11 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2020 at Art-in-Island for Operation Smile Philippines

  1. Bakit na reschedule ang date ng coronation night from April 26 to May 31?

  2. i used to love this blog and pageantry as my source of one of my happiness and pampalipas oras. but now a days i am hardly able to feel the way as i am happy before. caused of my overthinking in my problems and on what will happen. possibilities. nawawala umg excitement ko. i am a dramatic cause never in my life na naka help ako sa Family ko cause wala ako naging work from the time i graduated in college. caused i only got a pasang awa grade. i have asthma and hearing impaired and my mother needs me here in our house caused she has heart problem. and now that land transfering problem came its like i am having a trauma. i am thinking my mother and my family. on how we can fix that once we step on bir and choose them para magpa transfer. i dont know who to listen. parang nagiging bitter ako sa lahat sa inyo dito. you are all smart and have a good life. nakahelp kayo sa Family nyo sa mga parents nyo including you norman.

    • Watch more funny videos.
      Iwas ka sa mga nagaaway kasi mas matitrigger yung negative energy mo.

    • @ jed Mukha’ng ikaw ang nangangailangan ng Operation Smile, para manumbalik ang 🙂

      I left a comment in the earlier post….. Anyway…..

      Be as productive as you can manage within your modest circumstances. Keep your home spic and span. Maintain yourself — personal grooming spot-on even just for yourself and not just when there are guests/visitors. Eat well; NO TRASH FOOD whatsoever. Day is for activity; night is for recovery.

      The laughter (and by extension, happiness) will last by taking shelter in your good memories and in your Faith (whichever you practice).

      And do not leave the blog. You are part of the family here. Mr. Tinio gave you his blessings, ‘di ba?

    • @jed: I am prompted to reply to your post despite the many pre-weekend deadlines in my office halfway across the globe. I feel I need to because you are part of this blog community who celebrates beauty in all its forms and manifestations. We may have different circumstances in life but we have the same daily habit of opening this blog to ligfhten the day’s stress and, in my case, to ease the tedium in a day’s chaotic work. Don’t be bitter for your life’s challenges. That’s why they are challenges– they are meant to be overcome by you with your siblings and peers. Don’t think we are “all smart and have a good life”. We are just like you, besieged by all forms of life’s challenges. Just think positive always. And continue to be entertained by the colourful language in this blog’s comment section– from the parlorista gayspeak to the academician language to the office worker jargon.

    • Hmmmm don’t you worry..
      Drink lots of water and chamomile tea… Get some sunlight every morning.. Do some jumping jacks while you are at it… And get a pet or plant a garden.. I’m sure that would help. I hope you get well soon.

    • Thanks to all of you. appreciate all of your comments. may i ask for your help thru prayers? Thanks lot. GOD Bless us all!

  3. Gabrielle Basiano INSTANTLY popped out from the pack in the first photo, thanks in large measure to her positioning at the very leftmost end of the ground row of candidates. It’s a useful trick if one wants to be seen at once. If you linger towards the middle of the group, the eye would have to scan before you are finally spotted. 🙂

    The little girl’s BRIGHT yellow shoes (fourth photo) is the saving grace in what would have been yet another humdrum-typical madhouse moment captured on film (or digitally).

    …. Am really hankering for those Swim shots. MUST find LOOONG gams for Poland and Japan.

    • Sige, Admin, subukan ko dito kung ayaw ng MUP na du’n ilagay….

      Puteri Indonesia 2020 — Jawa Timur (Universe), 1st RU – Bali (International), & 2nd RU – Jawa Tengah (Supranational).

      Is the prohibition due to Pia being a Judge? 🙂

      If you do not allow this (I will check again later), then I will take it to mean @ Miswa (aka, @ Will) is your designated clickbait.


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