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  1. Mr. Tinio, sa 17 March Press Presentation, would you know if BPCI will bring back the good old days with the “colorful” description?

    Sample — “Candidate # 35 (I chose this number out of the blue and in NO way meant to imply anything to the actual one right now) enjoys baking bread of all sorts when she is not cuddling her many dogs whom she considers the ‘center of my life’. This 5’10” graduate of San Beda Recolletos (again, NO harm meant to that great institution; it’s just that I saw a “Baste” bus today) charms the measuring tape at 38E-22-32. She has grey hair and black eyes…”.

    @ paul Ila’ng taon ka na, Dude? Naabutan mo ba ‘to? 🙂

    • Flor dati ang bbp in the 90s Pati weight sinasabi. Paktay mga chabelitas

    • Erratum San Sebastian. Not San Beda. I am very sorry for my mix-up. U-belt, kasi, ‘eh. 🙂

  2. Samantha Bernardo and Patrizia Garcia, ilaban natin yan girls!!! Go for the crown!!!

  3. Naku Hanna dapat maging MIp ka hihi.
    Ayoko maging ms banlag international ang Japan bound.
    Ang Mataba pumapayat. Ang maitim pumuputi ang pango tumatangos ilong ang maliit pwede daan sa super clogs ngunit ang banlag panu na po?

  4. ang dami naman kasing magaganda… ang hirap pumili.. di kagaya sa kabilang pageant.. iilan lang feeling mong pasok. CHAROT.

    Sam B Should be crowned this year. i want her to win the International title just because yun ang highest pero i am not so sure if she fits the pageant. Either supranational or intercontinental siya.

    Maureen Montagne fits Supranational for me. or MGI if meron pa.

    Hannah Arnold – Her beauty is very Miss International but i am not sure if she has all the ‘spark’. let’s see till coronation night

    Honey – ang ganda niya mas soft na dating ng aura niya ngayon. Miss International? or Supranational or Globe?

    Vickie – she really needs to perform well.. no room for errors or anything.. her beauty is very miss international. if beauty lang din mas nakukuha ni Vickie ang attention ko compared to Hannah.

  5. Haynakuh, Mr. Tinio. Halata’ng halata na gusto mo si Sam para sa ICSM-Infinity Pageants-PGQ. 🙂

    Kailan po lalaban si Almas Choudry, the Dravidian to Ahtisa Manalo’s Indo-Aryan BEAUTY?

    Tuluyan mo na’ng inilaglag and Ticaro at Cenarosa na kapwa mo’ng fi-neature dati. ‘Di bale, like Phoenix they will resurface somewhere else soon…. Sayang, tangkad pa naman nu’ng latter.

    Si Hannah ang ipantatapat ko kay Mariam Habach (refer to comment of @ ClaiRe IbbeTson in an earlier post). I would have wanted to send a “kayumanggi”, but I remembered that @ Closer2Fame said the Venezolanos (and nearby Brazilians) generally prefer Germanic beauties.

    Patrizia reminds me of Denise Omorog and by extension to Clarissa Molina of Paraguay, whom I believe put in the BEST turns/twirls ever in MU history for BOTH Swim and Evening Dress. Send her to Albania, please.

    Karren Laurie’s “bali-bali-high-fashion-editorial” pose (she pulling her hair like this is similar to Apriel Smith’s strategy in the FK glam shoot that made the black Cebuana look like a comet)…Tokyo Dome!

    Gabrielle (Basiano, not Chanel) should be good for Egypt.

    Therefore, by process of elimination, the Palawena gets Poland. (Her) Wish fulfilled!

  6. Samantha Bernado will have a crown after this edition regardless of her Q&A standing. She deserves it. I can see pulling a Huelar and giving a decent enough response to get Supra or MGI.

    I really want a gorgeous like Gazini but so so communication for MGI. Isampal na kay Angkol para masungkit and korona.

  7. My TOP 5 for this round:

    Hannah Arnold- nailed this from facial expresion, hair placement, angle of face and body.. And even the placement of her hands and fingers…. Bravo!

    Samantha Bernardo- I’ve seen her in this pose before and it is indeed one of her best… I love that experienced honed her to stick to her guns.. Love it.

    Patricia Babista- She’s looking photogenic in this… Looks simmilar to Hannah’s … possibly due to their A&Q trainning.. Seems like this is one of MamaJ’s goto pose. She Really looks good here.

    Franchesca Taruc- nailed the face and body on this one… This would have been better if her fingers did not scrunch up her shirt a bit.. and the angle of the arm wasnt too far back… But over all its an A+

    Patrizia Garcia- I love her face and body in this… I would have ranked her higher if she had a better hand and arm placement…. Anyway, she still looks gorgeous.

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