10 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2020: Underdogs? (Part 1)

  1. Patrizia won me over in this video. She checks all boxes as a strong Miss Globe Philippines contender.

    Apparently Europeans have this penchant for exotic Filipina features like Ann Colis and Leren Bautista.

    She just needs to master wrapping up her answer with a more burly statement.

    • No bias here but Patrizia got the goods to win… A descendant of the Southern Tagalog Principalia..
      Aces & Queens would have been a better camp for her than KF…. She would’ve been trained better when it comes to styling and hosting skills. I suggest that she prepares well for the final Q&A… use the rule of thirds in speaking… She would do well at Miss Supranational or maybe even as Miss International.

  2. If Montaigne will be the gold standard, then yes these three are underdogs.

    Patrizia — answered the same question thrown at Maureen but buckled her ending. Such wonderful poetry simply to justify how grimy Manila has become…. But I like her voice.

    Cinderella — very girly….. I have been to MisOr/CDO a few times and can vouch for what she said.

    Alexandra — She should be friends with Samantha Bernardo; they share similar values. YES, I TOTALLY agree with her about cats, even though I have none at the moment.

    Of the three, I would recommend the Lagunense simply for her exotic appeal. Go, Meg Perez! 🙂

  3. Tito Norms.. Sorry off topic. hehe is it really confirmed that Pia will be one of the judges sa Puteri 2020? hehe

    • It was already confirmed by the National Director of Puteri, it was in her IG account.

      Also, the two Thai ladies who won Miss International & Miss Supranational will grace the occassion along with Zozibini.

      • Wow level-up ang judges…
        Sana level-up din contestants…. hahaha

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