7 comments on “Lou Dominique Piczon for Miss Universe Philippines 2020

  1. From day 1 I hoisted my support for Lou’s bid to the MUP title but I can’t help notice about the lukewarm receipt among the pageant connoisseurs on both of her appearances on the submission of application and press presentation.

    I believe it’s the freaking styling.

    She has a small frame and a morena complexion. Why of all colors will her stylist put her in a BLACK jumpsuit and horrible shoes during the application and a TAN Filipiniana ensemble during press presentation? Major facepalm!

    Pictures don’t lie ACES AND QUEENS!

    Why can’t they put her in a dress and shoes with the hottest hues of either pink, purple, yellow and blue?!

    I believe she has one of the most arresting beauties of this MUP batch. But her stylist is making it really hard for her.

    Lou, commission the help of the Cebuano stylists. Looks like your stylists here in Manila are sabotaging your chances. Do it now. QUICK!

  2. Sweet Jesus, bless Blogger’s kind gay heart. 🙂

    Piczon looks like a Chinita Amelinckxz, here.

    Of the Cebuanas currently there, she imo stands the best chance of landing in the Top 5.

    @ Cool Brew is right. Tracy Maureen Perez, BACK OUT NOW AND GO OVER TO MPE!

    @ paul (aka, pa or PA, bakit nawala ang “u” at “l”?) GREAT IDEA. Last-minute shockers, you suggested. 🙂

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