17 comments on “Manhunt International 2020 Press Presentation

  1. I guess the organizers can’t afford a better venue for the press presentation. No budget also for the decent attire.

  2. Compare the last winner to Dom..
    Dom looked malnourished beside him…
    Our last rep who won Manhunt was lean but thicc..

  3. philippines has actually got one of the better faces in this year’s competition. his physique is not bad not just your herculean type.

  4. Press presentation pa lang pabukol na…baka s finals see through and super mega to the max skimpy n suit! Kaloka

  5. Blogger’s selection is notable in that at least four (4) countries have won once before, one that has won twice, and that one that could win their back-to-back and only their second crown.

    Thirty-five (35) is just about OK. Good job, organizers!

    Press Presentation in skimpy attire is CHEAP. Looks like a cattle auction.

    There seems to be a new trend in male pageantry. The Online Poll is begun weeks ahead to give National Directors an idea/indication of the popular candidates. Only these are eventually sent over.

    I hope Greece has a tan. In the native skin tone of his home, he is the color of freshly-cut white marble from the quarries – pale like a newly-erected Grecian temple. But yeah, muy guapo.

    • Marketing strategy ang skimpy attire Flor. Have you observed ang unang Post ni Norman about Manhunt dito, walang interesado. ISANG ARAW NA APAT NA LANGAW LANG ANG NAG-COMMENT. Ito ILANG SANDALI lang, NAKAAPAT na at IKAW – FLOR TULA ang ISA sa mga PINAKAUNANG NAG-COMMENT. SEE, madaling nakakakuha ng attention ang skimpy attire. This was my advice to Norman to his first post on Manhunt. He, he, he…

  6. In terms of physique, sadly I would have to object if ever our very own representative makes it to Top 5 because that would be an embarrassingly obvious favor given by the organizers to the host country.

  7. If Philippines has a sash of Myanmar, or Malaysia no one will pay attention on him

    • Its a modelling contest not a physique contest.his body is lean type and that body is fit for modelling.

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