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  1. So is the future looking bright for Sam B? Surprised to see Patrizia instead of Vickie… but congrats binibinis! They are all beautiful ha. in fairness.

    • Vickie needs a lot of push. I want her to do well. But she needs to have the kind of consistency Sam B has.

      • @ Norman She probably is of the mindset that if truly beaucon then it should fall into place effortlessly and the last thing you want is to appear hungry-ipinagpipilitan-ang-sarili. Very well. She has a point. But if I were Boss and this were a job interview, and in some ways all this is, she’s out.

      • Really Tito Norms? So Vickie performed better during last editions? I think iba din ang nagawa ng trainings ni Sam B. She’s hungry talaga for a crown.

      • IMO, Vickie was at her peak last year up until that fateful Q&A – a major stumbling block on the road to the Bb. Pilipinas International crown. This year, Sam B. has comfortably settled in what could be her most relaxed state in all three attempts. She shows more of her spontaneity, instead of flooding everyone with endless pictorials and overly-prepared moves. A true thoroughbred, she is.

  2. Just based on this , Hannah should win MIP. She looks a much prettier Mimilanoe back in the day
    I love Maureen . But if her handlers cannot make her facial features more pleasant to look at , I would rather give the crowns to the other girls

    • @Fabian Reyes
      -Di ba for you, BBP is dead already when MUP is separated!
      -Di ba sabi mo: “I really don’t see the point of this pageant!”
      -Sabi mo pa: “What do u gain from winning those crowns?”

      Tapos ang daming comments mo ngayon sa mga BBP post ni Norman and then kami pa yung mayayabang??? Pag dead na yung BBP, dead na ang comments… Kaya nga dead na eh!

      • Adrienne , I am trying my very best to look for the silver lining to this dying pageant … one text at a time

    • Dying??? Di ba para sa yo dead na nga! As in wala na kasi dead na kamo ng mawala sa BBP ang MUP! Kaya sabi mo dead na!

  3. Just based on this , Hannah should win MIP. She looks a much prettier Mimilanoe back in the day
    I love Maureen . But if her handlers cannot make her facial features more pleasant to look at , I would rather give the crowns to the other girls

  4. Stop hyping Vickie Rushton. She is out of shape and still not articulate enough. Yung bloopers sa web interview, makikita mo na memorized na nga lang sasabihin niya, di pa rin siya makaconcentrate. Paano na lang pag sa Miss International pa?

    2018 was her peak year. She deserved a crown much more than Karen. Karen’s answer was shitty, wala siyang stand. Vickie should’ve been BBP-Intercontinental. Not taking anything away from Karen, but kahit sino naman ipadala natin sa Miss Intercontinental 2018, mananalo pa rin tayo kasi we’re the host country and alam natin paano gumagana Miss Intercontinental. I still think that Vickie >>> Karen in 2018.

    Di ako fan ni Samantha Bernardo last year kasi sobrang pageant-patty niya. Yung masasabi mo na tatak KF talaga, lalo na nung coronation night na napakakapal ng blush-on. But this year, she toned down, lalo na sa hair and make-up, which I like. Sana wag niya na ulitin yung ginawa niya last year na parang sinampal sa kapal ng blush-on.

    International/Intercontinental – Hannah Arnold/Gabby Basiano
    Supranational/Grand International – Maureen Montagne/Samantha Bernardo
    Globe – Honey Cartasano
    Runners-Up – Pat Babista and Patrizia Garcia
    Top 11 – Karen Mendoza, Vickie Rushton, Hazel Ortiz

    I initially wanted Karen Mendoza for MI, but somehow disappointed with her comm skills and she’s too thin.

  5. Wow! My top 4 Binibinis are in it to win it! I hope Vickie was also there, so my Circle of 5 is complete. I had this hunch that the said Circle of 5 are the frontrunners from the get-go. They are the most remarkable beauties in this batch.

    Again, I pray that the crowns will be assigned to them in this order:

    ·Vickie Rushton – BbP International/Intercontinental
    ·Hanah Arnold – BbP Intercontinental/International
    ·Sam Bernardo – BbP Supranational
    ·Patrizia Garcia – BbP Globe
    ·Honey Cartasano – BbP Grand Int’l

    That’s all.

  6. Last year I was sure that gazini my mup.. leren, Sam lo and resham will be crowned. Yes I noticed resham as a great mgi rep 2019.
    This year Hanna, Sam b and maureen will be in the winning circle,
    gabby and honey in the top 7.. Viki is infamous of not attending sponsor stuff. last year nagulat pa mga amigas ko how she bec ms jag. when she was not attending jag events.. So I’m not expecting viki to bag ms jag this year

  7. Patrizia is on the short side, pala.

    She is this year’s equivalent to that Fil-American (Los Angeles) candidate last year who got Blackwater, too. Short din.

    I am reluctant to send a short rep to Tokyo. Sorry.

    • @flor pansinin mo last year the winner circle came fr candidate 11 to 30 I think madam is also keen sa height requirements puro sila 5’7, 5’8 mga winner sa bbp last yr
      Ok ang 5’6 if ka body proportion ni jehza huelar otherwise

  8. Naalala ko si Charlene Gonzales during 1994 binibini Kay Hana. She is really thin but she looks heavy besides Sam b. Might be the malaki balakang structure

    • For me, 5 ‘5” is fine if she’s pretty in shape articulate and very personable

  9. I would have Hannah win
    But Sam B is fine. . She looks amazing too
    Not a fan of Honey’s do. She looks like a trans
    Patrizia is a cutie . She looks like an overweight barbie

  10. Super fresh ang awra ni Samantha, she’ll be perfect for MGI. Honey for Globe, Vickie for Intercon, Babista for Supra and Hanna for MI.

  11. wow Vickie was shut out of the Ever Bilena awards

    Akala ko yung mga popular ang nanalo sa EB?


  12. Patrizia Garcia and Honey Cartasano – I love these two girls! Hope to see you both among the finalists! Good Luck.

  13. judging from previous editions, thee’s 70%-80% chances that awardees will make it as finalists.

  14. Patricia is indeed a standout here… I just wish she wore longer pants and nude colored shoes pero who cares… I love her ascending trajectory… she’ll definitely be in the Top15 and hopefuly in the circle of winners.

  15. I am super happy for you Patrizia. Kahit yung ilan ay hindi ka bet dahil hindi ganon ka hyped ung name mo. Todo support pa din ako sayo. Surely, sa gabi ng coronation uuwi ka na may korona at sash to represent the Philippines!!! Mabuhay ka Patrizia Garcia!!! Laban lang girl!!!

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