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  1. I hope Zamboanga redeems herself from her #ElNinoLaNina debacle in MEP 2016. She reminds me of Alaiza M in her photo here

  2. Wow, Patrizia is bringing her “A game”… I love her hairstyle here… it made her standout…. I hope she continuosly hones her hosting skills… I hope she lands a crown this year.

  3. Blackwater went to Manila (Patrizia Garcia?). Honey got something…. Hannah got Careline.

    Ever Bilena went to….. Samantha Berrnardo!! Congratulations. 🙂

    This means the Munez family can make a sizable donation to Palawan’s anti-malarial efforts, I reckon.

    But this could also mean Samantha is being given a head-up that she will no longer crown….

    … which means that for Vickie and Maureen, the race is still very much on and alive. GORA!

      • @ Norman Mr. Tinio, all I will say is that ICSM-Infinity Pageants-PGQ could surely use a high-profile KF candidate to more effectively publicize it. It does not look like KS was able to do that…. And I doubt the USA-based franchisors would be impressed with Maureen; they probably get plenty of her already. Vickiie could be good, too. But she is, as you can see, much more in demand here and now than Samantha. The Palawena’s exit from BBP might just “do the trick”, as you yourself said. 🙂

      • @ Norman Do also refer to @ VER’s comment, below, about Maureen.

  4. Ang layo naman! And if ever kamukha nga ni Paolo, eh ano naman? Tigilan na nga ang pagba-bash! I don’t understand why some Filipino members of the LGBT community are still in crab mentality (or is it inggit much?) mode. To be honest, Honey Grace is more photogenic here than Maureen who I’m starting to think is overhyped as far as beauty of face (or the type of beauty that is ordinary lang pala when not totally made up).

    • @jAZZY…..To be honest, Maureen does look very ordinary if she’s not made up. She looks absolutely stunning during her Miss USA 2016 or 2017 (???) stint and she looks great on her glam shots. However, without those make up, she looks just ok (especially on this photo shoot)………….

  5. Kung masusunod ang traditional Filipino taste for “putih”, Carina Carino will get the Ever Bilena endorsement contract. Ngiti pa lang, toothpaste commercial na ang peg. 🙂

    Who was it that was asking for Honey’s introduction video? Sino ka man, here she is and she STILL looks like Paolo Ballesteros. GROAN.

    My vote goes to dusky Pasiguena, Hazel Joy. Like happiness-inducing hazelnut-flavored jam or kopi.

    • yes carina for ever bilena. ang ganda din ni karen and pat babista. Finally i saw tbe right lipstick color for babista. she is growing and glowing. MUP talaga for her in the right time. enough on uber red lipstick on her at wag ng gawing mala gazini ang upper lips nya using lipstick nakaka asar ha. kainis headshot photo nya.

      • @ jed Gusto nina @ Fabian Reyes at @ paul, lahat ng A&Q na hindi palarin sa BBP, mag-crossover agad sa MUP 2021 para mabigyan ng competition si Atty. Patch M. Pat Babista’s DLSU Magna Cum Laude versus Patch’s UPD Cum Laude…. Kaya dapat, manalo’ng BBP-International si Hannah, para exempted na siya. 🙂

        Matutuwa si Mr. Tinio sa sinabi mo’ng finally nakita mo ang correct lipstick color for Pat, kasi matagal na niya’ng minamasdan ‘yang bata’ng ‘yan…. Parang matagal din’g pag-monitor ni @ Closer2Fame kay Atty. Patch M…. Btw, speaking of lipstick, kumusta ‘yung lipstick line ni Jojo Bragais? Bumenta?

        Karen Laurrie, sabi ni @ bonsaihater mukha’ng lollipop — big head, banlag, matangkad pero payatot (on closer look, she appears flat-chested….), skinny arms. Ang concern ko, ‘pag siya ang ipadala sa Tokyo, baka sumablay siya sa Japs kasi alam mo naman ‘yung mga ‘yun, nanunuri for imperfections. Siguro nga, pang-model siya. But Hannah is pear-shaped with weak sloping shoulders, a taller version of Eva Patalinjug. What can you recommend for Hannah and Karen Laurrie?

      • haha ganun? grabe si fabian. if all A&Q failed to clinch even a runner ups position all mup haters will be more assuming na hate na talaga ni sma ang A&Q dahil nga sa pagka alis ng mup sa kanila since alam mo naman jonas was a former A&Q na na akusahan na sya ang umagaw sa mup. Grabe yan pag nagkataon. tsk. @norman if you have a close friends sa aces tell them wag paglaruan ng lipstick lips ni pat lalo na sa coronation kahit pa hilaw pa sya she need to be more beautiful and stunning.
        Karen was captivated me really. but yes theres something off sa kanya that made me place her a runner up this year muna. ayoko sya magka title ng minor lalo na kung wala na syang balak sumali again kase nag ka crown na. But if she have the same spirit of cat and maureen okay give her a minor title this year to gain experience until to realized and notice whats her imperfection in terms of pageantry or as a queen. so in that way she will come back fixed, improved and polished.
        on hannah. i think she has the arms same to cat during bbp2018 and parang ganun din ung body built nya but medyo malaman lang si cat sa kanya. i noticed that when they wore official sando shirt ng bbp. ewan ko lang kung tama ako sa napanasin ko haha. as much as i want hannah. parang hinde ako sure san ko sya ilalagay. im still not sold to vickie for mi pero if wala si vickie and maureen sa batch na to then madali mo ma pa place si hannah. and that is Miss International. pero i have a strong feeling that vickie will finally make it. Pero Flor. palagay ko if ever hinde nabukod sa bbp ang mup. all the frontrunners of mup will surely join bbp and they will become an official candidates except MG if yan ang scenario i think pauline and tracy will easily snatch the MIP crown from her. meron pa forgot the name. so i think kahit papano her fans should be thankful pa din. she is slowly becoming the catriona in this batch who is a top favorite on most of the pageant pages and enthusiast. what do you think flor?

      • @ jed Tracy…. Maureen Perez as option to Hannah for MIP in case the severance did not happen?

        You know who comes to mind when I consider Tracy and Pauline for MI? Jolene. So, pwede. 🙂

        Now that Hannah clinched Careline, I agree with you that (FINALLY) Hannah is SOMEHOW becoming the Catriona/Pia so many envisioned her to be last year. You are unsure where to place her now? I do. I WILL OFFER HER TO MY DEAR SWEET ANGKOL (assuming Australia has imposed no restrictions on its citizens traveling to Venezuela).

        I saw a photo of Andrea Toscano with Acholly Arow on FB today (the latter was South Sudan’s bet to MI last year). TANGKAD! After all, the Sudanese are among the limb-iest people on the planet. And then Harriote Lane came to mind…. Evelyn Namatovu was also tall. HOW I WISH NOW VICKIE WERE TALLER. Atty. Patch matched Bint Sireethorn Leearamwat in height; Jolene was actually shorter than our dear sweet lawyer – jowa to Josh Cordovez. But I think Jolene is even taller than Vickie. My point : I would probably send Gabrielle instead.

        Supranational will also require long legs, if the placements of Katrina Jayne Dimaranan, Anntonia Porsild, and Jehza Huelar are any indication. If you wish to have Karen Laurrie be on the reserve so she can polish and hone, I would send her to Poland eventually because she probably is leggy (and certainly taller than Rabiya Mateo). Her beauty is consistent with Janick Mazeta of Peru. Go figure.

      • @Flor on becoming a catriona in this batch on my mind i am referring to Vickie and not to hannah. i think vickie is more favorable than her. vickies fans should be thankful kahit papano na naalis ang mup sa bbp because kung hinde naalis i am su re lahat ng frontrunners sa mup eh sasali pa din sa bbp except MG if ever andun pa din ang mup. so mahihirapan si vickie to clinch the mip. because i can see another girls who will block her way. its pauline. tracy. and even skelly is a good option for MI her skin color/tone is not an hindrance to be crowned MI. her performance on runway challenge is so Miss International. so if bbp still owned the mup franchise. these are the gurls who can block vickies way on MIP. Okay i will include hannah na. karen.pat pabista. maureen and sam is also good for mi they can slow down naman their strong walk and awra into MI. sila pauline. tracy and skelly yang tatlong yan from mup tamang timpla sa awra and facially for MI especially skelly. But since no mup na sa bbp vickie has a stong chance to clich the top prize makasagot lang sya kahit mala gazini during deliberation sya ang pipiliin ni sma.

      • @ jed The “only two of three” scenario is getting clearer and clearer with the passing days. Again, Mdme. SMA will NOT give in to KF hubris and crown SamMauVick. One will have to play sacrificial lamb. As much as I resent it, it will now probably be Sam.

        With a HEAVY heart, I will revise as such : BBP-International > Vickie, BBP-Supranational > Maureen, BBP-Intercontinental > Carina , BBP-Grand International > Hannah, BBP-(The)Globe > Justine (Felizarta).

        Well, at least it’s a tie for both big camps (2-2), with one title for an independent.

        I normally factor in the Swim (physique) as THE DOMINANT criterion in my Picks. Maureen I am sure will not disappoint. I am certain Vickie and Hannah will. These are the three most popular names….

        Skelly, Tracy, and Pauline, while surely “puwede” for MI, are all short. Select wardrobe carefully to give the illusion of height. Ponsahp Ponyotahp, MI-Laos 2017 who cracked the Top 8 despite awful English during the Speech, can be a useful barometer. 🙂

      • @ jed And for a change, I would like to see Skelly’s tight curls transformed into the silky locks of Alejandra Vengorchea. 🙂

    • I am using a different identity for security reason. Someone used my name to malign FR. And the latter got mad at me. I DID NOT POST that. Also, please stop using my former ____. Thanks Flor.

    • FLOR I’ve experienced a CASE of IDENTITY THEFT yesterday in this blog site. Someone used my name to hit someone. FR got mad at me. I DID NOT POST THAT MESSAGE. I know you are close to Norman, please help me on this matter. Thanks.

      • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados

        Napansin ko ‘yun. I know you would never prevent anybody from expressing their views inasmuch as all of us wish to express our own.

        I really wish people grow up and have the strength to stand by their position and not hide behind a veil of deception. That’s not fair. Nobody is obliged to stay around if they do not like it here.

        I have been blocked here before. Believe me, you don’t want that to happen to you if you lack the patience and determination to find a way back in.

        IF WE FIGHT, WE DO SO AS EQUALS. It’s called “level playing field”. And all players are PROPERLY IDENTIFIED. 🙂

    • I hope Zamboanga redeems herself from her #ElNinoLaNina debacle in MEP 2016. She reminds me of Alaiza M in her photo here

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