18 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2020: In their Official Shirts now

  1. There is nothing to uphold in this look. The SALESLADY look. Even the Salesladies have updated their looks. Can Bb. be more imaginative. My stomach is turning now.

    • What’s wrong about being a saleslady?
      Please explain in 1000 words, Arial, 12, single spacing, 1″ margin – top, bottom, left and right.

      • There’s nothing wrong about being a saleslady. But there is something with you xxx. Baklang palaboy!

      • There’s nothing wrong about being a saleslady. But there is something wrong with you xxx. Baklang palaboy!

    • Renato, be careful with your choice of words. Remember that there is this Universal Law of Cause and effect, in short boomerang.

    • Heto namang si Renato kung makapuna akala mo nakapag ambag sa gastusin ng Bb. Pilipinas. Ung mga kandidata nga hindi nagrreklamo tapos heto ka kung makacomment.

    • @ Renato Mayroon’g salesladies na ganito kahapit ang uniform?

      Saan? Mapuntahan nga…


    • I know what I am saying when I observe. It is up to Bb. Pilipinas to take it constructively or not. It is facing challenge from MUP na. But this look is very ordinary which I hope Bb. will change. I suffer seeing this over and over again.

      I am sorry to be cruel but there is truth to my words. Philippine beauty pageants are losing spark. Admit it. “We” need to be innovative this time.

      That saleslady look is true. Don’t deny it. I have seen this since the 80s.

      I will admit it is not my business. But I guess, I wouldn’t bother next time.

      MUP I believe is more progressive; facing critiques head-on.

      • Di ba sabi mo dead na ang Bb. Pilipinas, eh bakit may mga hanash ka pang ganyan???

      • I never said Bb. Pilipinas is dead, Swizzers. I care for Bb. but this part is so out of style.

        By the way, another Renato is saying the word “baklang palaboy.”

      • @ Swizzers Guevarra Si @ Fabian Reyes nagsabi, po, nu’n.

        But to his credit, he did say he is doing his utmost to enjoy the proceedings.


    • Obviously, you can’t buy class. Even if you can buy it, a saleslady won’t sell you one.
      Go home and eat bahaw or plant kamote, ghorl!

      • xxx you are not class.

        but apologies to bb. it is their prerogative to stay in that era.

  2. These photos are not OVERLY photoshopped which I appreciate

    Kudos to the Photographer, Sir Owen


  3. I am cool with Felizarta and Garcia getting titles, at this rate. They shall be my “kayumanggi” beauties. Last year, it was the trio of Joanna Toledo, Jessarie Dumaguing, and Maria Isabela Galeria.

    Hannah and Maureen will be my halfies-by-default (like I even had a choice….).

    Swim wear next, please. That’s the one with “sakura” as backdrop, no?

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