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  1. syempre sa Australia ikakasal
    Australian yan eh
    Australian din mapapang asawa
    Australians mga kaibigan
    nasa Australia ang work at bahay

    alangan sa Bohol ikasal

  2. Mr. Blogger, please cover this wedding for us. Then, take us around the Austral Continent. I haven’t.

    • Flor, why “take us around the Australian Continent”? Isn’t she from Philippines?

      That’s what I don’t like about the system that allows halfies the right to carry the Philippine sash abroad. Most of them were born and/or raised abroad, come to the Philippines to satisfy the residency requirement of a beauty contest, easily win the crown due to the Filipinos’ fondness of Caucasian-looking English- speaking queens, and return back to their de facto country after (or during) the reign. This system deprives the many equally gorgeous native-born and home-grown morenas of the chance to authentically represent their country. They have the body and the soul of a Filipino, and more importantly, can readilily translate in the vernacular the commonplace worh “peace”.

      • @ scorg I assumed the wedding will be in Australia, too. I haven’t been.

        Despite your fairly accurate description of biracial beauty kweens in these parts, I do not think Karen Gallman easily fits and may, in fact, be among an exceptional handful. She is Filipina by birth (in Ubay, Bohol, which I have been to) and having experienced the public school system here in her early years spoke not once on the differences between that and what she eventually had abroad. She remembers her Cebuano, still.

        Let us review BBP 2018. The titlists were Catriona Gray, Ahtisa Manalo, Jehza Huelar, Eva Patalinjug, Karen, and Michelle Gumabao. With Samantha Bernardo and Vickie Rushton as Runners-up. Who among them was born and raised abroad? Thank goodness she, too, was another exception to your description! That same batch also contained Aya Abesamis, who was practically scourged at the time for her apparent tentativeness yet acquitted herself nicely the following year, so well in fact that now not a few wish she could somehow be given the opportunity to represent us before her BBP contract comes to an end on 26 April 2020. Desiree Verdadero’s daughter, if I am correct, was born in the USA and came to the country to model and will probably better fit your description. But even then and even now, she happily (for us? for her?) proved to yet again be the EXCEPTION, 🙂

      • Exceptions noted. But how many halfies who won in all our national contests remain in the country and build their careers in the Philippines?

      • @ scorg I am inclined to say that generally, it has been native-born/home-grown ladies who ended up residing abroad; the ones who come to mind are Desiree herself and Janicel Lubina. And aren’t Margarita Moran and Mimilanie Marquez currently based in the USA? I am not 100% certain….

        Would Rachel Peters’ cafe establishment in Siargao and pending marriage to Gov. Migz Villafuerte qualify her as an exception?

        Pia, of course, IS. You like Jollibee, @ scorg?

        Now, you got me thinking…..


    • I’m feeling indifferent towards her. Hope there’ll be a big transformation ahead for her

    • Grabe , MU calibre
      It won’t take long before India dominates MU again . Indians are among the most beautiful and most articulate in the world

      • fabi her advocacy is for the farmers which is same to malinao also. ano opinion mo sa opening statement nya for having that advocacy na parang minamaliit mo for alaiza. now that she already said those. what if alaiza will deliver her opening statement regarding on farmers and if she wins mup. for sure shupits will say she copied her advocacy to miss india universe. oh my! if yan pa din advocacy nya i hope she can deliver it more convincing than miss india. or change advocacy if kinakailangan.

    • @ Miswa Thanks for sharing, Dude. 🙂

      Stage and lighting is very Supranational. But I find the Runner-up prettier.

      It was a TRAVESTY the virtual snub Dr. Tejaswini Manogna got from Carousel last year, notwithstanding figure issues (guys, she’s a curvy-soft full-figured lady who happens to practice yoga!), fast walk (I liked her diva-ish fashion runway-ish cold-robotic pasarela that said she came to WIN and that she meant business!), and purported attitude problem, I now expect ME to bring India back in the Elemental Court by 2023. NOT LATER. And now @ Norman, jump over to MPE and see what’s cooking.

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