19 comments on “Filbert Kung for Miss Universe Philippines 2020

  1. Exciting ang glamshots ha. Sana may evening gown and etc din. LOL but let’s see kung anu kahihinatnanan.

    Madaming pera ang MUP so mas may budget sila sa kung anu-anong ganap. Antay natin ang results..

  2. Well MUP indeed is a mini Miss Universe. This is in reference to what I have said before. The MUP candidates are in training for Miss Universe and not for the local pageant level anymore.

  3. I am liking what I’m reading. Unlike BBP where candidates are left to fend for themselves (or their camps) preparing for the competition, MUP is actually nurturing its candidates and training them along the way (at virtually no cost to the candidates). In which case, MUP provides a leveling field for the “raw” girls and those who can not shell out at least a hundred thousand pesos just to join a pageant (if Nicole Cordoves’ vlog is to be noted).

  4. dami din glamshots ni Gazini

    alam naman naten ang kinahinatnan

    glamshots wala naman bearing masyado sa MU na 1 week event lang
    marunong na sila lahat mag pose pose project sa camera for sure

    dapat now pa lang comm skills training
    advoacy strengthening

    • chillax, ghorl. Glamshots are for the fans’ entertainment only, not for the candidiates’ official scores. Also just because they are doing glamshots does not necessarily mean that they dont do trainings on other areas. pwede namang sabay sabay sis haba haba ng almost three months.

  5. barya lang naman lahat yan sa pera ng mga Pinoy na na kay Chavit
    pera din ng mga Pinoys ginagastos dyan

    puro glam glam glam
    kulang sa comm skills training and advocacy

    kaya talunan sa MU

    • EVIL money. Integrity are no longer valued. Basta glam, pasok sa mga bekla. Haaaays.

    • @ SQ Ano’ng gusto mo’ng sabihin namin? Wala naman kami’ng IG….. which is only for youth.

      He looks cute, though. 🙂

      Now, who is more? Him, or Maria Garcia?

  6. am really expecting a lot and bigger to MUP. lalo nat First edition nila. Do it ala Miss Universe!!!! Hopefully mag post na sila ng list of events nila. sana wala sa list nila ang parade beauty kahit gusto meron pero hinde pwede at taken na ng bbp yan. for sure aatake na naman ang mga crab na anti MUP pag ginaya nila. i dont have any idea na pwedeng ipangtapat don. Dapat may gala night sila. may pa dinner din mala em g ay haha. sana may fashion show din and mall tour wearing MUP offocial shirt.

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