5 comments on “The Binibinis at the Gateway Gallery

  1. I love how Hannah’s Day make-up on her eyes makes her standout….

    Gabrielle’s looks was too simple that her earings was overpowering her face… Lucky for her, she is pretty enough that you see her beauty when you stare long enough…

    Honey definitely knows how to standout even w casual wear… You can definitely see her in a crowd…. She nails look after look, I just hope that she’ll slay everyone on the interviews & the Q&A and prove to everyone she is indeed worthy of a crown…

    Samantha always sticks to her signature look…
    The supra crown is hers to lose…. I hope she did more than enough hosting gigs to nail her Q&A and finaly seal her fate as a winner of any of the crowns.

    Patrizia and Samantha looks like sisters… although Pat is more cosmopolitan… she needs to nail all her looks for her to fully standout… You naid to pull up a stunt… slay those interviews which I know you can…

    Franchesca Taruc is a natural, she can walk, talk, and act… She knows how to standout based on looks… I just hope her youth won’t be a hindrance to give an impression of substance.


    Bb. Pilipinas-International: Hannah Arnold (Calm, Sweet, Serene, Barbie Doll Like)
    Bb. Pilpinas-Supranational: Maureen Montagne (Fierce, Dramatic, Good Communication Skills)
    Bb. Piipinas-Grand International: Samantha Bernardo (Sexy, Alluring at Para Maka-graduate na siya)
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe: Justine Felizarta (Beautiful, Good Communication Skills)
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental: Vickie Rushton (Para maka-graduate na siya sa pageantry before siya
    magpakasal kay Jason Abalos)

    1st & 2nd Runners Up: Hazel Joy Ortiz, Carina Carino, Meiji Cruz, Franchesca Taruc, etc.

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