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  1. HI! Share ko lang kasi medyo naproud ako sa pag eedit ko hahaha. Improvement na yan kumpara sa previous na gawa ko promise

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    So pageant season na nga talaga. Now more than ever before more more drama galore here and there na agad agad sa magkabilang parlor!!! Hahaha which is entertaining, I must admit. BUT, it also doesn't take away the fact that on occassions these dramas go waaay overboard. Sure, yung dalawang parlors ay may "healthy" competition going on right now, pero as much as possible hindi na sana madamay yung mga candidates mismo. The orgs can absorb and take most criticisms and bashing with little to no bruises and scars because as it is, they are already solid institutions and many people work within each of them to ensure the stability and brand equity/prestige. Whereas each candidate is left to fend for and take care of herself alone inside her room at the end of all the bashing bombardments. They might have solid fanbases and established core teams, but at the end of the day they are still just individuals, even the strongest one of them still feels hurt. So ayun, sana kalma na tayo sa mga pablind items ng mga attitude or conspiracy sabwatan theories or kung anupamang issues ng mga merlies. Let's just give them our utmost support and encouragements. Dami kong shuda haha anyway, eto mas marami pang shuda. Here are my first prediction and quick thoughts for this year's Binibining Pilipinas. #bbp2020 #BBPilipinas #bbpilipinas2020 #binibiningpilipinas #binibiningpilipinas2020 #binibiningpilipinas2019 #missinternational #missinternational2020 #missinternationalphilippines #misssupranational #misssupranational2020 #misssupranationalphilippines #missintercontinental #missintercontinental2020 #missintercontinentalphilippines #missgrand #missgrandinternational #missgrandinternational2020 #missglobe #missglobe2020 #supra #GabbyBasiano #MaureenMontagne #PatriziaGarcia #KarenLaurrieMendoza #HannahArnold #VickieRushton #SamanthaBernardo #ShairaRona #HoneyCartasano

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  2. Bb. Pilipinas- International 2020 Patrizia Garcia
    Bb. Pilipinas- Supranational 2020 Samantha Mae Bernardo
    Miss Grand-Philippines 2020 Maureen Montaigne
    Bb. Pilipinas- Intercontinental 2020 Vickie Marie Rushton
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe 2020 Hazel Joy Ortiz

    Hannah Arnold
    Gabrielle Camille Basiano

  3. Hannah
    La Union
    Justine F

    Above are my tip candidates

  4. To those of you saying na nanlata or tumamlay ang BBP.. i beg to differ. nanlata dahil sa pananaw mo. dahil para sayo, the brand MUP lang ang mahalaga not the whole BBP.

    Feeling ko nga mas nagsstep up sila kahit papaano. After all, they are still the most prestigious pageant in the country. well, alongside with MUP na ngayon. Binibini is still Binibini kaiht ano pa sabihin niyo.

    To be honest, mas gsto ko pa tong uniformed/printed tops nila ng BBP. minsan kasi magkakaalaman na kung sino talaga ang marunong magdala kahit uniform ang outfit.. or sino ang stand out lang dahil sa damit.

    BPCI remains unshaken naman kahit alam kong malaking challenge ang pagkawala ng MUP franchise sakanila, but after all naman, they proved naman base sa mga crowns na naiuwi nila.

    • I agree. BBP is stepping up. Marami silang bagong activities like this ADDLIB dance workshop and ang dami ring changes like (and finally!!!) conducting the Talent Competition (w/ a fashion show) inside a proper venue, a theater, and not just in a cheap mall atrium. Their social media accounts are also stepping up with respect to marketing the pageant.

      I think the “panlalata” is not with the organization itself, but on the quality of candidates. BPCI is an institution, it’s the most prestigious precisely because no other pageant org can topple it’s long standing history, more than half a century’s worth of track records and achievements. That in itself is enough to keep the pageant afloat for at least half a century more. Heck, kahit tanggalin lahat ng current titles sa BBP tapos ipalit lahat ng minor titles na binibigay ng Mutya Pilipinas, mas prestigious pa rin ang Binibining Pilipinas. BUT, we also have to admit that Miss Universe is the golden standard and the ultimate goal for all pageant girls and even non-pageant fans, at least here in the Philippines. Knowing that, syempre yung mga Miss U caliber ladies most probably will go to MUP. Further, whatever trend MUO initiates unconsciously becomes part of our filtering mechanism on how we view the quality of beauty queens. Hence the “decline” of quality of girls joining BBP.

      For instance, many people have been saying na nasa BBP pa rin daw talaga ang mga Dyosa. This may be true: the Binibini Batch this year might collectively be physically superior than the kabilang parlor. Pero look also at other areas. Meron ba sa mga Binibinis this year na pag nakita mo, never kang kakabahan para sa kanya pagdating ng Q&A? Meron ba sa kanila na confident tayong hindi sasagot ng rehearsed world peace/advocacy eklat at hindi tunog pageant patty at all? Medyo alanganin di ba? Kahit yung mga frontrunners nga may track record na ng pagpalya sa q&a during finals, kahit si Hannah Arnold na english ang native language ninenerbyos pa rin sa pagsagot. Whereas, looking at the girls who joined, sige na nga, MUP, magaganda din naman sila pero ang main bala talaga nila ay yung commskills nila. Nandun yung mga nag uumapaw ang confidence makipagsagutan sa mga press. Sure may mga advocacy eklat pa rin pero hindi na masyado pilit pakinggan. Ika nga ng someone from this blog din yata or sa IG, “yung mga makukuda nasa MUP, yung mga hindi masyadong matapang kumuda ay nasa BBP” non-verbatim.

      We have to face the fact that as time passes by, our view of what the “ideal” beauty queen is also evolves into being more multi-dimensional and holistic. Sadly, at least per my vantage point, the girls who joined BBP seemed to be stuck with the era where skin deep beauty is the only metric. Strip them all of make up and the glamour, you’ll be a little apprehensive if there will be any substance left.

      I’m kinda 50/50 on the uniform tops. I do get your point that it gives a level playing field in terms of determining who really stands out. It’s also free publicity: candidates are marketing the pageant and the org with literally little to nothing much to do. But at the same time, it limits the girls from showing their personality through their fashion tastes/choices. Further, the fabric and the color that BPCI’s manufacturers use look cheap and dated. Imagine having to wear a neon pink/green top while being outdoors doing a daytime activity. medyo masakit sa mata (except for the dark violet, yun nakakasosyal yun tingnan). Maybe they can still keep these uniform tops but please change at least the shades of colors that they use.

    • @ Miswa Thanks for sharing. They are your Final 5 titlists?

      Hence shall I assign the duties.
      BBP-International > Valerio
      BBP-Supranational > Cartasano
      BBP-Intercontinental > Dimaculangan
      BBP-(The)Globe > Guiao
      BBP-Grand International > Taruc

      Are you @ Will, too?

  5. I love that Franchesca knows how to standout even when it’s bordering on tacky and so does Honey… I just wish Honey is taller….Patrizia is a natural beauty but she doesn’t make enough effort to standout… She is gorgeous but beside other Binibinis she is lost… Gabriele is born to standout but would she be a headturner beside Europeans and Latinas? Hannah’s height is one of her best assets… and her mug nails it each and every time… I just hope she tones those thunder thighs before the finals…


    Bb. Pilipinas-International: HANNAH ARNOLD (Calm, Sweet, Serene, Barbie Doll Like)
    Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational: MAUREEN MANTAGNE (Fierce, Dramatic, Good Communication Skills)
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International: SAMANTHA BERNRDO (Sexy, Alluring, Bagay sila ni Angkol)
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe: JUSTINE FELIZARTA (Beautiful, Good Communication Skills)
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental: VICKIE RUSHTON (Para maka-graduate na siya sa pagentry kasi magpapakasal na siya kay Jason Abalos; Huwag nang patagalin pa.)

    1st & 2nd Runners Up: Bahala na kayo kung sino ang gusto ninyo.


    • @ paul Sexy at alluring (din) si Angkol? Kasi, sabi mo, bagay sila ni SamBer. 🙂

      I know Venezolanos know of our admiration for their pasarela skills; in fact, one of us commented on the runway skills of Migbelis, Ninoska, and Sthefany.

      Just my one cents. For SamBer to connect with the Caracas audience, she must tailor her very stage presence to emulate these women. We conveniently think the Latina way to walk – “malikot” like Clenci as per old MU schema – will guarantee victory. i think it is more than mere catwalk antics. It is really more about a CLEAN-REGAL QUEENLY AURA. Hope SamBer can manage that. Otherwise, I expect to see her at ICSM-Infinity Pageants-PGQ 2021.

  7. Nakakaumay ang activties ng BBP kasi walang bago. Wala akong ma feel na excitement kahit gaano ka gaganda ng girls nila. Dapat iniba nila ang format ng activites and styling ng mga girls nila this year likekasi iba ang ideals ng top plum nila.

    1. OUT OF THE BOX activities- Instead of pop jazz dance class na very miss universe, they should rather immerse their girls in etiquette sessions, nihonggo language classes, ethnic dance lessons etc Siguro may araw na mag cosplay sila for fun, attend speech classes, travel to vigan or mountain province for a week for a cultural enrichment mga ganon..Kasi Ms International is very much into culture and international relations di ba? BPCI need to create venues, guestings, social media interactions or whichever platform for people to hear the ladies speak and get to know them. Wag puro photo op BPCI. Wag maging tamad maghanap ng sponsors. Nagiging tamad na ang mga staff nyo kasi tuma THUNDERS na. Make it happen.

    2. CHANGE THE STYLING- Rather than tshirt and jeans, they should change their uniform to collared/bow blouses and knee-length circle MIDI or accordion skirts in stilleto shoes naman na may BB Pilipinas pin/glittery logo or something. Kasi MI celebrates delicate ladyship. Parang Carolina Herrera signature silhouette.

    3. CHANGE THE LOOK- Girls should be encouraged to wear minimal make up so they will look very ladylike and ethereal. Hindi yung kesyo nag dance class lang, layers upon layers naman ang false lashes. Lakas maka umay. I loved how maureen montagne wore a no make up look. It brings out the natural beauty of a woman. Alam naman nating ang beauty ideals ng Japan, eh bakit overly made yung BBP girls for an ordinary daily activity. Hindi na po MU ang top plum kaya adapt adapt din pag may time.

    4. PARADING IN SWIMSUIT SHOULD STOP! Other people may like it but for me it goes against the views of International on women. Rather, i parade nila ang girls in bright colored tailored suits with BB Pilipinas brooch. Very ka galang galang.

    These are not groundbreaking suggestions but just a few tweaks to entirely depart BBP from the Miss Universe brand of being fierce and powerful.

    But of course knowing BPCI, any little suggestion will only fall on deaf ears and if it’s lucky enough to reach her, it will encounter fierce resistance and will be shot down.

    Sadly, It’s actually not MUP that’s sinking… It’s BBP under BPCI for refusing to move forward.

    • Hi EVIL Jonas. Focus ka na lang sa PAYgeant mo. Malaki-laki babawiin mong investment.

      • @CatrionaFan ayan ka nanaman sis, Ad Hominem ka nanaman. Wala na bang ibang strategy? Darating kaya yung point in the future where you would actually address the issue/topic being discussed and not resort to attacking/spreading more hate and throwing accusations towards others?

    • Di ba? Di na lang ginawang CAG. DE ORO CITY, MIS. OR. REG. XI, PH para nakapalibot na sa katawan nya. At may N. E. pa yung CABANATUAN CITY, na para bang may ibang kilalang lugar na Cabanatuan din, samantalang yung Cebu, CEBU lang. Ang gulu-gulo kasi hindi uniform.
      Ang Miss Earth PH naman, may AUSTRALIA, may QUEENSLAND, may BRISBANE, ano ba naman? Maliit na bagay pero halatang walang alam yung gumawa o nakaisip ng ganito.

      • Dalawa ang pinadala ng Nueva Ecija. One is carries the name of the capital while the other sa province. Isa lang naman yata ang representative ng entire Cebu this year for BBP.

      • @ Viveka di mo ata gets. Walang kinalaman ang number of enties. The point is Cabanatuan is CABANATUAN, wala na dapat CITY para uniform, mas lalo na yung N. E. Meron pa pala may dala ng NUEVA ECIJA e, so yung paglalagay ba ng N. E. sa CABANATUAN CITY ay nakatulong o nakaganda? Yun yung point, gets?
        And look at Cebu, CEBU lang sya, yung Tagum, TAGUM lang, yung ibang cities ganun din, yung CABANATUAN may word talaga na CITY, bakit?
        Merong DAVAO DEL SUR, pero yung Zamboanga ZAMBOANGA lang. Gets mo? Hindi sya uniform, yun yun. And of course, ang nag-iisang CAG. DE ORO, MIS. OR.
        Ikaw ang hindi nakaintindi pero parang kasalanan ko pa at kailangan pa mag-explain.

      • @Anonymous

        I get you. It’s redundant.

        But if that is what the candidate/local sponsors prefer to be printed in their sash as a visual display of pride and honor of their place, then who are we to complain?

  8. Grabe naman yung sash ni CDO, CAG. DE ORO, MIS. OR. talaga? Pwede namang CDO o CAGAYAN DE ORO, wala naman ata ibang may dala.

    • @ Anonymous Exactly. Amateurish ang dating.

      ‘Yun na lang “Tagum”, “Valenzuela”, at “Caloocan”, tapos, ‘yung “Cabanatuan City”, may CITY, gayo’ng kasya pa naman sa sash ang CITY…..

      With regards to comments by @ Fabian Reyes and @ Luke, guys, how would you feel if just to liven things up, LCS BUYS THE BBP PAGEANT FROM THE ARANETAS ONCE Mdme. SMA retires from the organization? Then there would no longer be any impediments in terms of matching if not exceeding MUP, financially speaking. Gov. can put PLENTY of cash into the pageant…. money that can fuel excitement in every direction!

      The “less prestigious” brands that BBP carries is not something any of us can do anything about.


      • @Flor Tula: Your question needs a multilayered response. I’m tempted to dismiss it and just say, let the BPCI figure that out. But I have to accord respect considering that BBP is a national legacy pageant.

        I understand from the interview with JG, the Singson’s are a crucial part of MUP at least in the conduct of the charity gala (we can speculate that it could be more than that). The LCS is a business entity so anything it does requires reasonable returns. The fact that the Singsons chose Miss Universe is an indication that among the myriad of pageants, they view it as most bankable. Additionally, the fact that JG clearly said in his interviews that the MUO/IMG demands that the MU franchise should be standalone means the MUP shall not be comingled with any other titles.

        Now as far as the BPCI is concerned, it is not necessary that the management changes hands to keep itself afloat. SMA may remain as its brand figurehead (she was the first MI in its history and the fact that the highest crown in BBP 2020 is MI even more emphasizes her equity) and leave the operations to a newer more competent and creative team. Even if it is a non-profit organization, corporate laws do not restrain it from hiring (better salaried) good people to rethink its branding position through.
        If the Araneta’s will lose interest in carrying on, then it is inevitable that the franchises are open to receivers (that’s up to them really). The prospective investors do not need to adopt all titles as they can cherry pick the pageants they want. We have seen that happening with Thailand as each pageant is now managed by different organizations and that country’s international performance has clearly improved recently.

        They may also consider the approach of Mexico and Colombia where they crown one winner and assign runners-up (in the sidelines) to other affiliated contests. They can also try to emulate Venezuela, Bolivia and Mexico (in the past) where from the same set of girls, they hold multiple final competitions to give one crown for each competition (at different dates).
        Some countries, to beef up airtime for their sponsors (like Mexico Universal and Miss Diva) transformed their competitions into reality shows wherein in each episode, a contestant is eliminated until they only have a handful of finalists left on the grand finale (like PBB). There are endless possibilities, my view is that the BPCI needs to go back to its drawing board, be attuned to the times, and not rest on its past glory.

    • I agree. Hindi pinag-isipan. Walang technical editor na tumutok sa mga sashes?

  9. Parang nalanta Ang BP nang mawala ang MUP.
    I don’t feel any excitement at all

    • I agree and in the videos where SMA was being interviewed, she herself appeared insipid (also a bit sarcastically). No matter how beautiful the BBP girls are, we know the winners will be sent to international pageants that pageant fans are less interested in. Sure we are thankful whenever we get high placements in these pageants but not many actually watch their live finals. We are after all, a “Miss Universe” country much like Latin America.

      The BBP activities are already so predictable as they are virtually the same year by year. Its website (although has taken a design facelift of sorts) still incorporates the same old textual content. Even in its parameter on “About BPCI,” the recent international winners are not even mentioned like Catriona, Pia, Kylie, Bea, Mutya, and Ann in the 7th paragraph (when they are part of its history). How difficult is it to do a little editorial on this (which speaks volume of how laggard its web writers/designers are)? It is also worth noting that if you scroll down its homepage, BPCI has removed Gazini under the list of “Binibining Pilipinas Queens 2019” when she was part of the 2019 crowned queens under BBP.

      On the other side of the fence, bashers and supporters are ganging up on MUP. Whether the comments are positive or critical, the fact that they are commenting more on MUP attest to the higher level of interest on it. If BPCI does not do drastic changes to its competition course, I fear it will not be MUP but BBP that will languish eventually. I’m still hoping for the best that the level of public interest remains high.

  10. @ paul Justine Felizarta (Davao del Sur, right?) is giving a Tia Carere x Pocahontas vibe. You’re right! (The)Globe might just be a good assignment for her. 🙂

    In the blur of eyes unassisted by reading glasses, I only managed to to make out Masbate (Hannah, with her pear-shaped hips) and Sultan Kudarat (I don’t know who she is, but her skin tone is GLORIOUS).

    Finally with the lenses on, I spotted a few of my favorites, chiefly in the lowest/last photo. And then it hit me – if someone with eyesight issues can distinguish you sans lenses, you must truly be beautiful. That being said, I am now a bit worried….. not for my vision, but for my “manoks” because if even here at rehearsal you are not outstanding, then how will you fare in your international contest?

    Though indeed beautiful, Karen Laurrie might register insipid if sent anywhere other than Japan. Again, Pat Babista was made to look like Paweensuda Drouin. SamBer is GORGEOUS, here; she almost resembles Vickie!

    Ticaro is the teacher from Tagum (City), no? She radiates refinement. She can be a dark horse.

    • @flor Karen is painfully thin and she is banlag in case di mo napansin. Yun Isa pa fave natin na candidate na pagka Ganda ganda sa photo shoot banlag din
      They are beautiful yes but golden rule of facial symmetry

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