18 comments on “The Binibinis during the Bb. Pilipinas 2020 Talent Presentation

  1. Patricia Babista disapeared beside Franchesca Taruc…. I actually forgot about Patricia…

  2. Hannah looks like she’s poised to win the Bb International crown. The other repeaters are likely to win titles this time around.

  3. My eyes were immediately drawn to Hannah Arnolds and Gabby Basiano.

    Basiano- while everyone was smiling, Basiano went fierce
    Arnolds- She allowed her eyes speak to you with a bit of smirk.

    Standing out in these group photos could be a foretelling of how a lady’s presence can be felt amongst the bevy of international beauties in the future.

  4. Not liking Sam’s look this yr ..i think she has to step it up if she wants to win over Basiano for the Supranational
    Hanna is goddess . International or nothing for her. And if she fails to win a national or international crown, she needs to cross over to MUP.
    Maureen maybe good for MGI . But I think her extremely feminine vibe and Her sweet voice maybe more appealing to International . She just
    Needs to soften her look … which she has during the press presentation .
    I don’t think we will fail at Grand This time since we have a lot of palaban And Kabogera girls
    As for Vickie , I just wish they had let her win over Patch Gazini or Sam . Team Philippines would have done better if she was part of the winning circle.

  5. Very clear here — front-runners like Rushton and Babista were overwhelmed in no time, obscured by the fresh competition. Beside the imposing Arnold, Montaigne looks PUNY.

    Mendoza is KWEEN.

    Basiano works it; she is by far the most visually appealing, registering like a 1950’s high-fashion Avedon or Penn muse.

    I hope Bernardo’s decision to “straighten up” will pay off.


  6. Facially wise BBP candidates are far superior than the MUP candidates (As a Whole)

    BUT we should also understand. ISA lang ang crown ng MUP, parang MEP…iisa lang ang paglalabanan…the runner ups will not compete Internationally.

    Unlike MWP na mejo marami crowns pero alam naman natin, na MWP is a no contest, day 1 palang alam na natin sino manalo

    I hope MUP will have more than 5 girls who can FIGHT for the crown and from the looks of it, more than 5 ang magaganda talaga….aminin


  7. Lovely ladies.
    For a second I thought #26 from Pampanga was Patch!
    They literally can pass as twins.

    This going to be a great year for BbP…

  8. My Top 12:

    Samantha Bernardo
    Honey Cartasano
    Hannah Arnold
    Patrizia Garcia
    Vicky Rushton
    Gabrielle Basiano
    Francesca Taruc
    Carina Cariño
    Justin Felizarte

  9. Why do Pinoys always think about the negative side all the time?

    Haven’t you noticed that competition just increases the quality of these pageants? Look at BBP. they are actually leveling up in terms of their pageant activities, venues, production etc.

    MUP wants to show them how it’s done so as long as there is no drama then let them compete!

    My only ask is that they schedule their events accordingly at wag i-divide and fanbase. We have enough camp-division here hihihihihi

    right baby nica? hihihihihi

    • Venue?? kmusta naman ang venue na pa res carpet kuno ng MUP? Ginawang corned beef ang mga girls sa sobra siksikan. at ang dilim ha.

      right MMMM???? hihihihi mmmbop!! lakas nka Hanson Circa 1999

  10. Gogondoh!
    Kahit wala silang pa red carpet mas marami parin naman daw dyosang sumali ditey.
    Sa 40 binibinis na sumali 41 sa kanila ang dyosya. Hihihi, hmp sige na nga exag lang ako pero true. Sa pagandahan mas aabangan ko to. Pero baka sa production naman bumawi ang MUP.
    Can’t wait.

  11. andaming Dyosa dito!! Now this is what you call a beauty pageant. Binibining Pilipinas is Binibining Pilipinas!!

    di nadadaan sa padamihan ng candidates yan. quality over quantity. masyadong feeling lang yung bagong pa-pageant nila. matuto kayo sa Binibini. they cant even live up to the hype.

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