26 comments on “Century Tuna Superbods 2020: Interesting Joiners

  1. I love that Sam Lo couldn’t care less about the nasty things people have said about her and that she seems to have moved on quite gracefully from the controversy. She earned my respect by standing up and simply dusting herself off after falling in the gutter.

    We all deserve our second chance.

    Sana all.

    • Letse ka bakla. Isa ka sa naninira sa kanya noon tapos ngayon pupuri puri ka sa kanya. Aminin mo napahiya ka sa pamba bash sa kanya dahil maganda pa rin sya ikaw baklang pauring pa rin sa mga solvent boy.

  2. Ok….what happened to EDEN??? She could have at least worn an athletic shoes not that black heeled boots??? She probably didn’t get the memo………..also hmmm, them legs/thighs!!!!

    • @ VER Bodily, she and Resham are not too disparate. But Resham has tinier waistline. Imo, Eden already had those thighs and calves way back in 2016 Poland. Yes, both are NOT quite tall, unlike Chanel but then Chanel’s height was mostly torso.

      Paging Mdme. SMA — WE NEED TO SEND SOMEONE LEGGY TO POLAND, por favor.


      Katrina Jayne Dimaranan and Aya Abesamis are good examples. So was Jehza Huelar.

      Seems GPVL is a gams guy.

  3. Sam is very gutsy
    Is she trying to redeem herself or (is she ) just plain shameless ?

  4. Sam is very gutsy
    Is she trying to redeem herself or (is she ) just plain shameless ?

  5. Eden is really “ripped” and muscled for a beauty queen so this may be the best avenue for her. And they are looking for models so this is a good source of income if they win.

  6. I don’t find myself going gaga over the news. It’s purely “ho-hum.” But I find the long-haired guy snapped above gorgeous and exciting. Haha! And yes, Kirk Bondad is reported to have joined this event.

    That’s all.

  7. May requirements ba sila to bring consumed cans of century tuna? lol. sana dito muna sumali sa Sam B. sure win yan. amont these 3 i go for kathleen paton. all of them will be a shoo in in the semis til Q&A round especially kathleen who is a good performer than these 2 but all of them have a good speaking skills. so for now kathleen for me.

  8. so… anong naiisip ni Joana Eden at yun ang shoes niya? CHAROT. but seriously, she has this gorgeous body and no doubt, she can win this one.

    SamL? Di ka pa tapos ghOurl? CHAROT

  9. Riana Pangindian will probably not win MUP 2020 judging by the fans’ collective clamor for other candidates.

    Pero kung SI-SEK WAN-KATA rin lang, she should be entered in the Ageless Category next year.

    Gumaganda siya with make-up. I wonder if Century Pacific Group has now a cosmetics business unit.

  10. Pwede pa bako humabol? Kasing legs ko lang sila Kathleen Paton and Joanna Eden pala!!!🤣😘😁😆😉🤗😋

  11. Parang lumusog ang legs ni Joanna. Best in Swimsuit nung BBP 2016 if I remember it right.

  12. Hindi pa ba tapos sa panggugulo sa Filipinas Beaucon babaeng yan?

    Ano naman kayang kamalditahan gagawin niya ngayon?

    • Sam has a very athletic body . And with her excellent speaking skills , this could be her saving grace .


  14. Fillers pa more.

    May nag-comment sa “kabila”, CTS never “crowns” candidates with “a past”, as they use their tilt to launch fresh faces.

    Denver Hernandez, Kim Ross de los Santos, and that Turkish (?) guy who was father to actress Christine Reyes’ daughter are examples. And Clint Bondad’s younger brother will meet the same fate.

    I want Century Pacific Group to create a unit for pageantry and take the Filipinas franchise for BOTH Miss and Mister Supranational. THIS can be the dedicated Nationals GPVL always wanted!

    This would have been a nice diversion for Anjamie Magbitang, imo. But I hope to see her at BBP again eventually.

      • @ H. I do not think either Maureen or Monika had “skeletons” in their closets coming into CTS….

        But come to think of it, any respectable national beaucon routinely does background checks on their candidates.

        That being said, both Eden and Kathleen should get the “ALL CLEAR”. Sam Lo, I do not know.

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