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  1. I’m rooting for Nelson Banzuela. Total package. Wholesome, clean image.

  2. Just when I thought na maghahasik ng kamalditahan yung isang candidata diyan, yun na nga!

    Isa rin kasi sa disadvantage ng hindi paga-announce ng BPCI ng dethronment status eh ayan hindi official kung sino man yung replacement!

    Well, kung napanood niyo yung introduction niya gamit pa rin niya yung title despite the fact na hindi na siya recognize ng BPCI. Eh yung mga past winners nga, nung inokray ni Nawat si Eva, pinagtatanggal nila yung title nila sa profile page nila sa IG!

    Anyway, kung yan ang gusto ng Century Tuna so be it! Wala kasi sila ka-competencia sa Filipinas eh! I hope one day makapasok sa Filipinas yung mga Canned Tuna from Thailand na di hamak na mas compact ang laman!

    As for the scandal, na tinutukoy ni Madam Flora below, I only saw Sam Ajdani (yung may ka-chat siya babae then pinakita niya yung kapirasong luya niya!) while for Albert Tiongson, dios ko, suki sa Planet Romeo yan! For the other two, baka masyadong maliit for me to notice!

    As for Kirk Bondad, medio effeminate siya, yun lang observation ko sa introduction video niya, yung mga hand gestures niya parang hindi masculine for me! Yung lang!

    • Madam, BPCI aleady released a post in FB stating Aya Abesamis’ take over of the MGI-Ph2019 Title. It was very clear. And regardless if there was any announcement or none from BPCI, Fact of the matter is that Sam Lo herself publicly announced her resignation from that title and so it was really, very inappropriate for her to still use it as part of her intro/bio in any other competitions or platforms

      • @ unorthodox If I am not mistaken, Sam used the title “Miss Grand Philippines”, which technically is NOT exactly the same as “BBP-Grand International”. And if I am still not mistaken and if we are referring to the same IG post of hers, she said she was “your Miss Grand-Philippines”. c/o Angkol?

    • i don’t care for their sexual orientation, it’s all about their physical traits and personality…hihihii

      oh wow i saw sam’s little weenie…hihihihih

      oh i so wish kirk like the bros too hihihihi he’s a cutie

  3. Top two pick for guys: KIRK and the 4th guy on the very top row who resemble Carlos Agassi..i would pick those two

  4. the 5th guy from the left on the top row looks like carlos agassi. He has a nice smile. It will be between him and Kirk for me.

  5. Hi sir norman and everyone. may i ask your help? if magpapabuhos tubig po for baby sa house. ano po bang dapat ilagay o mas ok ilagay na message sa cake? Thanks po.

      • Thanks norman i am actually thinking to put a message something like that. Pero naguguluhan ako nung una if i will put happy christening kase buhos tubig pa lang naman so since you gave me an idea what to put on a cake. so ok na po. i go for a message of blessings or GOD Bless you baby. Thanks norman. GOD Bless.

      • I think Jed would like to know appropriate brief message to be written on top of the cake, Tito Norms, like “Happy Christening”, “Happy Birthday”, etc. Ganern. Happy buhos kaya?

      • yes princess ana thats what im trying to ask. idk what to put. since ang christening is kapag nabinyagan na sa church. but since buhos tubig pa lang. i think ok na ung message of blessings. i think pwede na ang Welcome and GOD Bless you Baby Thanks too.

  6. Yes to the Bondad brothers…hihihihihi

    At least the guys actually look muscular..yumminess….hihihihih

    Kirk definitely will probably win.

  7. For the ladies, I am FULLY SUPPORTING former Miss Scuba International SLD! 🙂

    For the gents, the leftmost guy (in red board shorts) in the middle row of the grid. I do not know who he is. He looks CLEAN, very important for a corporate client like Century Pacific Group; NO KARUG, BALBAS, LONG HAIR, and TATTOOS!!! Also, I doubt they will get a guy who will upstage Alden Richards. Therefore, the likes of Ajdani and Bondad will be mere fillers. C’mon! May career na si Clint…. Tama, na. Give other guys a chance, naman. Clint can share his income with Kirk, ‘di ba?

    If Paton places in the Final 3 (or 5?), her CTS contract should tie her up well into 2021. Which means we can expect to see her 2022 at the earliest , at either MUP or BBP. If she has LOOONG legs, send her to GPVL. But that’s just me…..

    • Clint has joined in the past edition. It’s his brother’s turn now. Read again, hunnie.

      • @ Ana Winter ‘Honga. I know Clint-toy went before. Akala ko ba, ayaw niya mag-pageant? Ngayon, utol niya ang kumakareer….. Kung papipiliin ako ng halfie, si Aaron Beau Davies na lang. 🙂

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