12 comments on “Paula and Sigrid from Albay and Catanduanes, respectively

  1. dami clappers sa MUP

    clapper or top 20 din ang winner sa MU2020 sa Las Vegas ulit planet hollywood ordinary room – 1 week ordinary event lang

    yung current MU and former MU mga walang kaganapan.
    yung isang former MU nag asawa na lang kasi bored na bored.

    si Pia lang yata busy pa rin kahit papano.

    • @kembular2020….your comment is such a joke. Laughable to say the least. Do you expect this event to last for 2-5 weeks??? Or why would they use a grandiose venue for their coronation night? Organizers are now thinking smartly with their money why spend so much???? Why does it matter to you?

      • @ VER It’s obvious why. The clues are in her/his comment.

        Pia. Planet Hollywood. And from an earlier comment, “mabuti pa si Pia, may hot new love”.

        Connect dots and fill in the blanks. Extrapolate. Smells like paid hack, no? (PUSO, PUSO…) 🙂

  2. Catanduanes is one of the best islands I’ve ever visited. It has so much to offer. Great beaches and may parang Batanes duon. Kulang and 4 day visit namin. Unlimited seafood!!! We will be back!!!

    • @ Baby Nica Uwian mo po kami ng any seafood “dinaing” (smoked), please….. 🙂

      I just hope they don’t use firewood for the smoking kilns, but farm by-product-waste.

      Pa-hello, din, po kay fafas Brian (Gocheco), Mico (Teng), and Josh (Benipayo – de Sequera). PUSO.

      • Have you been there Flor? Di ko na try dinaing nila. We stayed at Alon Surf near Puraran Beach. Unlimited fresh fish and lobsters. Then we moved to the capital town, Virac daming beach iba iba. Food trip at its finest talaga.

  3. Mr. Mario Garcia, GRABEH! Pati si Hector Cermeno ng Venezuela nag-review na sa Puteri 2020. Kontratahin niyo rin…. 🙂

    Catanduanes is LOVE-LOVE-LOVE. Basta…..

    ‘Di ba taga-Oas, Albay mother ni Cat? Ta’s, diyan din sa Mayon nag-shoot nu’ng Intro Vid niya sa MW 2016? She wore a red dress, the precursor to her “lava gown” at MU two years later. Ta’s, may kalabaw na nag-video bomb….. @ Closer2Fame said at the time he wanted Cat to be Daragang Magayon at the “Dances of the World”, kaya lang wala that year…..

    Maganda ba ‘yung Embarcadero de Legaspi?

    Kumusta ang “abaca” industry diyan, in general? Mayroon pa ba?

    • I was in Legazpi back in 2016 while conducting US Navy medical mission with my ship. I’ve never been to that city/province but all of us (my fellow servicemen had fun) exploring the city and the food. Pero medyo madumi yung Legazpi port kasi the first thing we saw was the city slum just behind a fence across from their main pier. The Embarcadero is the new tourist attraction for that city however, half of the business is closed. Medyo underwhelming. 🙂

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