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  1. Upgraded version siya ni Ahtisa “Papansin Party Girl” Manalo na kung maka-eksena feeling winner agad. LOL

  2. Ganda this ghorl, pero mahirap kabugin sina Vickie Rushton, Hanah Arnold, Sam Bernardo at Honey Grace Cartasano.

    Anyway, just saw on Facebook a headshot photo of Michelle Gumabao. Ay, may winner na! Ganda n’ya dun. Sana seryosohin n’ya magpapayat at mag-gym, at pag nangyari ‘yun, Top 3 tayo sa MU ulit. Kakabog s’ya sa MU kase she talks with sense talaga.

    That’s all.

  3. Basiano is a sure threat . I don’t know how she talks. If she can , she will surely get one of the top crowns.
    Maureen’s advantage is her very feminine voice and demeanor .But her face sometimes looks too strong .
    Hanna is not in winning form yet .
    Vicki , I really do not know where to place her . But she is probably the prettiest in the batch
    Sam is MGI or Supra for me.

  4. I find viki facially beautiful. She almost swept all the sponsor awards last 2019. But does the grandma and grandpa finds her facially most beautiful? They choose face of binibini prior the coronation night. Viki did not bag the face of binibini 2019 was eva. the face of binibini 2020 was gazini. Even Karen gallman was face of binibini the first time she joined. I remember a commenter here said that ladies may look beautiful on photos but a disappointment in person or otherwise

    • I was present during the Parade of Beauties last year and I can assure you, Vickie does not disappoint in person. She is the most beautiful of the 2019 Batch. Even Gazini pales in comparison. The “Face of Binibini” award is actually the same as the Miss Photogenic Award, so the recipient of this is not necessarily the facially strongest/most beautiful but she sure is deemed the most photogenic

      • Vickie is gorgeous from the neck up but from the neck down…not too much. Top heavy and unfortunately that physique leaves a lot to be desired.

  5. Maganda pero matapang ang mukha. There’s something abt her face, parang di pang beauty queen. More on png artista

  6. Bernardo, Rushton, Montagne, Arnold & Basiano … top 5 crowns (Galeria is a spoiler alert)

    Now that Universe is no longer chosen, I hope they put on the crowns on the heads of the winners all at the same time , there should be a way of doing this …

    • @ jaretwrightlover Maria Isabela Galeria is at the other side of the backyard…..

      Yes! There is a way to crown simultaneously. Watch the finale of MI 2019. Or as at any prestigious international sports tournament, the medalists are first called, line up, and the officials come in a parade, align themselves towards the honorees, and the medals and gifts bestowed in one go.

      Great selection! It will finally bring the three KF stalwarts to the end of their pageant careers, with an independent and A&Q candidate each.

      • … & they announce it all at the same time…. that’s the tricky part… I guess they should put on the crowns all at the same time first , without announcing any particular titles… like ” step forward all five of you ” … then, put all the crowns on …

        It’s so confusing now, Galeria should have just tried Bb again … Malinao and Gumabao are the far frontrunners in MUP

    • Ha, ha, ha… Baka sa Finals, LALABAS BIGLA SI GALERIA sa stage ng Araneta Coliseum at sisigaw nang SASALI AKO NGAYONG GABI dito sa Bb. Pilipinas. jaretwrightlover checks your facts first. Flor baka may mangyaring CROSSOVER na MASOSORPRESA TAYONG LAHAT. Sa May 3, baka BIGLANG MAY LALABAS sa stage ng MOA na mga aspirant ng Bb. Pilipinas katulad ni HANNAH ARNOLD at SISIGAW nang SASALI AKO sa MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES. KALOKAH! He, he, he…

  7. I wonder which international pageant she’ll be sent to?
    If she aces her Q&A, without a doubt she’ll win..


  9. She shares with Maureen Montaigne the distinction of earning the silver medal (1st Runner-up) at their respective international pageants.

    Between the two, I am partial to and gravitating towards Gabrielle Basiano. Though the former is in all probability more polished in the Question Round, she is puny (read : short) beside the latter and her already many appearances – MUSA (or was it a state qualifier?), MWP, MEco-I, and Century Tuna Superbods – render her in my eyes somewhat “tiring”.

    As much as Poland sounds like a supra-exciting assignment, my gut feel is that she will be edged out by more “agile” competitors.

    I doubt either Caracas or Albania will be to her advantage.

    Egypt (Intercontinental) may be more promising?

    • @flor. Montaigne is 5’7. She doesn’t have the habit of wearing the super clogs like Sam b and viki. This year they could wear any shoes they like.
      Basiano is beautiful in our Asian eyes but the foreigners would pick Montaigne

      • @ bonsaihater By “foreigners”, I will assume you mean (other) Asians because I do not believe Eurasian halfies like Maureen are considered exceptionally/extraordinarily/unusually beautiful in WASP-y countries. Quite the contrary. They might even be seen as “impure”, as having “tainted our blood”. But, of course, this is blatant racism.

        I will also go ahead and therefore assume you think she is ideal for the Tokyo Dome. Sure, no problem. In this blog are found an entire spectrum of tastes and aesthetics. In fact, I think Japanese guys will like her. Even @ Fabian Reyes said that if she can soften her look, then konnichiwa!!! 🙂

        That being said, I am of the PERSONAL opinion that 5’7′ is a GREAT height for a woman! What curves she might possess will distribute WONDERFULLY. Rachel Peters is a good example.

        Do not fret. I myself see neither Sam nor Vickie bagging a crown any higher than Intercontinental. I said as much in my comment in the Honey Cartasano previous post.

        And like I said (again), my gut feel is Gabby will be edged out. But then, even barefoot I believe it is quite safe to assume she is at the very least just as tall as Maureen. Certainly not shorter. Here’s the thing – Gabrielle is good at making herself look really tall. She poses as if she were a tree too lofty to support itself! This could be a visual trick-illusion she learned at RL Angel’s?

      • @flor for me Basiano =mi, supra, mgi
        Hanna=mi or just let be semi and perhaps go other contest
        Maureen =mi, supra, mgi
        Carina= beautiful can clinch a crown if judges are male
        I’m just stating that the reason she looks puny besides the other candidates bec she only wear 2-3 inches heels. All the male testerone foreigners I know are raving on Maureen and carina
        Sam edged viki. Viki is not a beauty queen material w that droopy kind of breast. Big thigh but since she is facially beautiful 5’5 miss intercon the most that is if she gain weight
        The Karen girl is ghastly thin no body shaming here. Her head is too big for her body

      • @ bonsaihater I will say this now, after stalling for so long. Because you said straight guys like Maureen (and Carina). I concur. I once had an FB fren, a straight guy with a pretty GF, who expressed admiration for Maureen when she was part of the MWP 2018 line-up of titlists. She is in American hip-hop parlance what would be referred to as a “shawty”. 🙂

        Carina, I will not mind at all if she pulls a come-from-behind-or-nowhere. Like I said before, that SMILE alone deserves a toothpaste endorsement!

        Both Karen Laurie and Pat are worrisome thin. But the former’s stunning Thai-like countenance and queenly-shy detachment-in-a-good-way smells of a sheltered princess protected from the elements – MABANGO AT MAYAMANIN! The latter, I will not mind to eventually crossover to MUP since her quite “neneng” aura is very easily whipped into submission when placed beside alpha females like Taruc or Rosales. Besides, I want to see eventually if her Magna Cum Laude can topple Atty. M.’s Cum. Her handlers tried to make her (Pat Babista) look like Paweensuda Drouin. But the result was a disaster.

  10. i want her on MI if not karen. But feeling ko mKasgot lang ng kahit mala gazini si vickie on finals sa kanya ibibigay ni sma ang mip and gab will possibly send to MGI or supra. gab is the most beautiful mgip and supraph next to mutya.

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