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  1. Nose is too big for the hairstyle and costume .
    I assume the inspiration here is Barbra Streisand

  2. Honey Grace already had an international pageant stint – in China last year. Her NatCos was designed by Paolo Ballesteros – a sampaguita that unfurls.

    Of the current perceived front-runners at BBP 2020 – Cartasano, Basiano, Arnold, Montaigne, Rushton, and Bernardo – only Vickie and Samantha haven’t gone abroad.

    IF ONLY TO ENSURE THEY HAVE ALL HAD THAT CHANCE, I am willing to downgrade four to semifinal if not Runner-up posts to ensure these two finally get their day in the sun. BUT, I WILL STILL INSIST THAT THE NEGROS LASS BE SENT TO ALBANIA (as follow-up to Leren) and THE PALAWENA SENT TO CARACAS (back-to-back Sam).

    • What pageant ?
      Suman costume tapos sampaguita
      Paolo is definitely no RL. Bakya masyado

      • @ Fabian Reyes It was a pageant so minor, it had little, if any, recall….. Sorry.

        It was sometime September or October? Probably around the same time Jerellen Rodriguez went to Manta, Ecuador for United Continents.

        I also recall Honey photographed with a pine tree sapling in the background.

    • @ Flor Tula. Saan po nag abroad si Arnold… Sa Australia? Ano pong international pageant ang nasalihan niya?

      • @ john manalo Hannah’s was in Malaysia, before she came to the country to start her residency to qualify for BBP 2019. She got the Continental sash, there. That pageant was posted here by @ Norman, but I no longer recall when. You could browse through My Blog Library (Archive).

        That pageant was interesting because after the semifinal line-up was called (which included Hannah), the organizer suddenly changed their mind, made the ladies return backstage, then ANOTHER set of semifinalists were called out, this time including the host delegate.

        During the crowning (I don’t recall who won), a good number of candidates opted to remain backstage in silent protest at the bizarre turn of events; Hannah was among them. But as she held the Continental Sash, she wisely kept mum on the matter.

    • @ Flor Tula. Browsed through Norman’s January 30, 2018 posts… Miss Tourism World in Melaka, Malaysia marred by irregularities (errors in the names of the top 5 only for a new set of top 5 to be called that inluded the host deligate). The Philippine rep then was MARIAN ANGELU ALCANTARA … who was named Tourism World-Asia and won best tourism video

      • @Flor Tula. Norman’s January 28, 2018 post: What did just happen at the Miss Tourism Worl 2017/2018 finals?

      • @ john manalo OH, WOW. HUGE BLUNDER ON MY PART.


        However, I believe Marian Angelu Alcantara is Filipina-Australian and this is where I might have made the error. When Hannah Arnold surfaced last year (2019), I probably assumed she was one and the same lady, as her joining BBP more or less coincides with completion of a one-year residency.

        AGAIN, @ john manalo, I was wrong and I THANK YOU for correcting me.

        As to exactly what happened in Malaysia, I have no idea but Ms. Alcantara in that article said they were bewildered by the turn of events. Now, I wonder if she is in the country and if we can expect to see her again….. In any case, I MEANT NEITHER HARM NOR MALICE to Hannah Arnold. And I also hope Marian Angelu is doing well, wherever she is.


      For the record, Hannah Arnold has NOT yet participated in an international pageant.

      I HONESTLY mistook her for Marian Angelu Alcantara.

      Please refer to my thread below with @ john manalo.

      I admit my error. And apologize to both ladies for having distressed them.

  3. This girl needs to go back to her 2018 hairstyle
    Para syang bading sa current do

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