9 comments on “The Binibinis-turned-Artists

  1. Oh ayan! Eto ang equivalent ng Ikebana session ng Miss International kaya BPCI matyagan niyo mabuti kung sino yung engaging & proactive sa lahat ng pre-pageant activities niyo dahil yon ang characteristics na pang-Miss International! Set aside niyo yang haka-haka na kesho dapat “doll-faced” dahil yung ang gusto ng mga Hapon!

  2. Ang NIPIS ni Karen Laurrie. YIKES!!! 😦

    Cinderella’s EYES…. are my greatest assets. With them, I hope to achieve love and beauty to inspire millions with my advocacy which is timely and relevant in the service of the arts…. Domo arigatou. 🙂

    @ paul Justine Felizarta looks…. plain? What do you suggest she do?

    • Oo nga Flor. What happened to her team – stylists, handlers et al. Parang gusto KO nang pumunta dyan sa Manila at tulungan sya. Charot! Baka pinaghahandaan pa ang big night.

    • @for Karen Laurie is skeletal at malaki ulo. I saw her in person during a cebu pack flight
      Banlagers din katulad ng isa pa

  3. Mr. Norman I heard fr the grapevine that nawat will be in PH come coronation night. Does it mean that he will choose mgi pH like the previous years w the exception of Sam lo?

    • @ bonsaihater Now that Eva Patalinjug is mentioned, it just occurred to me….

      Hannah Arnold is Eva P. 2.0, but (just) taller — sloping/weak/narrow shoulders, wide hips, pale skin.

      Do Australians impose travel restriction to Venezuela? What if Angkol likes her?

      • @flor angkol might just took notice of hanna since she said she was not familiar of mgi before .when the indonesians said that they copy indo Nat cos last yr
        Believe or not viki and Eva have more similarity in body proportions
        Angkol seems to like aussies .he loves Elizabeth clenci

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