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  1. Face top 5

    Alaiza Malinao
    Bella Ysmael
    Skelly Florida
    Michele Gumabao
    Ysabela Galeria

    Body( skin clarity, height & proportion) top 5

    Alaiza Malinao
    Bella Ysmael
    Apriel Smith
    Sandra Lemonon
    Isabela Galeria

    Communications & hosting skills top 5

    Michelle Gumabao
    Billie Hakenson
    Pauline Amelinkx
    Bella Ysmael
    Paula Ortega

    Pageant experience top 5

    Michele Gumabao
    Aliza Malinao
    Pauline Amelinkx
    Apriel Smith
    Bella Ysmael

    Print modeling Top 5

    Alaiza Malinao
    Bela Ysmael
    Michele Gumabao
    Isabela Galeria
    Lou Piczon

    Ramp and Pasarela top 5

    Alaiza Malinao
    Apriel Smith
    Bella Ysmael
    Ysabela Galeria
    Lou Piczon

    Social Media presence top 5

    Michele Gumabao
    Aliza Malinao
    Bella Ysmael
    Pauline Amelinkx
    Apriel Smith

    Social Background & Advocacy top 5?

    Bella Ysmael
    Michele Gumabao
    Alaiza Malinao
    Pauline Amelynx
    Sandra Lemonon

    Academic credentials top 5?

    Michele Gumabao?
    Bella Ysmael?

    I cant think of other criterias..

  2. Michelle Imperial Gumabao is Miss Universe-Philippines 2020. Kahit pa anong ingelishan at jargon words are gamitin nyo para magtunog credible critics kayo in the end sina Shamcey at Mama J pa din ang magddecide. Hindi sa lahat ng oras kailangan eh queenly. Nag eevolve ang MU. Now hindi mo nantalaga sure kung sino ang makabagong Miss Universe ang gusto nila this year.

    • @flor.. If pauline amelincx is 5’6 or below (ano na Lang ang height ni Bella? She is way petite than pauline.
      little koala Said it’s bet MG and Bella. The tall and chunky VS the petite fr Alta clan
      Gusto ko si amelincx manalo pero naman parang boxer ang body. Michelle also is muscle bound but she is an athlete to start w

  3. My MUP 2020 will always be MICHELLE GUMABAO! Miss Universe is looking for a well rounded spokesperson. Hindi yung puro awra awra at emote emote lang na may pangusu-nguso at pa-fiery eyes.

    Yung katawan madali remedyohan. Pati pasarela at postura. Pero yung utak at paraan ng pagsasalita, dekada inaabot niyan. Alaiza Malinao? Maganda. Knows how to play the camera. Very modelesque. Pero yung kudaan, Gazini level lang. So, it’s a NO NO! Learn from Gazini and Maxine, susme mga vakla.

    Ysabel? I like Ysabel. Talented, tall, well spoken. Pero sa totoo lang ha, mas gusto ko siyang makita sa MISS WORLD stage kesa sa MU. She has the talent, the grace and walk, good social media following and most importantly, wit. Very angelic din mukha niya. Sure aako magugustuhan siya ni Mareng Hulya. Si Michelle kasi last year masyadong antukin kaya medyo kinapos.

    Isabella of Sorsogon? Very pinay ang ganda. Papasa din sana sa MU kaso mahina din sa kudaan. Sa memorization lang siya magaling.

    Pauline? Maganda, makuda, matangkad pero hindi pang-MU ang mukha. Di masyadong hugis bigas ang feslak. Masyadong baby faced. Bagay siya sa Miss International. Mas bagay kesa kina Vickie at Hannah na mga walang kabuhay–buhay.

    Apriel Smith? Di siya kagandahan. Kahit pa fair o white ang complexion niya. Yun lang. Bongga naman siya sa kudaan na siyang bet ng MU ngayon.

    Basher ako? Hindi. I’m just being truthfully yours.

    • We have the same view on Michelle, Bella, and Pauline. Very well said.

      • @ Ana Winter Michelle….

        Gumabao well-rounded, and

        Dee, antukin. 🙂

    • Isn’t it too early to tell kung saan at kung kanino dapat mapunta ang korona? Some of the underdogs are just warming up. Yung iba, nasa gitna ng transformation pa. I have a feeling na bakbakan na 2 weeks before preliminary.

      Yung mga girls na hindi masyadong napapansin will have their full momentum then.
      Yung ibang maaga nag peak are probably exhausted by then also.

      So abangan natin! 🙂

  4. For now I’ll go for Quezon City, Parañaque City and Cavite. All of them are the type of candidates that we have not sent yet in MU. An athletic type, a young free spirited girl and edgy one.

  5. I’d like to r/o Michelle as a possible MUP
    Physically , she’s not there . While we can. Use make up to glamorize her , we still need the body of a MU which is not going to happen . Also her personality is not that of a queen but a cheerleader .
    I would rather have any of the 3 : Alaiza Apriel and Ysabel .
    My first choice is Ysabel because of her very feminine vibe and the ease in the way she expresses herself .
    Alaiza is the topnotcher physically . While her conversational skills are not that good , I think she will be fine with the Qand A … enough to make top 5 or top 3.
    Apriel looks great physically too and I think she can deliver at Q and A. But I don’t think she can win MU .
    I’m liking Cavite Baguio and Leyte too .
    Pauline … macho dating . Sorry

    • @ paul ‘Oh, ayan! Pang MWP minor title nga daw si Pauline.

      @ Cool Brew, ‘usap na lang kayo ni @ Fabian Reyes. After all, it was you who said that in your heart you would wish the Boholana take the year off (first) to see how things would unfold. Pero ‘yun nga, her camp fielded her at once. Nothing any of us can do.

      Apriel, I want ALV to assign/appoint to that still-mystery seventh crown at MWP. I want a PRO for that.

  6. love Sorsogon’s aura.

    tbh wala akong top pick pa for MUP even Malinao or Gumabao? di ko pa sila nakikitang mananalo.. i still want to hear everybody speak. their stand/s on issues.. because mas mahalaga siya ngayon e. wala ka kungdi ka marunongmag salita.

    Anyway. i love how they are ‘uniformed’ in color and fabric. di ko lang alam bakitmay isang naiba.

    pigil na pigil pa sila gumaya sa uniform ng bpci eh ganon din naman pala halos. well sana same type of dresses na lang pinasuot. i mean same cut ung iba kasi mukhang mag nininang sa binyag angcut. CHAROT

    • I love Michelle… she would definitely slay the Q&A… but you have to admit… her pasarela is not even top10 worthy… and her slightly fuller figure seems more like a hurdle than an advantage… on top of that, her father’s story is not the most aspirational…

    • I agree Sorsogon looks amazing … but I’m not a fan of copycats .. sorry . She needs to embrace her provinciana appeal … not the sosyalera personality that she’s not . Sorry

  7. Physicaly, Alaiza is the ultimate Miss Universe Prototype… tall, statuesque, glamorous, modelesque…

    Personality-wise… Michele is the complete embodiment of a Miss Universe winner….
    Witty, bubbly, well-spoken, inteligent…

    But come to think of it… Both Michele and Alaiza has a little bit of controversy tagged on their names… while Bella does not… Bella may not be the tall glamazon like Alaiza but she is still considered beautiful without a doubt…. She may not be as much of an intelectual chatterbox as Michelle but Bella is literally oozing w/ class… a mixed-race polyglot with hundreds of years of good karma… would that good karma of her ancestors at least trickle down on her if ever she represents us at Miss Universe?

    The rest would just be fighting to be their runner-ups….

    To complete the my current top 12:

    Apriel Smith
    Pauline Amelinkx
    Isabela Galeria
    Paula Ortega
    Sandra Lemonon
    Lou Piczon
    Billie Hakenson
    Skelly Florida
    Sigrid Flores

    • @ Norman …. Recruit niyo na rin sina Hakkenson at Florida.

      BOTH WILL REQUIRE SERIOUS-TOPNOTCH styling guidance for the long term.

      I can envision Billie in Poland and Skelly in Japan by 2022-23. 🙂

    • Michele has the personality of a MU?
      I beg to disagree
      While she is very articulate having been raised at least partly in the States , she has a more campy attitude …. not a queenly one Its not very MU . Sorry

      • Yeah, thats why I mentioned that Bella is oozing w/ class in contrast to Michelle…

  8. @Apriel my love.

    You are one of my favorites…but sweetie no need to forcefully lift the skirt to show some leg
    as if one is soliciting for an hourly date. This is not corner of Hollywood and Vine.

    Still, one of my top five.

    • @ just saying If Cebu Province makes the Final 5, I hope she shaves all her hair off and matches a pure-white bra-top to a black ruffled long-breezy skirt.

      Look at Adut Akech, the finale look at the Chanel Spring-Summer 2020 Haute Couture show.

      The Cebuana and the Sudanese walk the same — straight with just a little hip sway. Very nice. 🙂

  9. Now, I’m starting to see how MUPh defines ‘uniform’. Uniform in color but executed in various designs. Great idea and very refreshing. Although, the design should also be in the same mood. Kung sexy ang isa, dapat sexy lahat. Hindi yung ang iba parang magsisimba. Maybe they could work on leveling the playing field in the next appearance. Tama po ba Mr Andrada?

    On the brighter side, nakaka excite at naglo look forward ako what the ladies will be wearing in the next public appearances. Siguro umay na umay na ako sa jeans and shirt. Opo BBP. Kayo ho ang tinutukoy ko. So maybe it’s time to also update your ‘uniform’.

    In these set of photos, APRIEL SMITH was the belle of the ball with how the dress was draped on her legs! Whether it was the design or her initiative, regardless, it was a genius move to showcase those mile long legs.
    Napapansin na natin how she’s inching her way into the center spotlight.

    With these photos, she outshone Galleria who was the top performer in the runway challenge and Bella Ysmael who was the brightest star in the press presentation.

    Mukhang naglalabasan na ang mga kuko ng mga agila! Dapat din lang if you really want that crown so much.
    You have to express your grit consistently every time (although very subtly) otherwise someone else is very much ready to shove you off from that spotlight.

    • @ Viveka Vavagee THIS color RULES! Plum, no?

      SAME color as Mariem Velazco’s one-piece swim at MI 2018.


      • @Flor Yung kay Tracy Maureen Perez yata ang plum while the rest parang between shades ng dark orchid to indigo. And yes! Lakas maka Mariem Velazco ang peg 👏🏽

  10. Heard fr a little koala. Mup winner is either mitch gumabao and Bella. It’s already been sealed

    • @ bonsaihater Speaking of koala…..

      That six(6)-month residency requirement REALLY worked. Only long-time (in the country) halfies like Lemonon made the Roster. This effectively rules out the “Fil-Comm” scheme.

      …. which could also translate to Mutya eventually ending up as the ONLY “ticket in” for “on-demand foreign-‘Nays”.

      @ scorg will be pleased.

      I’ll go with YSY, then. She is the “alta” (said @ Fabian Reyes) to MG’s “bakya-jologs”. Not that there’s any wrong in being modest. But after all, she comes from the elite, which connotes an entire universe of opportunities denied to many. And who in her or his right frame of mind would not like that? We are still a poor country psychologically; any kind of material aspiration still weighs heavily. YSY is the better embodiment of the fulfillment of that.

      • @ Closer2Fame Could it be that only one bet of The Camp can be accommodated?

        I said noon, an AP candidate would win as a goodwill gesture to franchisors.

        Turns out, The Camp is ALSO an AP! And they took THREE (3) “slots” – Alaiza, Ysabelle, and Christelle – which means they paid THRICE (3X) the standard (franchise) rate. Mayaman! They matched the number of candidates Lia Ramos HERSELF fielded.

        Mr. Tinio, again, kunin niyo na sina Daisha Jimenez, Mutia ti Agoo, and if still OK Nicole Minano.

        The Camp FLEXES. 🙂

  11. I don’t have any problem with the platform shoes.. not at all . If the extra height provides the girl more confidence , why not ?
    Sorsogon wins this race
    April reminds of Mariah Carey .. but not in a good way

  12. Glad to know MUP has banned the use of chunky tacky platform shoes that make women’s feet look like hooves 👏

    • Sorsogon’s Galleria slayed it! She is hands down, the most poised in the group! Keep it up.

  13. Oozing with class!!!

    MUP got the correct formula on this one. I suggest MUP should stick to purple as its trademark color. Their introductory dresses should be purple, and their swimsuits should be summer flora with purple color standing out from afar.

    I just don’t get Tito Norm’s write up about the stilletos of powerful women. Are these candidates wearing the stilletos those powerful women have actually worn in the past, or they are just wearing the actual designs of stilletos such powerful women usually wear on a daily basis? Uhmmm, is In Her Shoes a brand sponsor ba?

    Anyway, MUPO is doing good. They are carefully taking care of the brand the way MUP wants them to. Unfortunately, their top sponsor Frontrow is on the hot seat lately. Its millionaire’s club member has spilled the beans about Frontrow’s allegedly “unethical business conduct.” I wish Frontrow could do damage control on this. Controversy such as this destroys the integrity of a multi-level marketing and may cause their downlines to walk away from the membership and the supposed target recruits to back off therefrom. When Royale’s tax delinquencies were exposed to media, the MLM eventually had gradually found its way to the hemline.

    Good luck, ladies! We can already see your transformation. May the best woman win na lang.

    That’s all.

  14. How refreshing to see normal heels and not those platform monstrosities 😉 The ladies look elegant.

    This is a great start to MUP.

    • Kuys DanDan, Jojo Bragais left the group. Char!

      Stilletos make women’s legs a lot sexy and classy, be them in swimsuit or evening gown. I just don’t know why the platform shoes have notoriously prompted the pageant world for a couple of years. I hope this year is the end of an era of such tacky shoes.

      That’s all.

  15. After looking at the youtube video of them speaking in their own dialect I can honestly say that BB. Pilipinas candidates are more beautiful than Miss Universe Philippines.

  16. dami daming ganap
    dapat sanayin sila kung anu ang ginagawa ng mismong MU

    1 week event lang
    nakakulong sa cheap hotel

    para pagdating sa international pageant
    sanay na sanay sila

  17. When Robert de Niro offered tango lessons to another Gabrielle (neither Chanel nor Basiano) in stilettos, she was reluctant “to make a mistake”. After he was done with her, you can bet she felt EMPOWERED.

    The film is “Scent of a Woman”. Also starred a YUMMY Chris O’Donnell. Go watch, dear readers.

    Back to this….

    I think it’s safe to assume JB was not present at this event. 🙂

    HANEP ka, Apriel! Legs kung legs. GANDA ni Sigrid…. My Caroline Veronilla looks SO SWEET.

    • …i think this was a film that starred Al Pacino and not Robert de Niro . Al Pacino won an Oscar for this movie…:0

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