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  1. Something has to be done with the way Ysmael opens her mouth as she talks . The overbite is too much and it’s not very pretty . Parang pustiso .
    Now I am losing my interest in Ysmael

  2. @Fabian, on farming as “archaic”. I think Alaiza Malinao’s advocacy on women in agriculture is very relevant. Agriculture remains central to world economy: 60% depends on it for survival. On average, women comprise 43% of the agricultural labour force in developing countries. As such, women are the backbone of the rural economy in developing countries. Over the last few decades, they have broadened their involvement in agriculture. The number of female-headed households has also increased as more men have migrated to cities. As the primary caregivers to families and communities, women provide food and nutrition; they are the human link between the farm and the table. Whether they work on a farm or in a lab, women around the world are transforming agriculture to be more resilient and sustainable.

    • @ scorg I think what @ Fabian Reyes meant was that food production NOW is not the “farming” we have in mind…. You surely would understand. But yes, the rural economy in developing countries will continue to see women playing an important role (in).

  3. One thing wrong I’ve noticed in Ysmael is the way she talks . Her smile is not picture perfect like Michelle .
    So I’m kinda worried
    Other choice for me is Ortega

  4. MUP finals will be on 03 May.

    The ABS CBN franchise will expire on 30 March which is approximately one month from now and without ratification from the Congress, by default, they have to shutdown by that date.

    I hope by this time MUP already has a media partner to televise the pageant, otherwise, all this BTS will never see the light of the day!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson ‘Nood ka daw, LIVE. 🙂

      Ta’s, balitaan mo kami sa ganaps.

      ‘Eh, ayaw nga sumawsaw ng Kongreso…..

  5. Alaiza is outstanding
    I hope she does well at Q&A
    I don’t think her farming advocacy is going to help . Farming is archaic .

    • Alaiza vs Ysmael
      Alternatives : Apriel Michele if she loses weight Ortega Sandra
      If Ysmael does not wi. , she should join against next year

      • @ Fabian Reyes Imo, quite audacious of this Camp to debut at MUP, fielding as they are both of your options, Alaiza and Bella. If either win, HUGE publicity/attention surely shall they get! But knowing them, they will maintain anonymity to add to their mysterious appeal. 🙂

        You are wise, indeed. Agriculture is now archaic. “Archie” comics series saw this as early as the 1970’s, when it featured Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper popping “nutrition pills” developed as Space Age substitutes for conventional food. Needless to say, Jughead was devastated…

        Mr. Tinio, COMMAND them to take Daisha Jimenez in, too. The Camp, not Archie comics.

        Paola Ortega is perfect girlfriend material for (straight) guys who like BIG girls. She is TOO friendly.

        MG, if she is to win, should win AS SHE IS. Sc_ew all this weight loss drama!!! She should have done this already. You know why not? She’s not really in contention; she’s just there on A&Q’s orders to be a filler.

  6. Finally kahit papano may bts ng shoots. nabobored na tapos wala pa update sa mup. more to go please.

  7. Hi Tito Norms, when do you think these photos will be released? I’m excited especially for Alaiza, Apriel and Skelly. I think Alaiza will nail this one.

  8. It’s not even sakit sa tiyan pose but more like najejebak aketchi boom boom pow pose! lol

    Nice one MUP!:)

  9. Mitch is a cutie pie but he needs to refrain from addressing the candidates as “guys”… Hello let’s use “ladies”…..hihihihihi

    • @ 4M Sumakit (din) tiyan ko sa kanya. Nagpaturo ng pose. Kalokah!

      ‘Di bale. Kay fafa Brian (Gocheco) ako tututok. 🙂

      Mr. Tinio, find a way para, po, magtabi sina Bella at Pauline. We wanna see!!!

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