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  1. Napakayabang ng lecheng acheng na to
    Akala mo sya May-ari ng blog

  2. I won’t be surprised if MSA decides this will be the last BInibining Pilipinas under her wings

    • @ Fabian Reyes Hhhmmmmm…..

      Could you imagine her being absorbedy/taken in by another pageant organization, here or abroad?

      Like Osmel, who has spread his wings beyond Venezuela?

      • Flor, I’m talking about her retiring from pageants for good . Isn’t she 85 alrea dy?

      • But you know Queen Elizabeth would not give up her Crown at way past 90
        Maybe she is heR model

      • @ Fabian Reyes I think the British monarchy, like the Catholic Papacy, is for life.

        Only Benedict, the German pontiff, opted out for health reasons (his statement). Thus opened the door for the Argentine, Francis. I still recall Karol Wojtija (John Paul), who served to his last breath.

        As for Charles, he will need to wait for his mum to pass on before he and (beep!) ascend.

        Canada will not foot the bill for Harry, Megan, and Archie’s security arrangements.

        Baka may kilala ka’ng mga Pinoy diyan na fans ng British Royalty na ex-security, baka makatulong…

    • @ yellowscarf Mr. Tinio is judging at Mutya ti La Union tonight. Let’s give him time, po.

      You can tell Paolo Ballesteros to remind Sir Blogger.


    • Honey is also a favorite but Mr tinio can only accommodate 5 in this article

    • Saw her vid…. I love the wit… She’s confident in speaking without the need nor eagerness to sound neutral w/ her accent… My only problem was that she scratched her neck during the video.

  3. dami nyo kuda kay ate vicky eh
    hindi nga makakasagot yan
    dahil distracted sa audience kulang sa focus


    • @ paul Hirap, Dude. Para sa ‘yo, kakayanin. 🙂

      Happy Women’s Month to the important ones in your life.


      • @ paul Of course not.

        The essence of a woman is loving, sharing, and childbirth. Said Sushmita Sen.


  5. After losing MUP , I really don’t see the point of this pageant . MUP was the heart and soul of this pageant and without it , this pageant is really dead to me .
    What do u gain from winning those crowns ?
    You do not need those crowns to work as a flight attendant … which most of them end up doing

    • @Fabian Reyes Perhaps for you there’s no point, but for them joining beaucon (whether minor or major) is their ultimate passion while still young and eligible. Well, to each his own. Just like in life, different folks with different strokes. Respect is the key because you’ll receive the same when you share it unconditionally.❤️❤️❤️Fish with yah!

      • Exactly and I am just stating an opinion not a self-prescribed law . Chill!!

      • @Fabian Reyes No I’m not telling you what to do. I’d just like to say “Thanks God they didn’t entertain the question of this sort in their mind before application process.”

        Your question: “What do you gain from winning those crown?”

        It they did, for sure no BBP 2020 or in the coming years. Fish be with yah!!! ♥️♥️♥️ Still chill… hihihi!

    • @Fabian Reyes But please don’t say that you don’t need a crown to work as an FA. It’s their choice to join beaucon, and win or lose, they still can pursue some other dreams or goal in life even in the so elite FA of big airlines. Fish be with yah! Still feeling “chill”.❤️❤️❤️

    • @Fabian Reyes No I’m not telling you what to do. I’d just like to say “Thanks God they didn’t entertain the question of this sort in their mind before application process.”

      Your question: “What do you gain from winning those crown?”

      It they did, for sure no BBP 2020 or in the coming years. Fish be with yah!!! ♥️♥️♥️ Still chill… hihihi!

      • Napakayabang ng lecheng acheng na Paul na to … Akala mo sya Lang ang May karapatang magbigay ng opinion

    • So what are you doing in here giving your two cents if there is no point in watching the pageant? Why you even bother looking in here if its dead to you!

  6. you mean “have been” and fresh faces….hihihihi

    But in all seriousness, Samantha deserves Intercon and Vickie Supra or International…

    those two have paid their “dues”.

    • @ 4M I will assume you were referring to me. If not, pardon my intrusion.

      Samantha should be good enough now to finish well WHEREVER she is dispatched. GOW!!! 🙂

      It’s Vickie that is nerve-wracking. All she has in her arsenal is her face, which is not a bad thing considering that at the end of the day this all is STILL a BEAUTY (facial) CONTEST.

      But if that were the case, then it STILL stands that SHE SHOULD HAVE ALREADY GOTTEN A TITLE LAST YEAR. Mas maganda siya kay Gazini. Puro lalaki ang hurado. Artista, pa. She peaked then; she just looks like “yesterday’s news” now.

      THIS, imho, was how it should have happened for 2019. I am sharing my views on this only now. MUP – Resham; BBP-International – Patch, BBP-Supranational – Aya, BBP-Grand International – SamBer, BBP-Intercontinental – Vickie, BBP-(The)Globe – Leren, 1st Runner-up – Emma, 2nd Runner-up – Gazini. HAD GAZINI TAKEN AT LEAST A YEAR OF POLISHING, SHE COULD BECOME A TRULY FORMIDABLE BET FOR MU, especially now that the separation has been effected as a stand-alone Nationals and any one of the four (4) Cebu AP’s would have most willingly taken her in. Emma, in retrospect though undeniably of very high-caliber stood no chance in what is now openly said to be a cooking show-of-sorts. But just take comfort in the fact that 1st Runner-up means YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO SUB FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE in case one “calls in sick”. Sam Lo should have been disqualified from the get-go, on the strength of her passport issue/s.

      • Honestly , I thought Vickie was the prettiest that night
        I just wish they had crowned Vickie last yr instead of Patch and Sam B instead of Sam Lo
        Now we are in dilemma ax to who gets the crown and what title

        Is Sam Lo still qualified for next yr ‘s MUP ? I saw her video on Century Tuna and she looks amazing . If they can teach her some grace And poise , I think she will do well at MU.

      • At this point, it takes great communication skill to crack the top 10 of MU. You cannot just speak but speak convincingly.

        Patch should have been MUP, Vickie- International, Gazini for Grand, Aya- Supra, Emma- Intercon and Leren for Globe

        Resham and Samantha being runners up.

        I wasnt referring to you as have beens hihihih more like Vickie and Samantha….hihihihi

      • 4m, Peru and France Were not that articulate But made top 10Because they were gorgeous And had great personality. Gazini It was Just as gorgeous But she was not likeable.She sounded fake the whole time.

      • @ 4M Resham I did NOT like immediately. She grew on me, especially after she said at a TV interview that she would take her critics with her “to _ell”. THAT kind of candor instantly gained for her the friendship of her “partner-in-crime”, Sam Lo. THAT kind of brutal wit is a HIT at MU! 😉

        Resham is voluptuous, with GORGEOUS skin tone. As an FB fren of mine would say, “‘di bale’ng single, basta yummy”.

        She is halfie, but more importantly she is MIXED RACE, which more and more people are nowadays. In short (not April May), Resham TRULY represents both present and a future that will hopefully enjoy even more tolerance and integration.

        I LOVED her introduction video at Supranational. Because while she is well-aware of her backstory, she also has the capacity to not take herself too seriously.

        Resham Saeed represents BALANCE. And if i might say so, her new hairstyle should give Honey Grace Dongon Cartasano a run for the “short hair” money at BBP.

      • Resham is too strong. I dont remember her smiling during Supra. Sumobra ang tapang ni girl…hihihihih

      • Resham is almost a total package to send in MU. the only problem is she doesnt smile. i still remember what she said that made me disappoint is “ Dont tell a woman what to do” a fan just gave her an advice which is important in a pageant but she wrongly interpreted that guy. pasuplada ang sagot. Pero i find her smile not captivating and medyo matapang talaga dating nya with muk up so had she sent in MU last year i think naka top 10. patch is really my choice but really disappointed when she came out on stage. so i said runner up muna so she can join again and come back strong and more ready. but since bumukod na ang MUP good for her. she should come back after 2 years. hopefully mu ready na sya in over all. i know theres more time for traing after manalo sa mup. but i really want na mag compete na sya sa mup mu ready na. fixed and polished na ang lahat. she need to gain more weight. pasexy and make her body toned and improved the pasarela and queenly moves. Had patch sent to mu last year i think pasok pa din sa top 20 since we won also in voting tru gazini. patch will surely nailed the opening statement and pasok sya sa top 10 and i feel hanggang doon lang sya same if it was resham. so i think leren should have sent in mu last year.

  7. Is “not” placing at all be better for Vicky Rushton and Samantha Bernardo than to be awarded 1st and 2and runners-up yet again?

    Apologies for my pessimism.

    However I believe, barring catastrophic event that takes place, that Vicky and Samantha are almost guaranteed a 2020 BbP title.

    They have been battle-tested to say the least.

    • @ just saying Agree with you TOTALLY. I have said as much before.

      Of the three KF standard bearers, I present them to you in decreasing order of my preference in terms of winning — Samantha, Vickie, and Maureen.

      Maureen, I do not care how qualified she is in all departments she HAS ALREADY COMPETED INTERNATIONALLY and it is time to give that chance to others. Yes, so has Leren (and Gabrielle by extension to the following paragraph), but because she is Fil-Am/halfie I refuse to give her priority simply on that.

      And I believe Mdme. SMA will be WISE by ensuring a more or less even distribution of the titles among the camps in this manner — two (2) for KF, consisting of either Vickie or Samantha and a go-getter noob like Taruc or Rosales, one (1) for A&Q, and two (2) for independents-and-RL Angel’s.

      And between Vickie and Samantha, I will go with Samantha. I will not be naive enough to believe that those Admins at MI STILL want Rushton. Vickie’s best chances were last year; unfortunately, she blew it and she has no one but herself to blame. It is now a new year and there is no reason to believe a fresher beauty will not catch the fancy of those Admins. And yes, better not prolong Vickie’s agony for that matter; BPCI should no longer even advance her to the First Cut. She’s lucky she was even given another chance. As with pompous Mademoiselle Saubier, cut CLEAN & PERMANENTLY.

  8. ok lang kahit sinu sa kanila manalo
    hindi din naman sila mananalo sa international competition

    good luck ladies

  9. I am not really excited about This pAgeant . Without miss universe,This pageant is nothing.They’re giving away Miss international miss grand international and miss super national along with Miss globe But thisee pageants are nothing. So I don’t find it worth watching.

    • Pageants in general are not very interesting.The only reason Filipinos are watching them Is because Our candidates Are doing well.I remember Turning off my television once Gazini Failed to qualify into the top 10.I’m sure I was not the only 1 who did the same.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Hindi ka pala puwede maging boxer.

      I am surprised that a country that likes to brag of its fisticuffs prowess loses gusto so easily.


      • Honey , there’s no more getting back up once u Get eliminated from the competition .

  10. Off topic;
    What an outrage to know that a Filipino national was punched in the face in Italy mistaken as Chinese who he blames for the 400 Italians infected of Coronavirus. How horrible.
    China will not be a wise choice to host Miss World. Attention Julia Morely.

    On topic;
    Samantha Bernardo, Vicky Rushton and Hanah Arnold are my expected BbP beauties to be crowned and in no particular order; International, Supranational and Intercontinental.

      • @ Fabian Reyes Are you kidding? After the botched hosting gig?

        If the Far East, Vietnam is, in my opinion, a better option as they will be more eager to please. Read : less demanding, less picky, willing to be more generous. What more could JM want? 🙂

        I’m sure kahit paano, lumaki na ulo ng mga Thai after victories in Poland and Japan last year. Do you not resent them, as you do Indians? Don’t you always say “crown anybody but India or Thailand”?

      • Yes anyone but India and Thailand … though I hate the latter more . I’d rather have Vietnam or Indonesia win . I just find Thai candidates cocky …
        Re-Thailand hosting MW 2020 , that’s what I heard somewhere

  11. My MI is Hanna
    My Supra is maureen
    Pero pero given 2 taon na di napupunta sa aces ang top crown maaring
    Maureen will be mi
    Hanna will be supra (why not model si Hanna)
    Mgi Sam b
    Intercon- Basiano or carina
    Globe felizarta
    Ru basiano or carina
    2nd Ru honey
    Tama si flor 2 flag bearer NG kf ang Malamang magkaka crown and that’s maureen and Sam b
    Viki w her great beauty last 2018 yun na talaga ang peak nya first ru. Sino man nagbuyo sa kanya na sumali 2020 kabagin sana kayo. Sana happy ever after married life na sya w Jason kalerks

    • I hope they give the crowns to those who are really facially beautiful.

      • @ Fabian Reyes I NOW find Karen Laurrie superior to Vickie, facially.

      • @fabian beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Ex the vene queen who won over ahtisa is not facially beautiful.. So does the Thailand MI winner.
        I remember my friend fr India saying Marian is much beautiful than ahtisa I was shocked and I realized ahtisa beauty is quite common in India but to us asians she is a living doll
        The Filipinos find Vickie beautiful but w her aging looks, heavy front and slouching body not to mention her 5’5 to 5’6 height. Can she hold a candle over the Asian beauties
        Gabby and Karen Laurie are beautiful but both banlag and I saw Karen in person when I rode cebu pac last yr. She looks like a lollipop. Huge head and thin body

      • At Flor and Bonsai , I didn’t know Karen Laurie Mendoza until I looked her up . I agree she’s gorgeous . I hope pretty faces win . Enough of fierce ( Resham Etc )

  12. I really want Vicki to get a crown na, but can she really pull it off sa Q&A sa harap ng maraming tao this time, e watching this video ambilis marattle/madistract. Hay Vickie, please do good, a decent Q&A performance will do.

  13. FLOR after watching the five videos, here are my THOUGHTS and STILL UNCHANGED:

    Bb. Pilipinas-International: Hannah Arnold (A&Q) – Calm, Sweet, Serene, Barbie Doll Like;
    Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational: Maureen Montagne (KF) – Fierce, Dramatic, Passable Comm Skills;
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International: Samantha Bernardo (KF) – Sexy, Alluring, Bagay sila ni Angkol;
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe: Justine Felizarta (Ind) – Beautiful Morena, Good Communication Skills; and
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental: Vickie Rushton (KF): Pretty, Cute and Lovable Personality

    EXCELLENT ALTERNATES (IF THEY CAN ACE the Q&A): Carina Carino, Karen Laurie Mendoza,
    Patricia Babista, Gabrielle Basiano, Samantha Panlilio, Graciella Lehman, & Sharon Tampon (the 2 others are for runners up)

    • We almost have the same list but I want felizarta for mgi
      Sam b for intercon
      Globe honey
      Ru gabby
      2nd Ru any of 21 or 22
      Viki passed her peak. Her body needs major overhaul

    • @ paul Fair enough.

      Hannah will, in my view, be better for us now at Tokyo Dome than Vickie. On height alone, Japs will.
      Maureen will be good follow-up to another Fil-Am, Katrina Jayne Dimaranan. But she’s rather on the short side, like Jessica Fitiriana. But yes, the Puteri finished surprisingly well, displacing highly-favored Peruviana Janick Mazeta (whom I fervently hope will crossover this year to wherever!).
      Samantha, GO!!! Caracas will not refuse the Filipinas passport. 🙂
      Justine, GOW!!! Hindi tayo mapapahiya sa kanya, I am certain, as you are.
      Vickie, may as well. At least her fans can no longer say anything…..

      For me, Basiano and Tampon for Runner-up, 1st and 2nd, respectively. Those three A&Q bets, CROSSOVER TO MUP 2021 AND GIVE ATTY. MAGTANONG THE FIGHT OF HER LIFE!!!!

  14. 1993 pa yata ang mga suot nila. 2020 na ganun pa rin chareng. Pinaglumaan na ng panahon itong pgeant nato

  15. Pasensiya na po pero para sa akin pipili ang BPCI ng mga kandidatang hindi over-hyped yung pwede pang itransform para hindi agad pagsawaan.

  16. wala na naman mananalo ng international crown

    sabagay pede naman lutuin ulit ang Miss Earth

    • @ kembular2020 Huwag mo na please kulitin ang Earth. Paayos na sila. Never mind that Nellys was KF. SEKSI naman! 🙂

      It will potentially be a good Nationals this time, with the likes of Shane Tormes and Roxie Baeyens leading a cast of pageant veterans.

      Paging Carousel, could you consider bringing this year’s edition to…. Greece? Basta. 🙂

      • Greece? Asa ka pa. Yung welcome dinner nga nila laging dun lang sa Carousel Mansion na malamok at madilim na may mga kasamang DOM na barkada ni Lorraine Schuckt.

      • @ VINA YU Precisely. A change of scenery would be nice, would it not be? 🙂

  17. sinama talaga BLOOPERS?

    I guess that makes them more real

    Less substance more Joke time

    Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Web Interviews is still are my favorite, kasi we got to Know each candidate, ala Miss Universe.


  18. HANNAH – Walang kabuhay buhay magdeliver ng lines and answers. Kahit pa concise thoughts mo kung lalatoy-latoy naman delivery, wala din. Di na nga lang maganda organization ng thoughts, nakakaantok pa. Best placement for her is BBP GLOBE tutal nakakaantok din naman yung pageant na yun.

    VICKIE – Laging maiksi sumagot. Paplay safe. Alam mong walang masyadong alam. Pero mas engaging naman siya pakinggan kay Hannah at mas maganda mukha niya sa merlat na yun. She still doesnt sound confident when speaking. Gustuhin ko mang ibigay sa kanya ang BBP INTERNATIONAL title dahil sa feslak niyang kahuhumalingan ng mga sakang, Q and A delivery pa din niya ang magiging deciding factor. So, goodluck sa kanya. And may I add: Wag na siyang naninisi ng iba kapag pumalpak siya. Possible placement again is Best in 1st Runner Up.

    MAUREEN – I dont get the hype sa babaitang ito. Aside sa fluent lang siya sa wikang Ingles, wala naman akong nakikitang espesyal sa kanya to win the top crown. Inayawan nga ng MUSA at MW America. Nandun yung fluidity sa English language, pero laging weak ang content ng sagutan niya.I remember her during the MISTER WORLD 2019 PRESSCON na may biglaang pa-Q and A. Jusko, kamote sumagot samantalang casual lang naman yun. Ang layo ng sagutan niya kumpara kay Vanessa POnce and Stephanie Del Valle. Best placement: BBP SUPRANATIONAL. Sa personality na lang babawi.

    SAMANTHA – Prepared si girl. Rehearsed na rehearsed sagutan eh. Sabagay 3rd time na din naman niya like Vickie so alam na nila kalakaran sa BBP. But I like this girl kumpara dun sa tatlong nauna. BBP International man pinakamataas na title ngayon, di siya babagay dun. Mas bagay ang ganda at rampahannito sa SUPRA AT GRAND. Kahit saan siya dun, alam ko lalaban si girl.

    GABRIELLE – Overhyped din si girl. Tapang ng mukha. Pangit pa ng chin part. Di ko betsina structure ng feslak. Parang pinatapang na Bianca Umali. Sa sagutan naman, jusko, pagaralan naman niyang sumagot na parang natural lang. Yung delivery niya parang High Schooler na tumutula. Pati content, alam mong wala talagang masabi.

  19. I think Gab Basiano is my favorite here..
    For a local provinciana she actually speaks quite well w/ organized thoughts and a very neutral accent..
    Medyo dumodouble chin lang from time to time… I suggest ipa lusaw yung taba under the chin using RF or whatever med procedure….

    Why does Hannah talk like she’s mentaly retarded or somethin?!She sound like an imbecile… I guess someone instructed her to talk slowly…. Actually, its not how fast she talk why people cant understand her before… its actually her accent… she needs to gain a more neutral accent so that people would understand the words she’s saying…

    I love that Samantha is now more confident in speaking… she might have dropped a couple of prepositions here in there but I’m happy that she’s now more focus on the meaning of her words than being gramatically correct or having a neutral accent… I could actually understand her more now than when she was trying hard before to sound fluent in English.
    I live the message.. and she’s actually more witty when she worries less of sounding barok.

    • Your description of Hanna’s way of talking is vicious to say the least . What has she done to you so bad you have to talk that way abt her ?
      I don’t see anything wrong with the way she talks and every world is clearly understandable

      • Yeah, of course you understand her…
        She’s like a white person who assumes that talking slowly would help someone who doesnt speak English understand the meaning of the words coming out of her mouth.

      • C2F

        I see your point. She does come “across” as condescending. I honestly do not think it was intentional. Remember, though, her father “is” white.

  20. Completo na rin ang mga candidates for Miss Venezuela and may annointed one na rin daw, chica sa municipio!

    Isa sa mga candidate is yung 2014 Miss Teen New Jersey na si Valentina Sanchez, eto daw ang bet ni Molly na manalo!

    Chica naman sa kabilang spa, eh si Jeremy Jauncey na ang bagong jowa ni Pia na naging ka date sa NY. Una ko tong nakita as model sa Bench underwear pero di ako masiado na-attract sa gorgeous body niya! Parang may something na kulang! At si Marlon Stockinger naman eh nali-link na former PBB housemate na si Franki Russell!

    Curse talaga sa magaganda na walang forever! Charot!

  21. The reason Gabrielle basiano posed that those were her best angles bec she is banlag.she is beautiful, tall and fresh, I do hope she will be in the winning circle. A runner up

    Vicki.. I don’t get the hype. She is slouching. Her heavy part needs a better support and she gained weight. I’m not expecting she can ace q and a given she was raised here but this is her 3rd try. At least be in the top 20 best in q and a ngunit wala PA din

    Joana eden was asked almost the same question and I believe Joana gave a better answer Than my favorite Hanna Arnold. I’m sure she will be crowned but the top crown is still far fr her grasp

    Sam b and mau will surely be crowned. Hindi nga pinaka maganda ang palaging nanalo but itong 2 halatang naghanda nagsanay plus factor na maganda din sila

  22. Hannah – Bumungad ang MALAPAD na balakang…. Silly! You probably will NOT even get 500k on the standard BBP contract…. BBP-Grand International.

    Samantha – Gurl, you sound ready for marriage. Your jowa is “putih”, no? Gora! Basta, mala-Tim Tebow, hindi ka ilalagay sa alanganin at hindi mo ikahihiya kalaunan…. BBP-Supranational.

    Vickie – THAT was GOOD, your concise A to the Q! If only you can reign those nerves in, the same ones that shot you down last year in the “importance of mental health in over-all physical health” and which you now betray at the beginning of your introduction video…. BBP-(The)Globe.

    Maureen – NO, I do NOT want people to “read my thoughts,… every one from A to Z” (taken from the Chaka Khan hit, “I’m Every Woman”)…. Blogger Man, she should be introduced to Koya Dee; it seems they will make good friends of each other, romantic or otherwise…. BBP-Intercontinental, para balik-Egypt siya. 🙂

    Gabrielle – Do not say, “If I could be an animal, I would be a dog, (actually)”… SIMPLY GO STRAIGHT ON, as “I would be a dog because”…. Btw, why weren’t you accepted by A&Q before?…. BBP-International.

      • Seriously, what happened to Vickie Rushton? Look at those cheeks, ang lusog lusog at bumibilog sya. Pra syang bangong panganak na ngpapa breastfeed.

    • @flor Hanna is 5’10 and thin naman. She can get away fr being pear shaped

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