11 comments on “Ana Thea Cenarosa: Your tallest Binibini from Pototan, Iloilo

  1. Ana Thea joins my shortlist of crown worthy candidates in this pageant, which includes Babista of Quezon, Ticaro of Tagum, and Felizarta of Davao. Babista and Felizarta may have superior English facility. Ana Thea and Ticaro may yet need to hone in communication skills, but what the heck, the international pageantries they are pursuing need only excellent delivery skills of a memorized speech! Just in case, anyone of them would make good fiuture candidates for MUP and MWP.

  2. I like her , perhaps train much much much more and she can be great in future MUP …

  3. She’s a tall one!
    This beauty can wear any of the BbP crowns.

    I hope she wins International, Supranational or Intercontinental.

  4. She has all the qualities to win a crown: tall 5′ 11″, beautiful, and talented. I just only hope her age 27 will not be the hindrance to win. Both Miss International and Miss Universe age limit is 28 years old.

    • @ Miss Queen Wannabe Why not now at Tokyo Dome?

      Here’s a GREAT option for a-come-from-nowhere to upset the front-runners.

      Also worth a consideration is Ticaro, the teacher from Tagum City.

  5. Eto ang bet ko for Miss Grand International!

    Siya pala yung naka-maroon two-piece during the Screening of Binibini na kahit malayo stand out talaga dahil sa tangkad!

    Ang problema lang Top 10 Finisher to ng Miss Earth Philippines na alam naman ng lahat na bet laitin ni Pong Pagong!

    Member din ito ng Philippine Netball Team kaya kung achievement lang usapan, di hamak na angat na angat ‘to among other Binibini!

    Anyway, alternate title ko sa kanya is Miss Supranational!

    Isa talaga ‘to sa gusto ko magsuot ng Philippine sash!

    • Kumusta naman ang communication skills ni Inday Ana Thea? Have you seen her interviews? I hope she is good. Thanks.

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