25 comments on “Catriona Gray attends the Milan Fashion Week

  1. sinama sya ni ate beke belu
    dahil may extra tickets para manuod

    maraming nakapag day off na Pinoys sa Milano
    syempre gusto nila paka sosyal kuno naghintay sila sa labas kasi di naman sila makakapasok sa loob
    pag may sale lang naman sila nakakabili ng prada sunglasses lol

    ang mga nasa labas na pinoys nagsisigaw at nag video at post sa social medias syempre yun ang bet na bet nila gawin.

    so hype hype na sa Pinas

    hindi po sya nag walk sa show nanuod lang

    maka emote naman kasi parang big event


  2. I dont know my Filipino pageants accounts like Titasofpageantry are making a big deal out of this. She was invited not to walk but to attend. She is being mobbed by Pinoys there, as expected…hihihihihi

    No shade but that is the truth. Show us videos of her walking for international brands and let’s talk about that.

    • Double standard peeps. Mamatay kayo sa inggit kay Cat. Mga beklang hukluban. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    • When you think about it, being invited to attend a runway show is even a bigger deal than being invited to walk in it. The REAL stars, REAL rich people, REAL influencers, the ACTUAL clients are in the audience, not on the runway. The ones on the runway are the employees.

  3. Catriona won Ms Universe alright. But her win is not as exciting as Pia’s. Not because of the wrong crowing but rather because Pia had a tougher competition and how she worked hard to edge out the other delegates and she really shined so bright that night. Catriona’s was different. Her night lacks thrill, parang given na lahat na o sige sya na. The thrill that we all felt while Pia was competing was not there during Catriona’s.

    If Pia lost that night, parang we would all still feel proud because she really gave us a good fight and a hell of a show. If Catriona lost, parang, huh? Natalo pa? After all the preparations and the patriotism chuva.

    Not to mention that Pia had a fabulous reign, whereas Cat was a bit boriiiinnng.

    But I’m happy for these two. They really know what they want and they work hard for it.

    Baka ng matter din talaga na Pia won after 40+++ years so sobrang uhaw tayo mgka-MU.

    PS ulit.
    Opinion ko lang to, wag kayong magalit. Alam ko kukuyugin ako ng mga mka-Catriona. Juice ko, ang puso nyo.

    • You have so much drama in your life.
      It’s 2020. You gotta move on, gurl!
      You have so much wasted time for yourself.

    • Shrug…just your opinion and you’re right, after 40+ years Philippines won and it was more exciting for the fans.. As far as their reigns is concern, both had different high lights so you really can’t compare the two. Pia might had traveled more, but Cat also traveled and did a lot of event guesting throughout the US. Pia’s win was fueled by the host’s fiasco during a live telecast which made her crowning fascinating.

      • Agreed, the fiasco might have added some highlights but you cannot deny the fact that Pia’s win was a more difficult one. Nothing against Catriona, her effort was
        unbelievable, she took a big risk, it was worth it, but her win, was somehow expected.

        I’m not really thinking of who travelled more during their reign, when I said Pia had a more fabulous reign, I was just happy that she was able to
        maximize her platform during that time to broaden the group of people who would benefit from her advocacy. Catriona has Young Focus, thats good, I can see how sincere she is with that. Now that she has a voice, she can make it bigger by considering youths from all over the world, (universe rather) who needs help.

        Just my two cents.

    • LOL. Cat >>>>> Pia. Please. Surprise winner vs. Sure winner. No competition. Kaloka ka bakla.

    • Paano naman po kasi Catriona umpisa palang alam na she is the winner… While Pia is less expected to win the title yon lang yon.

  4. dami talaga Pinoys sa Milano
    mga nag abang sa labas ng Prada masabi lang mga sosyal
    tas nagsisigaw duon.

    pero ganda ni Cat
    buti na lang sinama sila ni Beki Belo
    nagkaroon sya ng ganap

    more ganaps for you Cat

  5. I feel like I’m having Cat overload it ‘ so dizzying !
    Let’s leave this topic for a while … Pls !

    • However ,It’s nice to see her Looking very classy. Those days are gone ….when she was wearing gaudy pseudo- Patriotic Pinoy ensembles

      • @ Fabian Reyes Speaking of which,….

        I really hope Jearson Demavivas can apprentice with a brand well-respected by the Milanese themselves. I recall the first season of Project Runway Philippines – Tweetie de Leon as host and Apples Aberin and Rajo Laurel as judges – which had as its prize one such mentoring. The Italian guest judge in the Finale advised that they select someone whom they feel can most profit from the experience of imbibing European-Western sensibilities, Indeed, talent was in no short order, but few would appreciate how Italian flair can dovetail into (with?) their own Pinoy aesthetic.

        I will never forget the Moro-influenced costume he made for Cat at the BBP 2018 NatCos Showcase. THAT WAS EXQUISITE. In contrast, the painfully over-conceptualized one he made for her in Bangkok was a disastrous embarrassment. It is now well over a year since then. I trust he is wiser. And now ready for more education and more refinement. I sense he has what it takes. He is worth it.

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