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  1. still giving this edition the benefit of the doubt. but will still be critical..

    ang daming masyadong hilaw. which i believe is just a waste of slot. feeling ko talaga masyadong marami ito. if we want to have the best of the best let’s just focus on the quality ones while the raw girls train for the future edition/s. but that’s just my two cents.

    Malay naman natin.. an underdog wins MUP. anybody knows the next ganap of this org?

    is it just me or… hmmm medyo najijirits ako pag nakkta ko si jonas sa eksena? mas ma eksena pa kay Shamcey LOL

    • @ MrManila Here’s the thing, Sir…..

      An underdog victory is also an opportunity for the organization to PROVE that their training module is effective. The TRANSFORMATION is all!

      This also is good for the organization to create their OWN network of (franchisees and) national contacts.

      Yes, they have plenty to prove but we have to hand it to them – they seem up to the challenge.

      You sense NO hesitation in their movements. Perhaps occasionally bumpy, but after all they’re just starting.

      • yes i know they are just starting.. but kasi.. the people behind them are not. they are experienced and been doing events and pageants. that’s my point.

        I hope they don’t end up MWPH2.0

      • @ MrManila That being said, a BIG part of the perceived predetermination at MWP was its practice of crowning without fail candidates with show business links. Yep, we know…..

        But I am not aware of any candidate right now in MUP with that sort of connection.

        To eliminate raw girls, franchisees need to agree to an even more stringent set of criteria. Maybe next year, they will. Now, at least, everyone saw what happened…. (quantity over quality).

  2. I don’t see Margie Moran’s niece. .Is she that bad or her aunt from either side has angered To go Norman?

  3. That black girl from Biliran reminds me of this Miss Japan halfie during Pia’s time. I can see her as future MUP for sure. She’s gorgeous.

  4. Kahit wala sya sa listahan, gusto ko ang mukha nang black barbie from Biliran. I dont know pero malakas ang dating nya for me. Di cguro sya ung kagalingan sa communication pero there something in her. Akin lang naman yun. peace

  5. ISA LANG ANG MANANALO. PARA SA AKIN, GUSTO KONG MANALO AY SI MICHELLE GUMABAO. She has still lots of time to lose weight until the Miss Universe. Naghihintay lang sa kanya ang Gold’s Gym.

    Now, ano ang GAGAWIN NG 51 na MATATALO. HANDLERS BASAHING MABUTI ang mga sumusunod because these are my suggestions:
    1. APRIEL SMITH to Mutya Pilipinas, excellent chance of winning the Top Model title;
    2. ISABEL GALERIA to Mutya Pilipinas, very good chance of winning the Miss Tourism Int’l. title;
    3. ALAIZA MALINAO balik sa Bb. Pilipinas next year or to MPE this year kung kaya pa;
    4. SANDRA LEMONON to Miss World Philippines this year or back to BPP next year;
    5. PAULINE AMELINCKX to Miss World Philippines this year;
    6. PAULA ORTEGA to Miss World Philippines this year, bagay sa Reina Hispano Americana;
    7. RABIYA MATEO to Miss World Philippines this year or Bb. Pilipinas next year;
    8. YSABELLA YSMAEL to Miss World Philippines or Bb. Pilipinas next year;
    9. SIGRID FLORES best to Mutya Pilipinas this year or to MPE;
    10. CHIARA MARKWALDER to either Miss World Philippines or MPE this year;

    I HOPE LORRAINE will going to extend the deadline of MPE on MAY 31 so that some of you can still enlist on her pageant. PROBABLY 15 WILL ENLIST to ALV’s Miss World Philippines, ANOTHER 15 will go to Cory’s MUTYA PILIPINAS, and the remaining 11 to Lorraine’s Miss PHILIPPINES EARTH.

    ANO SA TINGIN MO Miss Flor Tula (who was designated by someone here as the White Lady of UP Diliman)? He, he, he…

    • @ paul It was @ scorg. Palagay ko, UP din ‘yan. 🙂

      Fair enough. After all, I now agree to current trend to NOT crown Pat Babista so as to finally get the three KF standard-bearers – Vickie, SamBer, and Maureen – over and done with. However, I will go the extra mile and ask that she NOT go beyond semifinal cut to expedite her exit from what I will assume will be a much-shorter BBP contract as a result (RU will tie her for at least a year, making it impossible for her to suit up for BBP 2021 IN A DLSU-UPD face-off with Atty. Patch M.!).

      1 to 3, OK. 4 – baka over-age na siya?, 5 to 8, you do realize you are giving ALV one monumental headache by crowding his pageant this year and turning it into an “All-Stars” edition. Bear in mind, Aberasturri and Manalo will duel for MWP. And I personally wish to keep Eco-International and Multinational for KF candidates like Akeel and that OTHER BB CROSSOVER THAT MR. TINIO HAS STILL LEFT UNIDENTIFIED, d-uuhhh….. 😦

      SGF is now “tanders contesera”; in my opinion, this will be her last. Like Shane Tormes at MPE 2020.

      Markwalder, I don’t know….. she can go wherever afterwards….. I guess.

      • MUP 2021, pala, sina Pat at Atty. Patch for that UPD-DLSU face-off. Got confused…. Sorry, @ paul.

  6. MU nga
    sa hotel lang lahat ganap
    tas 1 week lang finals na

    dami eksena nitong MUP

    talunan naman sa MU

  7. High hopes to MUP. please no terno dress as opening dress. NO to Final Question. “Why you should be the next Miss Universe Philippines?” Judges should be all gender. intelligent and have a good taste. Only 1 to 2 host. The host yesterday is a good choice. during announcement segment the host should say. Miss Universe from….. and then hoping may special awards din sila. sir norman. Do you have an info what will be the next event and when?

  8. If Michelle can’t lose the extra pounds, she can be the plus-size candidate in Miss Universe whose advocacy is to stop body shaming and for inclusivity of all body shapes, much like Siera Bearchell did when she competed in MU 2016 (and placed in the top 10). That should be a (pardon the pun) “PLUS” with the all-women judging panel of MU these days. This way, Michelle can have her cake — and eat it, too.

  9. While I think every candidate is already a winner and will go home a lot better versions of themselves after the contest, to predict the top contenders at this time is still risky. The MUP process will ensure that everyone undergoes a comprehensive training on physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development. The expectation is that the general public will see remarkable transformation in two months. I think this is the equalizer that will give everyone, newbies and veterans, a level playing field. Undoubtedly, the aspirants are all very beautiful– physically, intellectually and morally. More importantly, they are backed by their respective communities who are sending the general public the authentic message that their candidate represents the best in them. While presently I favour Michele (QC) and Sigrid (Catanduanes), I would rather wait for the “Phenomenal Woman” to emerge in two months.

  10. I’m not a fan of Apriel’s but she was gorgeous during the red carpet presentation

  11. Michelle Therese Imperial Gumabao na dw ang pre selected to win…formality n lng on May 3.

  12. Tito Norman, are u planning on doing interviews with the candidates ?
    I can’t imagine how awkward it’s gonna be especially with those u left out

  13. According to wikipedia, the format of MUP placements is similar to that of MU.

    Winner –
    1st runner-up
    2nd runner-up
    top 5
    top 10
    top 20

    Oh how exciting!!! Communication skills and how well the delivery will separate the contenders from pretenders.

    It’s hard to pinpoint a favorite due to uncharted MUP waters.
    Personally I like Alaiza M. I hope she can dazzle us with her communication skills.

    • Jonas said there will be a winner and 4 runners up. Runners up will also get cash prozes and they’ll also get to promote their advocacy.😊

    • I would prefer yung dating system ng MU na may final 5.

      Top 20 or Top 15 with statements ala MU2018
      Top 10 (swimsuit and long gown) I suggest with interview
      Top 5 (final q and a) same question
      Order of Announcements:
      4th Runner up
      3rd Runner up
      2nd Runner up

      Last 2 girls standing:
      Miss Universe Philippines 2020
      1st Runner up

    • I would prefer yung dating system ng MU na may final 5.

      Top 20 or Top 15 with statements ala MU2018
      Top 10 (swimsuit and long gown) I suggest with interview
      Top 5 (final q and a) same question
      Order of Announcements:
      4th Runner up
      3rd Runner up
      2nd Runner up

      Last 2 girls standing:
      Miss Universe Philippines 2020
      1st Runner up

    • I would prefer yung dating system ng MU na may final 5.

      Top 20 or Top 15 with statements ala MU2018
      Top 10 (swimsuit and long gown) I suggest with interview
      Top 5 (final q and a) same question
      Order of Announcements:
      4th Runner up
      3rd Runner up
      2nd Runner up

      Last 2 girls standing:
      Miss Universe Philippines 2020
      1st Runner up

  14. Time to do the math: 20 candidates were announced during the initial screening ( Norman’s blog Feb 1). 52 candidates were presented during the red carpet. That means there are only 32 from Accredited partners?? (out of more than 100 LGUs) …or were there more but only 32 passed the screening???

    • Interesting to find out eventually… with only one crown at stake, how many of the walk in and accredited partners candidates make it to the top 5?? (Then the rest would be fillers… quality vs quantity, reality vs. expectations)

  15. Grabe bagsak si Galeria sa top 15… from 1st Tier to 3rd tier….

    Sayang si Apriel.. is it the comskills?

    I get that she’s next to Gumabao when it comes to comskills… pero Hindi ko talaga type si Amelinkx kasi ang lapad… diet and gymgym kasi… we dont know if she has the same drive as Gumabao…. highest possible placement is 2nd RUp

    Im not worried about Gumabao’s thickness.. Cause she already got fit before and I know she could do it again… and best of all she’s tall..

    My new Top 10 in random order


    Flores, Sigrid


    We cant deny that Aliza’s bonestructure from head to toe are miles ahead of the majority of the girls… She can compete in any pageant and standout… She just have to at least give the same level wit on the interviews and the final Q&A to beat Gumabao…

    • @ Closer2Fame It’s funny when I think about it now. That I supported Michelle’s bid for MUP 2018 over Catriona. But I now dismiss the volleybelle as a filler due to the adoption of the AP franchise scheme.

      Kung wala lang siguro ‘yang franchising, I would still see a Lemonon vs. Gumabao “sabong”.

      May ilan’g franchisee diyan, dalawa o tatlo (!) ang kinuha’ng prangkisa para lang malubos ang chances of success. How do you think these few individuals will feel if a camp stalwart insider like Michelle won, considering she basically got in free? Na ginawa lang sila’ng taga-source ng filler para ma-justify ang pagpanalo ni MG?

      Or,…. you prefer to not take the AP franchise issue into consideration in your selection?

      Because when you think about it, it is this that essentially sets it apart from BPCI (obviously, they can’t as they are a charitable organization). I supported Michelle there, but not here. But that’s just me. The dynamics are simply different now. I feel the same way about Rushton on the other side of the backyard – her best chance was last year (2019); now, it’s utterly impossible (@ Fabian Reyes agrees, at least from how I understand his comment/s).

    • i would rather choose paula ortega than Michell m if she will not lose weight before the finals. she need to improved her walk and her magnet to captivate the people on her performances. those thing she lacks ay nasa iba. nakay paula and more on pauline. c2F this is the ist year of MUP and they are and we are expecting a miss universe acts on MUP stage. its more good if they will come out on stage a ala MU ready na. kung hinde lahat at least half of them especially the frontrunners ay mu ready na pag nasa stage na. so michelle need to ready her body and improved performance ala MU na. she need to proved her worth as MUP more than her Communication skills. mup is eyeing for that scenario on their ist year. on alaiza. base sa mga nababasa ko. they are targeting 3 sets of Q&A. so i think lemon and galeria have high chances on the top 5 rather than malinao.

      • I like Paula Ortega but her as a total package is more ideal for RHA, MGI or MSupra. As for Amelinkx, I love her comskills but she looks short, she’s the one who needs to workout and diet….

        Malinao can be if she’s not the total package… She has the face, height & body plus modeling experience of a Miss Universe winner and now her comskills has greatly improved.. If she talks more about her brilliant and timely advocacy, she could actualy beat all the front runners including the well-spoken Gumabao, Ysmael, Ortega, and Amelinkx.

  16. Yes sir norman. balanse po dapat. one should have all the qualities of being a miss universe. we dont need kalevel ni cat. very rare. mahirap makahanap ng ka level nya. what we need is balanse dapat. hinde pwedeng maganda lang. hinde pwedeng matalino lang. hinde pwedeng performer lang. hinde pwedeng may advocacy lang. hinde pwedeng good conversationalist lang. dapat meron lahat ok lang balanse. pero okay lang din if wala advocacy. as long as she can working out the advocacy of MU then that would be fine. so among the top 5. Pauline and bella are my top 2. and Pauline is my winner as of now. i hope she can maintain everything or can do more satisfying till finals night. Sandra is okay. malinao d ko pa din alam kung oo o hinde. paula balanse din pero hinde kasing balanse ni pauline. but she looks taller than ysabella. gumabao. parang napadaan lang sya. idk pero parang nakita ko sa kanya si katarina at michelle dee on their EG performances sa MWP parang naglalakad lang. so as of now. Pauline top my list.

    • for me l choice pauline ,kasi nandiyan na po sa kanya lahat very wise person,very pretty.l hope si pauline na ang mapili for top1.

  17. Pinadami para kunyari di sila flop pero ang totoo Malinao at Gumabao lang naman pagpipilian nila jan.

    MUP is MWP 2.0

  18. Great top 5 Sir Norman. I will place Piczon very closely behind the top five.

  19. can alaisa talk her mind, articulate, me sense kausap, smart and engaging? shes the hype girl on this batch..i hope she delivers beyond her bumgarner’s ootd’s. .sa panahon ngaun, di na uubra ang puro awra lang..kelangan, you speak ur mind..at me laman ang utak mu. un na.

  20. PAULA ORTEGA vs ALAIZA MALINAO for me…RABIYA is beautiful…plus i know marami pa lulutang dyan unexpectedly! AYOKO SA 27 GOING 28

  21. I like your top 5 choices sir Norman. I can see Michelle and Alaiza doing a Catriona-Tamaryn scene towards the end of the coronation. So excited.

  22. Alaiza has such stunning face and skin. Filipina looking talaga. Bet ko rin si Michelle G but her features do not scream Philippines kasi may pagka-foreign-ish ang aura. Ok kaya na magpa itim siya ng konti? Hihihi. Sa Q & A na lang magkakatalo. Ang daming magagandang sumali kahit ano pang sabihin ng mga bashers. In my opinion, kalahati ng mga kandidata, pasok sila sa labanan.

    • michelle got a tan when she joined previously.. but the result was not encouraging, di bagay sa kanya morena..pumangit sya ‘day..during the parade of beauties then, i was looking for the tisay michelle only to realize nasa harap ko na sya at nagpa itim kaya di ko nakilala…plain lookin jane..alam mu ung minsan naririnig natin na panlalait, maganda lang dahil maputi..well sya un..haha.

  23. Well there are a lot rumors in social media that mup would likely make partnership with the Kapamilya network.. Well i think it is true already at this point since shamcey is very visible in numerous kapamilya shows and very little exposure on the other network..

    • @ Juancrisostomo Then that simply and also means the preferred candidate by that TV company will be seriously considered in the Final Deliberation.

      • So whom are you referring as the “preferred” candidate of abs? I don’t think that such blunder happened in the past.. eh sana kung totoo yan, hindi sana nanalo si maxene nung 2016..

  24. Great start — so many raw girls Tito Norms who will give pageant veterans a run for their way. I’m actually more excited than ever with this new franchise. Yes BBP is tradition, a legacy but change is always good. Tired of the old pageant ways, it’s the roaring 20s once again, let’s keep evolving. For now I’m loving Alaiza, Apriel, that Biliran girl, and Ysabella. Not a fan of Michelle but she’s a good speaker. Good luck girls!

  25. For me , there are only two , the AO girls … Malinao and Gumabao
    If it were me, I will just train these two round the clock ’till the start of the pageant MU2020

    We only need a winner and a runner up … that’s it; focus the coaching !

  26. LOL. Never ever support something that started out in evil ways. Wag magpa-uto sa surface level na glam and glitz. Pweh!

  27. For me , it’s still Gumabao . But she has to prove that she can lose 10-20 lbs in the next 2 months . Michele, Plz do not use Sierra’s narrative to justify your weight . Just lose some, period

    Alaiza is the stand out physically .
    Apriel looks amazing too. Does she need talc powder to make her cheeks less shiny ?
    Galleria is gorgeous. Pls do not Make the mistake of talking to the bag snatcher !!!! And pls stop crunching your head .

  28. I like MUP’s process,very wholistic and forward thinking! Very modern approach, trailblazer! Mga kanal na bakla na overthinkers at conspiracy theorists napapangitan kasi stuck sila sa passé pageant patty activities na jusko, very 1950s ang datingan! Jologs! Girap na hirap mag embraceng change, mga kanals?

    • @ Jasmine Ang bango mo, Dude. 🙂

      Ar-OUCH! I wasn’t even born that early (1950’s).

      1950’s pala ang arrive ng “Bikini Open” — crowning with cape and trophy/bouquet/scepter.

    • Sa mga nag-dislike, you can’t accept the fact that BBP still has more better candidates than MUP.

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