15 comments on “Manhunt International 2020: My Top 5 National Costumes

  1. Walang innovation ang PH nat cos, lagi na lang ganito style with chicken feathers. Maybe nauubos na nga ang mga feathers ng mga manok dito gaya ng pagka-ubos ng mga creative ideas ng mga Pinoy designers ng pageant.

    Next blog: MUP na lang po Mr. Norman mas exciting pa kesa naman dito.

    • @ Adrienne Yeah. Now that you mentioned it…..

      BAKIT KAILANGAN NG HOLY WEEK BREAK? Why not conclude on or before Palm Sunday?

      This way, all candidates can finally take a proper breather after everything. Imagine, babalik na naman sila sa Manila….. Buti kung i-liquidate ng MUP/BPCI ang fare nila coming back…. 😦

      • @Flor

        Ok yan para mag give up na ang mga mahihina loob and walang budget…. at the same time sa mga gusto manalo, this is the chance to promote themselves to their family, friends, town, followers, etc to support them at Araneta…

    • @ aj Actually (and I will say THAT word here), such abominable apparitions are not uncommon at pre-Lent Carnival desfiles throughout Latin America. After all, the point is debauchery before all the fasting and abstinence comes into effect. And being an annual event like our own series of festivals in honor of the Bambino, such costumes become part of the collective subliminal, as would effigy and always reflect the times. In other words, it’s like Halloween but nowadays with Storm Troopers and Korean-Japanese horror flick characters thrown into the mix, and what’s most important is that crowd of onlookers can relate and in fact appreciate.

      • Thank you Flor. Perhaps I’m just more drawn to beauty. And this is male beauty pageant, so if I were to choose between something pleasant to the eyes and something scary, I would naturally opt for the former. Well, maybe that’s just me?

  2. I prefer Indonesia’s or even Brazil’s over this stale over-used unimaginative costume of Philippines. So disapointing..

  3. Nakakatakot naman yung Trinidad, parang demonyo hahaha! I will choose Sri Lanka or India.

  4. sir norman. Kamusta na kaya ang mga mup candidates. until now d pa sila active regarding on MUP activities. kahit mup ig waley pa din updates. kailan po ba start ng official activities. how about their website kailan po kaya? thanks

    • This week was spent on all their official photoshoots with Filbert Kung plus a lot of them went back to their respective provinces to do video shoots for their advocacies

      • I don’t know kung ano gusto ipahiwatig ni Trinidad and Tobago. Avant garde wise, yes agree ako sa u Norman, pero kung totoong na’tl costume, for me it should be Sri Lanka, India, T&T, PH. Not that I am against PH, but just look at the correlation of the costumes to their countries.

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