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  1. Stunning girl. She needs work on speaking thou, overall right for the title. Would be difficult to send her this year, Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa won. If we send her this year, we might ended up the same faith as Paweensuda “Fahsai” Drouin *Miss Universe Thailand. Sending a complete clone of ‘Catriona Gray’, just after Catriona Won.

    Miss International organisation would definatly fall in love with her.

    • @ ozmoi & @ Tin She is not statuesque like Evelyn Namatovu. But yeah, if she can polish her speech like Rebetswe Sechoaro, then field her for BBP-International 2022-23. Skip at least one year before resurfacing, as did Catriona. This makes fans YEARN for her, and keeps “umay” factor at bay.

  2. I feel na hindi sa lahat ng oras ay comm skills ang magpapanalo sa isang kandidata. Mahalaga ang comm skills pero it doesnt have to be perfectly polishes like grammatically perfect. Basta pag nafeel ng mga judges na sincere ka, raw, fresh, at may laman ang sinabi ko mas papabor sila kesa don sa grammatically perfect at jargon ang choice of words para mag mukha lang matalino. Just sayin’

  3. Sir Norms, what happened to Trisha Bantigue? I thought she filed her application with Ms. U-Phils.

  4. her hair really needs transformation for more better looks at lumabas ang mga nakatagong looks nya that will make her look more good. in this look she looks really more different. she looks like roxanne barcelo. medyo raw pa talaga sya. pang teen universe peg nya. she is good to send in MU after 2 years. nakukulangan ako sa awra at confidence nya. Pero pwede sya sa MI ngayon. they will surely love her. so dont send her now in MU at baka ma miss myanmar 2019 ito.

  5. What a stunning beauty.

    Just saw a youtube of MU 1987 final five. Interesting is that this particular year there was no final q&a. The judges determined the winner by the “final look.” Chile won, but I felt her beauty was weak and was not my pick.

    That said, Ms. Florida would have made the final five if MU still went retro.
    Unfortunately, it is not going to happen.

  6. Actually….i actually want to actually talk other than the actually word, but I can only actually say ACTUALLY!!!! Thank you actually!

    • Her overuse of actually can easily get fixed with more training in comm skills from MUP. Minor flaw for a newbie to national pageants. She has the X-factor and charisma plus grit which helped her be the breakout star of the press presentation. Just wait for her beautiful transformation in comm skills, pasarela and styling. MUP is going to train all the candidates like they’re already preparing for the MU competition. as ND Shamcey told a reporter.

      For now, please show your support for your favorite and try to refrain from bashing any candidates. 🙂

  7. ACTUALLY,….

    …. is the same issue with Gabrielle Basiano.

    Mr. Tinio/Admin, I gave a suggestion (already) in the GB teaser on how to hopefully deal with this effectively. But, indeed, it will take time. And NOW is a great time to start.

    • Irritating , isn’t it
      Used to do that myself ( but not like her or Pops Fernandez) until some Syrian Cardiologist told me “ actually actually what ? “I have not used the word since
      I don’t mind hundreds of actually’s as long as she is able to get her thoughts across

  8. I think… actually… I think … actually … her mother tongue, actually, is Sinugboanon, actually not Waray-waray … actually.

  9. She’s young and more beautiful than Apriel, at least for me.
    Give her 5 years more to have proper training, she can represent our country in any pageant internationally not necessarily MU.

      • Just let her speak Cebuano or Waray-waray, and she could give those so called front runners a run for their money.
        If national beauty pageants (organizers and aficionados) continue to subtly promote proficiency in spoken English as basis for earning the right to represent our country internationally, then those exquisite beauties raised in the hinterlands will always be at a disadvantage.

      • Cuz, it’s not her English . It’s the way she looks when she talks . She’s too rough .

      • That’s exactly the point. Have her speak straightforward Waray-waray.

        Spoken proficiency (or the lack thereof) on any secondary language will be more than evident in those subtle non-verbal cues.

      • What I’ve been trying to say is .. whatever language she speaks , Whether fluently or not fluently , She’s still not pretty enough for a national title . It’s the symmetry of her face as her nose and mouth move That’s not pretty .
        Look at MAxine during her MU presentation … or even Apriel .

  10. She is young, beautiful and tall 5′ 5″. She will definitely bring home the crown.

  11. Who would have thought that an eye-catcher raw beauty will come out of the pristine isolated little island-province of Biliran? That’s why I applaud the idea of Accredited Partners sending thier province’s or LGU’s best. I can’t wait to see how the MUP process will transfer her into a holistic beauty. She may not win MUP (although we cannot say yet anything conclusive as of this time), but she has already won. With the free training, she will definitely be a much better version of herself after the pageant, ready to jumpstart any career she chooses. Suddenly, people’s interest in her has put her remote province in the spotlight. How about that for tourism and trade!

  12. She’s pretty… but she should not style her hair the way she has it in the second photo. Her forehead is too big and too distracting.

  13. Her case is the same case for mestiza candidates wherein the phrase “dahil ba maputi maganda na”?. I can say the same for the candidate from Biliran. She happens to be a woman of color that is not heralded in PH pageantry. In case she does not have that lovely skin color, will her beauty will still be hyped?

    We need to select PH rep beyond skin colors. The rep should have a great knowledge of our culture, diversity, and uniqueness of our race so that she can proudly share it to the world or the universe rather.

  14. Ms Florida looks like Aubrey miles
    Still Galeria is the face of miss universe ph 2020

    • Di hamak na magaling ito magsalita kay Robinson’s Galleria, less the actualies.

    • Di hamak na magaling ito magsalita kay Robinson’s Galleria, less the actualies.

  15. Neck-up she is indeed beautiful….
    She could be a TV and commercial success with her good teeth, beautiful eyes and natural curly hair… She should audition at PBB or one of those talent shows if she has any…

    • Ok make that waist-up… she is gorgeous…
      She need to tone those bun and thighs… and position her feet correctly in front of the camera…

  16. Akala ko nu’ng una, super tall. Hindi pala..


    Paging A&Q or JG, if you want to sign this girl up, I suggest you field her at Miss Charm, as successor to Ashley Subijano Montenegro. I will assume you will still hold the franchise next year. Let’s just see how she fares and what kind of reception she gets from non-Filipinos.

  17. Sorry , stop hyping this girl
    She ain’t got it
    Watcb her interviews . She has no queenly aura her face is ordinary and the way she talks needs polishing
    To the remaining candidates . Stop talking to the bag snatcher . His cam will exaggerate your imperfections. It’s a good thing Alaiza is perfect facially.. . The uber close up shot helps me conclude she will slay.
    But again, no to Biliran
    If u want black , choose Apriel

    • @ Fabian Reyes Then it’s settled! Alaiza Malinao will be MUP 2020. Salamat ng marami, daw, said The Camp. 🙂

      Alaiza should easily out-face Jihane, the actress from Jawa (Java)Tengah and presumptive winner of Puteri 2020. But,…. don’t you think she (Jihane) has lip fillers….?

      Justine Felizarta versus Pat Babista versus Patch Magtanong for MUP 2021.

    • i would choose apriel over her . ms biliran is too raw for now and her interviews confirm the fears of many shes not all that.

  18. She’s is gorgeous! I wonder about her communication skills? But she is still very young. She’s got a bright future in pageantry! I also saw some FB posts comparing to her to our first Miss Universe because of their physical resemblance. 🙂

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