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  1. These provinces competed at Miss Millennial Philippines 2019 but did not send a candidate at Miss Universe Philippines 2020:
    Benguet (but highly urbanized city Baguio City represented at MUP 2020)
    Davao de Oro (Compmostela Valley at MMP 2019)
    Davao Oriental
    Ilocos Norte
    Lanao del Norte
    Nueva Ecija
    Nueva Vizcaya
    South Cotabato (but highly urbanized city General Santos represented at MUP 2020)

  2. Lahat ng rehiyon maliban sa BARMM ay may kandidata. Pero maraming wala sa patimpalak kaya’t hindi kumpleto ang planong 114 na kandidata.

    • @ AJ Mag I-Ingles ako.

      A TALL order to be able to get ALL those regions/provinces and HUC’s in their List on the first year. Ngayon pa nga lang, nadaramihan na ang marami sa 52’ng kandidata para lang sa isang titulo.

      ‘Yung iba’ng kumuha ng prangkisa, maaari’ng hindi nakapagpadala ng kandidata at puwede naman’g sa susunod na (mga) taon na sila; ang mahalaga, nagbayad na sila!

      Tulad nu’n….How do you screen hundreds if not thousands of walk-in applicants (read : not affiliated yet with an AP) and AT THE SAME TIME accommodate a nearly equal number of interested AP parties (who themselves will be assessed by MUP organization), then trim all that down to just 50 or so? Yes, there are guidelines. But i assume they would cut back on walk-ins if there is a surfeit of AP’s. Certainly, since AP’s pay, they get priority over walk-ins.

      For example, can they decline an already-existing AP (meaning, defer for next time) to give others a chance? I can’t imagine the SCALE…..

  3. Sir Norman how many were chosen from online application and how many from the accredited partners?

      • @ Norman I suppose that if they had rejected submissions, it would have been from the Online.

        I would NEVER reject a franchisee AP submission; after all, they paid to join.

        Does this set-up not seem a bit unfair therefore to Online (walk-in?) applicants?

  4. ang stand out sa photo na ito ay si Jonas – namalengke lang?

    dami dami nila kandidata
    60 days ang mga ganaps so meaning bawat araw may eviction. LOL
    until announce ang big winner sa bahay ni Ate

    again sana pattern nila sa MU ang mga gagawin nila
    may prelims and natcos din back to back sa isang ballroom venue
    sa hotel lahat sila nakakulong

    1 week event lang tas finals na

    ganyan lang naman sa MU mismo
    aaksaya pa ng oras at pera
    para lang maging top 20 or clapper
    Latinas and USA are due for a win and they are ready.
    South Africa will aim for back to back
    Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam have Filipino mentors na rin.

    wala naman diyan sa mga yan ang total package
    may mala package sa lapad pero not total package

  5. Ang dami namang pakakainin ng Front Row
    It maybe a good idea though so maraming kaagaw si Michelle sa food

  6. My Top 10

    Aliza Malinao
    Michelle Gumabao
    Apriel Smith
    Bella Ysmael
    Isabela Galeria

    Paula Ortega
    Sandra Lemonon
    Pauline Amelinkx
    Sigrid Flores
    Rabiya Mateo

  7. Sa national repeater. Pauline number 1 ko. lahat ng qualities ng MU meron. d man kalevel ni cat pero balanse sya. d ko talaga ma appreciate si galeria. sa new faces. The black barbie girl and rabiya. sana willing si biliran ipa straight hair nya o ma i style into latina. maiimagine mo may magandang transformation yan kung maalagaan ng maayos. also gained more weight. laking tulong na nag AP sila at madami sumali. benefits para sa mga girls na madiscover for other industry. modeling. commercial or even films.

  8. Below expectation. Haayy…. not glamorous at all. Parang barangay levels ng slight

  9. This is perhaps the type of girls MUP is looking for. Pansinin nyo karamihan sa girls are not affiliated with any camp whatsoever. With these ‘raw’ beauties, mas mapapansin ang progress nila in the coming months. From make up to styling, presentation, communication, social media influence AND even their advocacies. Tutulong si MUP in those aspects.

    So if you’re looking for ladies na hinog na, pumunta kayo sa BBP. Di kayo madi disappoint sa quality of polished ladies.

    REMEMBER: most of these ladies come from the provinces they are representing wherein the only training they received came from local mentors pa lang AND untouched pa ng any professional pieces of training. I think MUP is somewhat looking for ladies they can polish for the competition. Nabasa nyo naman siguro yung training design nila di ba?

    Magbasa nga kayo kasi sa published communications ng MUP at unawain din pag may time.
    Wag puro reklamo at mema.

    • @ Viveka Vavagee I don’t recall ANYBODY here demanding for already-polished AP candidates.

      What happened was that A&Q advance reveal of their roster, which raised expectations….

      It is obvious that A&Q will use this as a recruitment blitz..

      Transformation? Sure! Go ahead. Nobody is against that.

      An AP candidate winning MUP 2020 will be the BEST proof of the effectiveness of their training design. We here are all ears.

      • Flor: I was addressing those people who call these ladies names like pangit etc with obvious preference naman to the other org without realizing these ladies has yet to unlock their true potentials. I’m sure may nakikita kang more than one commenter na ganoon ang ginagawa.

        If indeed AnQ will use this as a recruitment blitz, I see no wrong with that. But remember, AnQ does not accept just any ladies who wish to train with them. That’s what differs them from KF.

        But rather than joining a camp, it might be better for these ladies along with their AP’s to organize a glam squad instead with a Qna and Pasarela mentors to further customize training specific to the need of the candidate.

      • @ Viveka Vavagee Speaking of A&Q not accepting each and every applicant that comes their way, then this recruitment blitz would be somewhat awkward when you think about it…. girls they probably would have dropped outright, but because they are AP bets, AND THEREFORE PAID TO BE INCLUDED, the camp has now no choice…… 😦

        One current Binibini was, if I am correct, screened by A&Q a few years ago but was not taken in (I do not know why), went over to KF, but then settled at a third camp, which she represents now.

        MUP needs to find a way to be able to impose more QC/QA in the franchisee reps they get. The comments say it looked like MPE….. Quality Control/Assurance. And we know A&Q hates ME.

  10. My last comment is that the stage could have been bigger. I will have anxiety standing elbow to elbow with the others specially if they are on the edges of the stage hihihihihi

    Who are your top standouts Norms?

    • @ 4M This function room isn’t too big. Photographs big, but in reality is towards intimate scale.

      Like I said in the previous post, this could have been done outdoors, sa Pool. It didn’t rain today.

      Yep. Hunky Marketing and Business Development Dude is Mario Garcia. 🙂

  11. Given that they are doing a preliminaries then it won’t be an issue having this many candidates. However, they should cap it to 50 or even just 40 every year. Unless of course, these girls have the financial backing of their APs. Live the dream, ika nga. And as long as the sponsors can all shoulder the cost then go lang.

    I do agree that the people behind MUP should dress appropriately. Just because you’re IT does not mean you should not follow follow decorum. I would have loved the men to be wearing a suit like their hunky Marketing guy Mario (?). The ladies can be a a modern Filipiniana formal.

  12. yes..shamcey is overdresed and styled inappropriately..look at the hairlalu..feeling ba nya sya si stefania! anyhow, i wonder wat hapened to the LCS group..sila ung atat b4 to get the franchise..i wonder san na si madam richelle singson.. thot before dummy lang si shamcey..pero yamanin din naman asawa nya..un na.

    • I agree.

      Shamsey & Lia should look at SMA & take cues as to how to present themselves appropriately. Baggy tops in black are in order, perhaps with reddish-brown hair highlights. Did their stint at Binibining teach them nothing?

      As for Jonas, he should copy Rodgil Flores’ style of power dressing. And please lang, veneers are in order for the MUP candidates. Nakulangan ako sa mga smiles nila sa Red Carpet kahapon.

      Let’s continue piling on Jonas for not staying in his lane, for daring to disrupt the order in which mestizo landowning oligarchs like the Aranetas hold a monopoly on the franchises for the international Alpha pageants.

      Did Jonas think no-one would complain the way NO-ONE complained when Cory Quirino took the Miss World Philippines franchise from Binibining?

      But Cory Quirino gets a free pass because she is also alta, like the Aranetas.

      But Jonas? HOW DARE HE? After producing a Miss Universe for the Philippines after 42 years, a first-ever Miss World for the country, & our 6th Miss International, WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS? Doesn’t he know his place?

      The comment section in here is like watching a National Geographic channel or BBC Earth documentary on the behavior of decapod crustaceans under the sea.

      We should aspire to be better.

      But of course we won’t.

      We’re Pinoy.

  13. Walang magaling sa public speaking ang mga candidates na ito. Puro ah eh eee ang mga lumalabas sa bibig.

  14. Magpapayat lang si Michele Gumabao malaki ang chance nya manalo. Sa ngayon parang si Vice Ganda ang katawan nya.

  15. Sa 51 na MATATALO, HUWAG MAG-ALALA. MERON PANG Miss World Philippines, Mutya Pilipinas at Miss Philippines Earth. NANANAWAGAN PO AKO KAY LORRAINE SCHUCK to extend the DEADLINE of MPE to May 31 PARA YUNG MGA MATATALO SA MUP may chance pa to ENLIST to her pageant. Kay Sigrid Grace Flores (UP Visayas Grad), kung hindi ka pa mananalo dito, sali na sa MWP, MPE at Mutya Pil this year. Lipat-lipat lang katulad ng iyong representation – from Catanduanes (BPP 2018) to Iloilo (BPP 2019) and back to Catanduanes (MUP 2020).

    Ang GUSTO KO MANALO si MICHELLE GUMABAO. MAGPAPAPAYAT LANG SIYA. DAGDAG na HASA sa communication skills, better packaging/styling, realistic advocacy & review sa CURRENT AFFAIRS, PWEDE NA. I would like this SCENARIO to HAPPEN AGAIN – GWENDOLINE RUAIS was ignored by binibini in 2010 because the organizers/judges preferred CZARINA GATBONTON. OF COURSE GATBONTON DID NOT PLACE. The following year the MW franchise was transferred to Cory Quirino and she crowned RUAIS. The girl went to London ALMOST bagging the CROWN by becoming FIRST PRINCESS. RUAIS WAS VINDICATED. I HOPE ITO ANG MANGYARI KAY Miss GUMABAO because she was underrated in 2018.

    • @ paul @ Fabian Reyes said it is now too late for MG to lose weight. This should already have been done way in advance, in my opinion.

      I heard a different story about GR’s MW finish. That it was intended as JM’s “gesture of appreciation” to CQ for taking the MWP franchise. But more importantly, that GR has blood ties to British aristocracy, if not monarchy.

      But yes, CG was unremarkable.

      • Flor, FRENCH ARISTOCRACY. Her lolo was once the city mayor of Paris. DESPITE YOUR STORY, GWENDOLINE DID VERY VERY WELL BOTH in the MW’s PRELIMINARIES & in the FINALS. She deserved the ranking. In the case of MICHELLE, MATAGAL PA ang MISS UNIVERSE, SHE HAS ENOUGH TIME TO LOSE WEIGHT. He, he, he… REMEMBER, BOTH PIA & CATRIONA WERE NOT IN THEIR BEST SHAPE WHEN THEY COMPETED for BPP. Ikaw Flor sino gusto mo manalo? The exotic girl/s from Cebu or the attitude girl from Davao? He, he, he…

      • @ paul My preference is for a new face on the Nationals stage — Rabiya Mateo of Iloilo.

        Am not a fan of the “All-Stars” scenario wherein repeaters and crossovers hog the limelight, even if they are polished already.

        Here is a chance for a new pageant to carve its own identity and the BEST way to do that is to NOT crown a name from a previous or rival brand. Doing so only validates what the competition began; essentially, palalabasin nakinabang ka lang sa sinimulan nila. Not the best image from a marketing standpoint.

        And again, MUP needs to prove to AP’s that theirs was money well spent, the investment worth it.

        And all those fence-sitters that opted to not join in and first see how things would play out will then be convinced to finally sign up as well. I want to look at this as a BUSINESS first. And the very first order of business for a noob player is to secure the bottom line; they can become more generous eventually. Trabaho lang. Walang personalan. No drama. Just another day at the office, so to speak.

  16. Wow Michelle! Really wow! She stood up amidst the sea of so many beautiful ladies! La Union, Paranaque at si Apriel Smith! Kagaganda nila! Medyo maarte si Ate Laguna ata. Hihihi

  17. Can I expect an individual whole body snapshot of the candidates, Tito Norms? Basing the pictures above posted, I’d say that there are a lot of stunning ladies who joined in this historical inauguration of MUP. I’d also say that MUPO is in the right track from the get-go.

    Except that…

    Shamcey Supsup and Lia Ramos should have donned designers’ corporate dresses. They have already graduated from the beauty queen get up. As executives of the MUPO, they should dress appropriately on that occasion while maintaining the beauty queen look.

    That’s all.

    • Agree sa attire ni Shamcey and Lia. Executive dress is more appropriate. And Jonas? Parang hindi pinaghandaan ang okasyon.
      Let’s wait for the individual post of each candidate from sir Norman. Please include the height in barefoot.

      • That means we are on the same wavelength, momsh.

        But before we get unfavorable response from our co-commenters here, I’d like to reiterate that Shamcey and Lia should stun us in corporate dresses maintaining beauty queen, and not matronic, look. Napagkamalan ko kase silang ageing candidates. Kaloka!

        As regards Jonas Gaffud’s get up, he seems to channel a Terramoda staff who came to measure the hips and the waistlines of the girls in there. Charot! (Peace, Mama J!) But of course, carry naman ni mamang. I tell you, Jonas is one of the best dressed gay impresarios in the beauty pageant landia. Nagkataon lang siguro na hindi ready ang kanyang blazer.

        That’s all.

  18. top 2
    doris bigornia of Ca
    jonalyn viray of Palawan

    sana diyan na lang din ang finals gawin. hahaha
    si jonas anu yang suot mo galing sa ukayukay, formal event jawsko

    tulad sa MU
    1 week event na lang dapat ito tas finals na agad

  19. MUP has 52 BBP has 40. Isang bagsakan ang sumali ngayung taon at puro magaganda pa. So kung puro magaganda ang sumali ngayung taon, sino nalang ang mga sasali sa susunod?

  20. Parang maganda ‘yung Palawan….. hawig ni Llegado. 🙂

    Mario Garcia is REALLY CUTE.

    Rabiya Mateo thus far is my AP candidate-to-beat, the representative of Iloilo.

    Medyo tacky ‘yang imitation Greek colonnades backdrop and Renaissance stained glass window etch with FrontRow signage. That Manila Hotel function room already has its own columns. And that flat black curtain is the pits! 😦

    Supsup-Lee looks GORGEOUS. But why is Jonas G in (v-neck) sweater, only? It’s formal event, no?

  21. mas maganda pa press presentation ng Mutya

    papanget ng mga kandidata pinadami lang nila para masabing madami

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