming with many raw beauties that can be developed into ravishing queens.

  9. Wish ko sana si amelincx ang mup 2020
    1.She is beautiful w that matangos Sideview and pango front view na ilong like pia wurtzbach swerte natin
    2.5’6 to 5’7 heights OKs na OKs na like pia w
    3.empowered makuda at mabilis magisip like pia w
    4.boksingera nyang katawan na mukhang cow Sabi ng friend ko. Sumeksi nga si pia w. Kaya din maging calf ni paulene. Though Paulene doesn’t have suzy at geno
    Sya talaga ang pwede maging mup at mag place sa mu.
    Bella is petite at di talaga maganda and Michelle is passable pretty but not beautiful Mas pretty PA din si amelinx
    Galleria is so beautiful and ang dami kamukha ni malinao sa bbp akala ko uncommon yun kind of beauty nya pero common pala

    • I think you are bellitling alaiza’s hard work to get to where she is right now .
      As for Bella , that’s your opinion . A lot of people don’t think SA 2019 is not pretty at all But look where she is now
      Pls Don’t compare Pauline to Pia . Not everyone can pull off what Pia did to get that body . First of all , Pia was fitv in 2013 and 2014 . She just went lax in 2015 . Has Pauline or Michele had the MU body in the past ? I doubt it
      I don’t see why Galleria is seen as gorgeous . I find her ordinary and I don’t like copy cats.

      • @fabian I’m not belittling malinao. I was praying she go bbp to be the next supra winner internationally. Amelincx was also fit last year. She have a lot of common w pia w
        I’m just saying amelincx is facially beautiful. Bella is not beautiful we are all entitled to our own opinion

    • @ bonsaihater Pauline we need to bear in mind probably could not immediately crossover from Mutya 2017 to anywhere else immediately as her contract with Mdme. CQ would have extended at least into mid-year 2018, if not longer, leaving her little time and energy to suit up for BBP 2019. Also, she surely would have waited for her supposed international competition ’til the very last moment. Unfortunately, that did not push through, leaving her empty-handed, pageant-wise.

      It could not have been easy. And that time away to relish for oneself can be very healing. Even Cat skipped a year, ‘di ba? Said tabloid headlines then, “Hindii pa naka-move on sa pagkatalo sa Miss World, Catriona Gray nagsasaya sa US”.

      Let’s go with your wish that Pauline win MUP…. (just thinking and no hate on Ysabelle).

      Surely she will have the ENTIRE machinery of A&Q to whip her into near-perfection for MU. But then regardless of whoever does win, the MUP organization is committed to support our rep in all areas.

      Since this is Ysabelle’s first foray in the Nationals, I suggest she also take at least a year off and resurface 2022 at the earliest if she and The Camp crave for more. But Amelinckxz, NOW NA. 🙂

  10. A before and after make up photo shoot is the ideal set up. Available light, no photoshop, and if possible the girls just woke up from their sleep.

  11. My choices:

    Pleasing to the eyes:
    Davao City
    Quezon City

    Great Shots:
    Davao del Norte

  12. ilaw pa more
    photoshop pa more

    maski mga ulikba nagmukhang tisay dito

  13. Angeles City here reminds me of Andrea Tovar(?). But she does not look like this in most of their appearances.

  14. The momentum starts to build up! Headshots are supposed to showcase not just the facial beauty of the aspirants, but the understated elegance that radiates from within. The photographs successfully captured the outer and inner beauty of the aspirants. Now, we are starting to notice some unhyped contenders. In the next few weeks, we expect to see their further development in the other facets of beauty. Note that the participants in this pageant are competing not just in physique but in intellect as well. And pre-pageant activities are devoted mostly to training the participants towards attaining a holistic beauty. Will the frontliners sustain their ground? Who will come from behind and stand out? Everything is obviously still up in the air.

  15. Top 10 photos for me:
    Davao City
    Davao Del Norte
    Quezon City

  16. Photo shoot sessions before a professional photographer give a candidate an opportunity to unleash her inner aura by giving correct projection at her predetermined perfect angle. Hence, one can decipher who among these candidates have advanced their potentials and who stood out in the photo shoot.

    But before I give my topnotchers in this round, I’d like to commend Dokie Ducay for a job well done. Bravissimo!

    And now, the girls who made the top list are:

    10. Christine Silverale, ANGELES CITY. She is photogenic and has screen presence. Her fuller lips are powerful. She knows how to project in front of the camera with so much ease.

    9. Sandra Lemonon, TAGUIG. This girl’s charisma is over-the-top. Hence, even on her simplest pose, she gives impact and it’s hard to just ignore her at that.

    8. Apriel Smith, CEBU PROVINCE. She gives a Tyra Bank flare in the photoshoot. Her skin is a joy to look at, and her eyes are overwhelmingly catching. Apriel finally found her perfect headshot angle.

    7. Rabiya Mateo, ILOILO CITY. I find this girl effortlessly beautiful. That perfectly round face seems moulded to get a nice angle whether she looks on the right or left, up or down, etc. She has got the Kristine Florendo vibe here. Loved it.

    6. Jan Alexis Elcano, BATANES. That headache pose is captivating. This girl knows how to complement her hand gesture with her facial emotions. While she is not considerably your typical girl-next-door beauty, she knows how right projection werk. She can be a good print ad model.

    5. Pauline Amelinckx, BOHOL. She projects like a campus hotbabe, no drama, just plain headshot but a standout. Pauline is effortlessly beautiful and possesses no bad angle.

    4. Bea Theresa Maynigo, BAGUIO CITY. What a face! Her strong X-factor captivates me. I love how she fiercely stuns the camera. She is a revelation for me in this round.

    3. Alaiza Malinao, DAVAO CITY. This girl is not a model for nothing. Even without putting effort on projection department, Alaiza still wows. She looks Alpha model here.

    2. Isabela Galeria, SORSOGON. The stare, hand gesture, angle. Isabela is a force to reckon. Her headshot is Vogue worthy. She is a pro. I hope if she won’t win the crown, she walks her way in New York to try modeling there. I believe she can make it big in that industry.

    And the winner is…

    1. Michelle Theresa Gumabao, QUEZON CITY!!! The photo is very Miss Universe. What a gorgeous face, Michelle! I like how Michelle projects her hand well. And again, the face, the face! Her glam team has perfectly styled Michelle’s hair and make up in this photoshoot. I honestly don’t want to take my eyes off of her!

    That’s all.

    • My prediction:
      The winner of the Miss Universe Philippines2020 will come from the ladies in the middle row! 😊

      • Middle Row or Column?

        Alaiza is in the middle row and middle column…

      • Oh w8 the one in the Middle row and middle column is the girl from Isabela province…

  17. Isabela Galeria- I was expecting that she would nail this challenge…. BUT Surprisingly, it looks like she did not think this through… or she over-thinked this…
    Her face is beautifuly symetrical and yet she didn’t take this picture head on… her tilted quarter angle is still pretty but Im too distracted by the stretch lines on her neck, the protruding bones on her back and the chinese maiden fingers on her head…. It’s like I dont know where to look… this pose would have looked better on a whole/half body shot but as a headshot, its a big NO…

  18. Aklan 👏
    Biliran 👏
    Davao City 👏
    Davao del Norte 👏
    Sorsogon 👏

  19. My top 5 (in random order)

    Michelle Gumabao- Gorgeous!! Nailed it!!
    Only flaw in this picture is that the chinese maiden fingers was obviously forced because the wrist is suppose to bend either inward or outward… Yes, I’m a nitpicker… but overall.. point is the face, hair & make-up is flawless!!!

    Pauline Amelinkx- beautiful…love the angle, love the expression… i love the fighting spirit!

    Alaiza- she made this look so effortlessly beautiful… its like a winning shot on the 1st click.

    Apriel Smith- I’m surprised that her face is very symetrical… I love the blank expression… Very high fashion beauty shot.

    Bella Ysmael- She looks beautiful here but I know she can do even better than this…. but definitely top 5 worthy…

    Special mentions:

    Skelly Florida- she looks beautiful here without a doubt… but the posing, expression and styling is a bit too catalogue.. I would have ranked her higher if she made this look more Italian Vogue than a toothpaste ad on a news magazine.

    Mariam El Hamid- Her face is actually very symetrical as well and also follows the rule of thirds even with that round forehead …. only her teeth broke the symetry which is not bad because it made her look natural & life-like… I notice that if you have regular brown skin and common facial features, you really got to have that extreme facial symetry to make one stand-out… and she definitely has that.

    Zandra Sta Maria- definitely not the prettiest of the batch as in her whole look is too unconventional for a beauty pageant… but her modelings skills is way off the charts!… I love that she angled her face to showcase her best facial features… and the positioning of her hand and fingers is perfection…. Her Chinese maiden fingers actually looked prettier than her whole face but over-all, she made this picture werrrkkk!

    • Top 10 photos for me:
      Davao City
      Davao Del Norte
      Quezon City

  20. Yikes, facially wise 10 lang maganda.

    That is the problem with headshots, you can not hide. Even with photoshop, kung di ka maganda…waley talaga. Kasi Ulo mo ang pagbabasehan.



  21. See? It’s too early for anyone to declare any winner.
    The portraits above are proof that given the right styling, training, and coaching, any girl can win the title.

    The progress is becoming visible especially for those ladies who have no prior camps to hone them.

    This is shaping up well for MUPh.

  22. MG, styled to look like VR (at BBP again) last year.

    YRY, Oh my….. 😦

    CV (MisOr), I LOVE your perky little nose! You are serving young Tetchie Agbayani x Rio Locsin vibe. 🙂

    Here, KM (CamSur) looks Catriona-ish.

    CM (Leyte) looks Top Model!

    • … and Batanes, I am STUNNED.

      Ingat lang sa make-up. Bordering on mannish. SOFTEN, please.


  23. Ayan finally! Mas maganda kesa dun sa photoshoot nila ng daster. At least may magagamit na ang mga vloggers sa predictions nila. But still only about 5 women stood out Sandra Lemonon of course is one of them. The rest, hmmmm….

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