11 comments on “normannorman.com’s 2nd Round of Picks for Miss Universe Philippines 2020

  1. To me, everything is still up in the air with MUP predictions I have yet to see the “beautiful transformation” each candidate has metamorphosed into after two months. So far, I am keen on Michelle and Sigrid , but am closely keeping an eye on the transformation of Alaiza, Adee, Skelly, Isabella, Apriel and Rabiya.

    • i know its too early. but since you mentioned your bets as of now. but why no pauline? 🤔

      • @jed: Pauline is in my next-tier list, along with Bella, Christelle and Riana. Who knows the phenomenal women in them will emerge after two months of MUP-supervised learning and unlearning. Everything is still up in the air. One thing I am sure of is that every candidate is already a winner in my list. They may not get the crown but they will have crowned themselves with a compelling personal brand that will catapult them to success in whatever career they pursue.

    • @ scorg Adee is the Japanese-Filipina, no? Oriental Mindoro. Thank you for reminding us again.

    • @ Miswa Thanks so much. 🙂

      This is scary because it is clear that she has PLENTY in mind. The question is, can she say all this in a short-and-sweet manner?

      She is like a kid who is EXCITED to tell her family EVERYTHING she learned that day. But that’s the point. She STILL registers that little girl inside…. Not a bad thing. Just hope the judges like it.

  2. May nakita ako’ng photo nu’ng Caroline Veronilla ng MisOr.

    Juice me! KAGANDA. She looked ethereal.


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