20 comments on “Samantha Alexandra Panlilio: Don’t count this Binibini out

  1. Well, she speaks well and says all the right things but I dont see anything extraordinary.

    Well, time will tell.

    • Love all the ladies in black. They embellish an element of elegance, sex appeal and mysterious passion.

      • Michelle’s body is not ready for MU stage. Like i had mentioned before from previous blog last month, she needs to lose at least 10lbs and tone her legs 🙂 i know she’s an athlete and has this athletic build, and that black dress did not do her justice.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Yes, she was. But apparently emigrated and now long enough in the USA to have the accent. Samantha Lo, Nicole Guerrero, and Aya Abesamis were USA-born and -raised, so legit?

      • @ Fabian Reyes I guess it would more or less correspond to when Desiree Verdadero went over for good.

        Speaking of….

        I really liked Aurora “Chat” Silayan’s performance at MU. Do you like her?

        Did she succumb to “c” in the USA?

        And Charlene Gonzales was born and raised in the USA and came over as Jose “Pitoy” Moreno’s bet at BBP 1994, right?

  2. Good comm skills at cute sya
    Pero Sobra liit ng biyas
    I don’t mind 5’4” wag Lang stocky dating
    Sorry she’s a no for me

  3. OK, hindi siya matangkad. Sir Blogger said so. I really am partial to HEIGHT, which adds to queenly aura. Already MUP has the shorter ones like Amelinckxz and Mateo. I commented before that one way BBP can distinguish itself from others is to strictly implement a height minimum for the titlists.

    Like that CTS intro video of SAL shared to us by @ Miswa in the earlier post, these USA-raised bets must get the “kind of’, “like”, “sort of”, etc. out of their speech. It’s frankly an annoying frivolity.

    Granted she dominates the Question Round, where would she be appropriate? Tokyo? Poland? Egypt? Albania (or somewhere in Eastern Europe or the former USSR)? Probably not Caracas; her accent alone could make Caracas Immigration paranoid of her. And would Angkol even like her? 🙂

  4. Ok pedigree pedigree ok???? And that is suppose to give her what??? A pass??? Should we all kneel and praise her????? 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • Charay
      All Tito Norman is trying to say is that she has the genes of a beauty queen

    • @ paul Pasensiya na tayo kung matagalan bago makasagot si Blogger. Start na ang Runway Challenge sa UpTown. And speaking of “uptown” (as in that Billie Joel song), weren’t the Panlilio’s jewelers, like the Lhuillier’s of Cebu?

    • If Myrna Panlilio (Samantha’s aunt) and Fe S. Panlilio (Patricia’s mom) are related, then yes – there is blood connection between them.

      • @ Norman Speaking of Myrna Panlilio, remember that white “manton” at the MU 1994 Swim?

        I would like to see who among the two organizations – BPCI and MUP – will bring that back.

        This time, though, it should be BLACK.

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