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  1. They should focus on this. Dapat yung focus nila eh yung communication skills ng mga gurhls. Magaling sa pag lakad pero yung brain eh walang laman. Yung tipong a e i o u lang yung masasagot. Yung tipong sasagot ng questions na wala sa template para sa q and a. Admit it yung mga sumasali eh gumagawa ng generic na answer. Kunh ako may hawak ng pageant na ito yun ang tututukan ko. Kung hindi maka formulate ng answer within five seconds eh wag nang sumali😂

  2. To some, the concept (venue et al.) of this Runway Challenge may not be their cup of tea. That’s a given. We can agree to disagree. In spite those vilification, MUP deserves credit for thinking outside the box.

    This MUP Runway Challenge is no different from a big outdoor casting call in Bryant Park few days before NYFW. Regardless of the outside temp, every serious aspirant knows the drill: strut as if its your last, not giving a damn to those gawkers and pesky windchill, while wearing the skimpiest clothing as possible. In this era of inclusivity and body positivity gearing for a wider consumer market, being a size 8 or 16 while wearing Gumabao’s dress should never be an issue. It’s the presentation and confidence that matter the most.

    • @ xyz …. Just tell their designers to do away with embellishments and settle with BASIC looks.

      Once that is done, MG can wear as short as she pleases. 🙂

      If embellishment, then Andrada MUST ask funding from MUP organization for a full-on haute couture desfile.

    • @xyz: As if we don’t know Filipino fans– it’s damn if you do damn if you don’t game! So, why be intimidated by naysayers? Do what you think is right. Think out of the box. Innovate. Trailblaze. Shift the paradigm. Set the pace. This is how businesses now survive. I see MUP showing the way in the pageantry industry. I foresee competition trying to play soon MUP’s game.

  3. FLOR narito na ang aking mga kaisipan tungkol sa RUNWAY POST na ito:

    Anne Torres (Look of the Year ’90), Lorena Pangan (Supermodel __), JOAN DE MESA (Supermodel
    2000) were among THEM. However, MARILEN ESPINO & ABBYGALE ARENAS were among FEW
    who were BOTH SUCCESSFUL as SUPERMODEL & BINIBINI WINNERS. Sad to say wala ng
    Supermodel (Ford) and Look the Year (Elite) modelling competitions ngayon, SO GO NA TO CORY

    year because because the TITLES Miss Miss Eco International, Miss Multinational and Reina
    Hispano-Americana are awaiting for YOU, respectively.

    3. YSABELLA YSMAEL also better to go to MWP national pageant if you cannot win the MUP crown
    because you are also FIT for the Miss WORLD Philippines title. I’m sure Julia Morley will love your
    ballet performances.


    FINALS on May 3. She has ANOTHER 6 MONTHS TO LOSE SOME MORE for the Miss Universe
    competition either on November or December this year.

    6. SANDRA LEMONON to join BINIBINI NEXT YEAR and subsequently to show business. BAGAY

    PHILIPPINES EARTH next year. Or mag-practice sa iba pang national, regional or provincial
    pageants. GOOD LUCK GIRLS!

    • @ paul Cool, Dude.

      Basta, my Riana Pangindian will be sent to Century Tuna Superbods 2021.

      And at the other side of the backyard, I want Ticaro of Tagum City and Cenarosa of Pototan, Iloilo to be sent to Miss Friendship International and Supermodel International, respectively. Anyway, you already consigned Alaiza to Mdme. CQ. By next year, the nCOV surely would have fizzled off.

      A note of caution on MWP.2020…

      What do you want to do about Ahtisa? Will YSY (Ysabella Roxas-Ysmael) be able to topple her? And what of Aberasturri? The latter seems to be ALV’s anointed, to be launched as an “artista”.

      • Yes Flor, Riana Pangindian will go to CTS 2021. Ticaro & Cenarosa to MFI & SI, again no probs. Ahtisa, Ysabella & Aberasturri will fight for the Miss WORLD PHILIPPINES title. Matira ang pinakamatibay at may pinakamalakas ang kapit. Anyway, the 3 of them can still compete in the coming years. Sige lang, JOIN LANG NANG JOIN BASTA KAYA PA. He, he, he…

      • paul that is crazy! Ahtisa. bella and steff payag ka pagsabayin? oh no! all of them are fit for mwp. all of them should be send in mw. but if ever magsabay sila the result would be. Steff will win MWP. While ahtisa will be send in RH and ysabella will send either multi or eco. if that happens chances of winning internationally is possible especially RHA. advantage na din kay ahtisa win or lose she can join mup because if asking me i would rather send her to MU. i want a Filipina barbie doll in mu stage. catriona is also a barbie pero idk pero mas mukhang barbie si ahtisa kesa sa kanya. haysss. how i wish hinde sya nag back out. wala sana mga crabs against mup and i believed sya ang maipangtatapat natin if ever ung artista ang manalo sa puteri. i want ahtisa to be the miss universe but i think they will not crown a Filipina this time so i think good advantage talaga sa kanya not to join this year. But mup should still be carefull for choosing the right representative maka top 3 lang sa mu this year ok na ok na or kahit top 5 pa. and i think d naman sa pag de degrade ha. the frontrunners of mup this year is parang pang maintain level material sila sa top 5 placement sa mu which is still good.
        and paul. i agree about those gurls you mentioned na pang modeling sila. bat keep in mind that the owner of muo is IMG part of modeling industry and zozi is a model material too but she won. i still want someone who will walk polished even ala model peg as long as the awra is there. may mga frontrunners ako nakikita minsan kapag nag turn parang matutumba. its okay basta during competition na ipolished nila dapat. so to this runway challenge. give it to apriel. seryoso si gurl. madam lu will love her. i understand most of them why waving to their fans while performing. pero girls may time para dyan lalakad pa din naman kayo ng mga nakapila after the show so doon kayo mag wave. maiintindihan naman ng mga fans why hinde kayo mag wave during the performance. cause you have a job to do kaya nga runway challenge eh. so people. pag red carpet event doon mag wave.

      • @ jed I do not think Jihane will be given the Universe portfolio. Jolene was also an “artista”, but was dispatched to Tokyo. Maaari’ng Supra, pa. Si Octaviana (Sulawesi Terenggana)) na hawig ni Basiano or si DKI Djakarta 1 ang naiisip ko’ng mag-u-Universe.

  4. ang daming pakalat ng kampo ni ano dito. comment ka lang ng nega or kahit di sang ayon sa MUP thumbs down na. whahah

    anyway. Watched the videos.. Sorsogon and Davao stood out. ang weird lang kasi ng venue. IDK the purpose of this challenge.. While others say na very MU ito… let me just ask.. may runway challenge din ba si MU? hehe

    Isa pang medyo naiirita ako.. JG is all around tapos Mercator/empire pa ang mga talents. sorry that all access host guy is.. meh.

    And hindi rin lahat ng candidates dito nabigyan ng enough support (?) tama ba? while the others wore a very gorgeous dresses.. yung iba simple lang or hindi designer. bakit di na lang nila ginawa na sponsored by designers para lahat naman pantay pantay na maganda ang suot. 🙂

    • and let’s be honest.. they focused on quantity >>>>>> quality. 🙂

    • @ MrManila Napansin mo rin pala. The seeming “diversity” of dress designs…. Parang naglabas lang ng Memo,…. “Attire : ALL BLACK”. 🙂

      That being said, even if Albert Andrada did ALL the dresses, it is true that in any collection, only a few pieces will be memorable though in general it may feel over-all “good enough”.

      Dapat CONSISTENT, parang uniform as in BBP, so that when we asses it will purely be the runway skill and not the dress design. THE CLASSIC LBD – “little black dress” – with black stockings and black stilletos, hemline just above the knee, with tulle if they want drama…. CHANEL. You can’t go wrong with that.


      Or, kung gusto nila, why did not Andrada make black replicas of his iconic blue number for Pia? EVERYBODY WEARS THAT. Then let’s see who pulls it off best, smize or otherwise.

      • di ba? halatang may favoritism kasi or may ibang mas nabiyayaan magkaroon ng mas magandang damit. I bet they just sent out the memo and asked the ladies to bring / wear a black dress.

        unlike BBP or ME.. same look. sa pasarela magkakatalo. that’s what i think shouldve happened. give them a sherri hill almost identical dresses or kahit iba ibang kulay. same cut and all. like BBP. let them wear a BBP top and a maong.. see kung kaninong pasarela talaga ang aangat.

      • @MrManila and @Flor as far as I know, wala silang nilabas na announcement that all candidates will wear Andrada creations. Di ba kaya nga may Accredited Partners yung MUP, kasi yung AP ang mag aalaga dun sa mga pambato nila, meaning sila ang magpprovide ng wardrobes and everything else na need ni candidate. si understandable na underwhelming yung ibang dresses especially coming from candidates whose APs are not very well connected with fashion designers and/or have insufficient budget to afford designer clothing.

        Also, as i understood it, MUP is a private institution, im not sure lang if Jonas is also a shareholder apart from being the creative director. But if he is really a part-owner, the use of his talents/moidelling agency is a good cost-cutting mechanism for MUP and further publicity for Mercator/Empire so win-win si baccla in that scenario

    • MM, dear, when I said very MU, it doesn’t mean it exactly the same as MU does on their own. I was referring to an outdoor event on a busy hight street. I remember during MU 2015, the candidates had an activity (selling juices) on the street in front of the casino hotel, where people passing by would stop and interact with the candidates.

      That’s all.

  5. Im super duper disappointed with this new franchise. Walang high caliber sa kadami daming candidates wala man lang talagang miss u caliber. Gosh ito na yung aftermath ng golden era ng Pilipinas. Karma

    • @ Ivan Huwag ka mag-alala, Dude.

      Eventually, people will forget about Catriona. She herself will be smart and enter politics, as @ Fabian Reyes recommends. I AGREE. At the rate LGU’s are welcoming her, it will not take long before a political party woos her.

      MUP will emerge from all this wiser and stronger, because it will not kill them.

  6. As much I like “A&Q” MUP appears to be eerie-ly cookie cutter. Parang naging factory na ng generic beauty queens.

    • @ Renato You are wise.

      Let’s see if any of the handlers can match your wisdom and instruct their wards to do something to STAND OUT and go against that biscuit mold.


      Btw, if you can bake, am hankering for some REALLY GOOD BAGUETTE right now.

      Samahan mo na rin ng matino’ng wine at exquisite cheese. Share ko with @ paul at @ Cool Brew.

      • THANKS a LOT for SHARING FLOR. Wala sa bukid namin ang BAGUETTE, MATINONG WINE & EXQUISITE CHEESE. Once in while it’s also nice to eat GOURMET FOOD. He, he, he… Isang magandang tanghali mula sa Lalawigan ng Davao de Oro (formerly Compostela Valley Province).

  7. I don’t know why some of you give negative feedback on this challenge, while I find this one refreshing and a very Miss U event. I like the idea that they walk on the street in one of the busiest establishments in BGC, to the amazement of the crowd. This is a good platform to let people aware about MUP. It looks a lot classy and posh that this event is held in BGC.

    ‘Yun nga lang, sana hindi black ang motif nila during the challenge. Nagmukha kase silang promo girls. Sana they gave each girl freedom to choose her color. Iilan lang talaga ang nag-stand out sa kanila, such as Alaiza, Pauline, Isabela, Apriel, Bella, Miss Iloilo Province (most neat styling), Sandra, and Michelle. While Michelle did not wow us in her walk, I know that that was part of her strategy. It is too early to peak at that stage. But, hey, her styling fits the posh upbringing of a city girl. She looked sassy, vibrant, delicate, and sensitive. Did you notice her strut? Bravissima!

    Caveat: Michelle, please work doubly hard on your diet. I am afraid that you will suffer a Catriona Gray 2.0 bashing after coronation.

    That’s all!

    • @ Ana Winter Kailan simula ng Spring? 🙂

      You apparently missed those PAINFUL minute details on Michelle’s SHORT dress. The whole ensemble made her look cheap; at best, she looked like an eager-to-please social-climbing junior at the Senior’s Promenade. She did NOT look posh.

      Black slims. But not when it’s THAT short. Same problem with Apriel, but at least she is lean to begin with. Apriel, for me, is the one who deliberately did not WOW; she basically just walked. But again, she is the vertical to Michelle’s horizontal. Another horizontal is Paola Ortega, but prettier than either.

      The ladies were already given the option of color in their Glam Shot. ‘Di ba nga, katakot-takot na paglatigo ang nakamit ni FK? Bakit daw gold ang background, gayo’ng napaka-kulay na ng gowns.

      Black is sophistication. The reason Promo Girls are made to wear it is because they have to look as to be taken seriously. Bear in mind, they are selling their boss’s product, not themselves. They are agents, neither servants nor widows-in-mourning. Black connotes DEPTH. Like the Pacific Trench.

      • I am so boggled by your question about the Spring season, hunnie, and how it relates to my comment above. Hihi! But to educate you, Spring starts in March but not necessarily March 1. It varies per country depending on the positioning of the Earth (referred to as the Astronomical spring) or climatic conditions (referred to as the meteorological spring) of a place. When I was in Ohio in 2012, I vividly recall that the March equinox happened on a Tuesday. That was the day my Danish boyfriend surprised me when he travelled 4,600 miles long from Copenhagen to Ohio. And then we went to Albany in New York and we made sure that we would visit Montana before Summer solstice had arrived.

        Unfortunately, Philippines doesn’t have Spring. Hence, we bother less on the dresses we wear if it fits a certain season or not, but most of us don summer dresses even if it is heavily raining in August. One freezing Morning in Kiltepan, Sagada, I spotted a girl wearing a black dress in micro mini when all of us tourists were wrapped in thick jackets and jeans. She looked awkward and funny, although you’d see her as if she was a proud kitten not feeling chills; but I felt that she was too conscious when people would stare at her.

        On Michelle’s black outfit… We are on opposing taste. Aside from the fact that she wore that on purpose, the dress looked good on her and that she was comfortable wearing it. Her hair and make up best complemented the dress. I salute Michelle’s glam team for always bringing out the best in her. And I would say Michelle is still the lady to beat.

        That’s all.

  8. I’d like to believe this Runway Challenge is to dramatise the raw catwalk skills of most aspirants now versus what they would have acquired after two months of training. I’m sure there would be a lot of opportunities in the future where comparative much improved skills will be showcased.

  9. I’d like to believe this Runway Challenge is to dramatise the raw catwalk skills of most aspirants now versus what they would have acquired after two months of training. I’m sure there would be a lot of opportunities in the future where much improved pasarela skills will be showcased.

    Taglined “beautiful transformation”, I see MUP’s brand positioning as the pageant whose differential competitive advantage is the business model that further develops aspirants into holistic beauties. MUP’s army of in-house trainors, mentors, advisers and staff, all with solid track record in their respective fields, make for the organization’s distinctive core competence to develop “phenomenal women” that the Philippines can be proud of. That it has some elements of a reality show make the pageant more interesting, and to the contenders more rewarding, because it comes off less of a contest but more of an educational journey.

  10. Yon na pala yong RUNWAY Challenge nila???? Parade of beauties lang na pinarampa LOL

    • at least hindi naka skimpy swimsuits habang ibinabalandra na parang inilalako sa paligid ng Cubao.

      • @ unorthodox OMG….

        You don’t like the annual Desfile de las Bellezas (Parade of Beauties) around the Dome?


      • @unorthodox: While the Parade of Beauties bring pageantry to the masses, it’s concept seems supportive of the archaic concept of beauty that commodifies women. Why do they have to parade around in skimpy swimsuits? I bet any woman who goes around strutting Cubao streets in skimpy swimsuits would immediately be charged by the police for “indecent exposure”.

      • bat sa colombia, skimpy na, me kasama pang yugyugan moves, wala naman ako narinig na offensive..dahil ba kesyo parte ng kultura nila.un..may be, dun din ang inspiration ni madam on having the annual.parade

      • @ scorg The Cubao desfile is the last major BBP event before the Lent/Holy Week break. As such, it emulates the Carnival of the Latinos at around the same time….

        Refer to @ Marvin1978’s comment.

        Besides, it’s literally hot at that time in Manila. They could all jump into the Novotel pool afterwards. 🙂

      • @Flor, but we are not Latinos who celebrate hedonistic carnivals that explode in expressions of dance and debauchery. We Asians have feasts of color, music and dance but no sexuality.

      • @Flor I go and watch it live annually, just so I can personally see the Binibinis. But they don’t have to be in skimpy swimsuits. Apart from sobrang daming manyak around Cubao, it would also expose a lot of their skins to Cubao’s pollution. It’s simply an unsanitary and unnecessary tradition of BBP. If they must insist on keeping the parade, at least let the girls wear nice pairs of jeans and their (color-tacky) uniform tshirts, or provide them with age-old Cumbia cocktail dresses. Heck, if the rising temperature is a concern, how about consider not parading the ladies under direct sunlight and city heat altogether anymore?

        @scorg exactly! To me it feels more like they are trying to display and sell the girls rather than to bring the pageant itself closer to the public. Funny how they disqualified a candidate over an “erotic” photograph while she’s fully clothed in it, and many others who posed for men’s mags, yet they still insist on parading the candidates in two piece for the Cubao crowd to oggle at.

        @Marvin1978 but we are not in Colombia. Their perspective about being comfortable in showing a lot of skin has long been embedded within their social structure. Sa kanila pag nagshow ka ng maraming skin normal lang yun at hindi ka pagppyestahan ng mga manyak. They actually view it as celebration of being comfortable with your own skin. But we aren’t them. We aren’t Colombians. Mabuti sana kung tayong lahat din na mga Pinoy ay ganoon ang pananaw at kalawak ang perspektiba patungkol sa bagay na ito. But as it is, embedded din talaga sa kultura nating mga Pilipino to view showing skin as something erotic. Imbis na “being confident in their own skin” concept, mamanyakin lang ang mga Binibini ng mga tigang na mga kalalakihan around Cubao

  11. Bakit may mga ganitong ganap?

    Mataas ba ang bearing ng Catwalk skills ng candidate pag dating sa Miss Universe contest? Remember, during the preliminary last year, France slipped on stage and still managed to be on the Top 10 while Gazini who sail on the runway settled for a Top 20 finish!

    I hope this doesn’t have any bearing on the overall scoring of the candidates because if it does, then we will be sending a candidate that MU is not looking for!

    Mga ganitong activities dapat ina-advise nila sa MWP dahil doon by Top Model Challenge!

    • the way I understood it, this is a non-bearing event considering that MUP will have a Preliminary Competition to determine the semifinalists.

    • Claire, that goes to show why Gaz had to thank the wild card eklavu for her placement.

    • Claire, that goes to show why Gaz had to thank the wild card eklavu for her placement.

  12. Watch Patraporn Wang’s finale evening dress pasarela at MUT 2019 and Jihane’s recent (stage) runway turn at a Puteri Indonesia 2020 event.

    The Thai reminded me of Galeria, here.

    The Indonesian’s “bali-bali” poses are almost there-still somewhat awkward. Can surely be improved!

  13. Of course, the pageant veterans and the fashion models will stand out. I can see a lot who are still fidgety and awkward in their pasarela. Well, what can we expect from newbies straight from the academe, corporate world, or entrepreneural pursuits, and straight from their uncomplicated provincial and/or island lifestyle. But I’m positive the much-hyped up training, which includes pasarela among others, will soon level the playing field. In two months, I look forward to seeing most of them giving today’s runway professionals a run for their money.

  14. sorry
    walang MU caliber sa kanila

    prepare to clap sa MU2020
    this December in Las Vegas
    1 week event only

  15. My prediction is: MUP = Michelle Gumabao; 1ST RU = Apriel Smith! Like 2019 MU Thailand Fasai Drouin, Michelle does not have the perfect body, but her communication skills and overall bearing will propel her to the Top 5 at the 2020 Miss Universe Finals! Come to think of it, Catriona did not have the perfect body either, but she graced her way to the very top at both BBP 2018 and MU 2018! It’s Michelle. Catriona, Fasai and Michelle are cut from the same cloth. All Top 5’ers. Just my thoughts.

    • @ MamSir Quite appropriate, your analogy of Apriel Smith as Miriam Somnpromas. 🙂

  16. My inkling is that Apriel Smith will be crowned Miss Universe PHL 2020 come May 3rd.

    • Apriel has proven herself that she is someone to be reckoned with. She won the uber-competitive local pageant in the PHL and that is Binibining Cebu 2017-2018 from a field of . She is quite tall at 5’9″ and articulate. She won from a field of 53 other equally gorgeous and intelligent women from the Cebu Island.

  17. Apriel Smith was in the model mode and appears subdued. Honestly, she needs to dial-in the personality and eye smize of Tyra and be inspired by the powerful cross strides and hip sway movements of Naomi as it also helps in creating an hourglass figure which she lacks for now. She has this greatest potential among all candidates for that ‘wow’ factor, she only needs to lump together the most appropriate presentation elements that will put her at that level.

    Alaiza Malinao was a real vision of perfection with the cohesion of all the elements she’s wearing: hair, makeup, and dress. BUT was I impressed by her walk? No. It was just an ok performance which is far from exceptional. Maybe because I felt awkward seeing her holding the train of her dress throughout the 200-meter distance. She saved the release of her train for her final pose, however, had she released it in the midway pose and strutted in full train flowing like a mermaids tail, that performance could have been more dramatic, memorable and iconic.

    Michelle Gumabao- She’s strikingly beautiful, voluptuous and sensual but her dress gave away an unflattering belly bump. The length (or the lack of it) is very distracting but I understand how her stylist made the attempt to balance the height and her current girth. Her walk needs a lot of practice to achieve smooth transitions with stability, power, and impact. The balance of all elements should be her goal. Toning her body at the right place while mastering the strongest presentation techniques tailored fit to her body type. She could be our voluptuous-figured rep to Miss Universe and I love that possibility!

    Bella Ysmael- Well, what can I say? She performed consistently from point A to point B. She held her chin up for an added height and was gliding in her transitions. She skillfully managed a potential wardrobe disaster by kicking off the hem of her dress as she commenced her strut after a turn. What a pro! She’s at the forefront among all front runners right now.

    Sandra Lemonon- She was burning the runway. The atmosphere in BGC definitely turned a few degrees hotter when she came out. The one-sided slit added a lot of sexiness and oomph in her performance. However, she looked like she walked the runway twice when the lady from Zamboanga came out sporting a similar look, styling and runway personality albeit a bit less polished. Ms Zamboanga del Sur brought me back to my memory of Miss Mongolia 2018 and her lip pouts of oohs and aahs. LOL

    Isabella Galleria- She was in her element. We saw how the ladies behind her cheered and supported her as she commenced her walk on the runway. I had very high expectations and she did not disappoint me. Her presentation skill yesterday was strong and flawless if not the best. She owned this challenge.

    Lou Dominique Piczon- She deserves an avant-garde style element to stand out. Her stylists need to be inspired by the looks from Alexander McQueen. Yeah, I think Piczon needs to reinvent herself for an edgy look. Imagine her in short mane with bangs, painted smoky eye makeup, red lipstick, McQueen inspired couture short mini dress and colorless heel straps. Yes, THAT look. So stylists/Mandaue AP partners, do something to elevate her default. Her potential could be wasted by wearing unappealing generic sweetheart necklines and flouncy skirts. You may want to collab with Rocky Gathercole or Furne One who is also a Cebuano.

    Btw, I love that MUPH added this challenge since MU does a lot of walking with a longer stage the past couple of years.

    • Isabela G won this round . She really belongs on the international runways ! Girl just have Heart take you to Paris and get signed by an agency there . I feel that’s her calling and not beauty pageants .
      Alaiza is still the most likely winner . Michele G if we want to make a statement that Pinay plus size is also beautiful . Bela Ysmael looks like a bird. What happened to her teeth ? Looks so distracting , huge overbite . Another example of being considered pretty just cause she’s light skinned and from a rich family. Not marketable internationally . I think Apriel and Skelly over this mestizia

  18. Romblon is starting to grow on me. Ako lang ba nakakapansin na she looks like a taller but chunkier Maria Gigante???

  19. Nag-tarayan Kung Sino Ang runway queen between Alaiza and apriel.
    Alaiza pa rin ako basta ayusin nya lang Ang sagot sa Q&A.
    Pangatlo c Michelle dahil lamang sa communication skill in English but it’s still the big heart and willingness to serve/help is more important according to Janine and English can be learned accdg to Win2😊

  20. My Top 5 for this challenge:

    Alaiza Malinao of course nailed this!

    Followed by Apriel Smith, no doubt about it.

    Isabela Galleria, of course

    Bella Ysmael also did well…

    And Rabiya Mateo had some nice moves.

    Michele’s walk need improvements.

  21. tipid mode

    hindi man kayu nagrenta ng maayus ayus na venue.

    natural lights na lang gamitin from the sunlight.
    runway eh sana sa edsa na lang kayu rumampa ganun din naman.

    gumabao – sana nag swimsuit ka na lang ganun din naman, iksi iksi ng saplot
    mo na hapit na hapit – malaki ka pa rin

    ok ok sila malinao, apriel
    pero jusko ang naturalesa eh kitang kita
    hindi kayu magaganda pag walang proper spot lights

    get real na tayo mga kapatid

    matatalo sinuman sa inyo sa MU cheap pageant na 1 week event lang na nakakulong sa hotel somewhere in the USA.

    walang ganap ang MU winner kundi ang Indonesia c100 commercial and puteri indonesia crowning. ay meron pa pala 1 week interview sa NY shows. thats it
    the rest of the year chill chill lang

  22. i like Michelle, there is still time to tone her body if ever she will win.
    But those who can not speak well I think they need few years to be trained.
    If I can only combine the qualities of Michelle, Alaiza, Sandra and Apriel… that will be a perfect MU contender.

  23. ‘Ba, ‘di pa umuuwi si Matheus Giora? Siya ba bago’ng “pet-bitbit” ng Mercator/Empire? I’ll have to check the Manhunt International page to see if this was uploaded. 🙂

    Ubiquitous camera guy (in black shirt and shorts) looks like Yasser Pangandaman. Kyoot. 🙂

    Apriel in her short feathery dress looked like a hot black mess. GROAN.

    Riana Pangindian now leaves no doubt why she deserves to resurface at CTS (2021?)!

    NICE TIGHT turn by the girl from 7.40 to 8.00.

    GLAD to see Kia Moreno (CamSur) and (first name I forgot despite my endorsement of her earlier in the 2nd MUP Picks of normannorman.com) Veronilla (MisOr). LDPiczon, for me, is STILL the Cebuana to beat.

    Alaiza BURNED. 🙂

    LIKE A LOT Skelly Florida’s pleated somewhat-abbreviated look. ONE-OF-A-KIND. 🙂

  24. Ysabella is MUP for me
    Ysabella and Sandra are the complete package
    Apriel and Alaiza are the best physically. They are amazing from head to toe.
    Michelle is the best speaker … but Ysabella and Sandra are great conversationalists As well
    Try avoiding interviews with non-entities . But if you can’t , make sure you are the driver . U can’t go down the drain with the likes of ??? . Poor Alaiza . Ysabella has been able to project a queenly and classy image whoever the interviewer is I think she’s our best bet for MU.
    Sandra Alaiza and Apriel can be top 5 at MU but Ysabella is the real deal.

  25. Literal naglakad lang sa Mall, Runway challenge na!

    Nakakaloka talaga ang MUP!


    • At least it was in BGC & not Araneta Center which is ratchet AF.


    • Walking in the presence of so many people ? That’s scary . Not too many can pull it off

  26. Go go go Michelle !!!! Its time to send a plus size Filipina girl in Miss U ! Body Positivity ang advocacy !!!! Tiyak patok yan sa Miss U !!!! Kain pa more !!!

    • It’s a cop out
      We should award the crown to the one that’s worked for it .
      Do u think Sandra Alaiza Ysabella l and Apriel get their form by just sitting down and eating like a pig?
      You know Marco Gumabao is long and lean .why Michelle looks like she does. She is not fat, oh no . She is just bigger than most candidates . Beauty pageant is a sport . It takes a lot to get the winning form . Michele just has to work harder . She is lucky she grew up in the States so speaking the English language is very easy for her .

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