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  1. It’s slow because they want to give the girls some spotlight while walking down the red carpet. It’s a great opportunity to give that first impression on and off camera.

  2. Press presentation nga lang eh.

    Anong gusto nyo mag twerk at mag baklaan ang mga kandidata sa Manila Hotel in cocktail Filipiniana?

    This presentation is miles better and much classier than candidates parading in their swimsuits along the streets! Iyan ba ang idea nyong representation ng empowered woman?

    Baka more like exploited woman ang gusto nyo makita.

    How disappointing naman yung ibang tao dito.

  3. I enjoyed the production! Original background music created just for MUP! Don’t know why all the comments here are negative. On FB and IG I saw mostly positive reviews about the production.

    • @ Bella I will attempt an explanation.

      The commentators here are largely from an older demographic — tanders, ‘ika nga. And those who watched from FB and IG are mostly supporters of the candidates and young-ish folks (like you?).


  4. Hmmm rough start.

    Underwhelming lighting. SLOOOOW pace. I was kinda expecting something more festive or lively in feels.

    Though i love how the are wearing Filipinianas/Ternos

    Frontrow definitely owns this franchise. Either LCS and front lang si Frontrow or it’s frontrow talaga from the start. Well why not? THey have the money naman.

    SASHES – Sad to say.. BBP’s sashes look way better and looks MU quality.

    I’ll be critical with what MUPo is doing. Why? For me kasi.. the courage of getting the MUP franchise away from BBP is such a brave move. So i think dapat lang na may ‘K’ kayo kumuha ng franchise ng may franchise. Dapat umpisa pa lang angat at iba na kayo from the previous owner. Well. yeah. They really have to do good. to give us a good show/season. I have high hopes for this one.. but so far not impressed with the red carpet presentation..

    • Also… they have tooooo much candidates. Bat di na lang nila i limit to 20? to 30? fine… 40! for just one title a 50+ candidates is too much. again… Quality > Quantity.

      • @ MrManila Kasi nga, nag-franchise sila. Ganyan talaga ‘pag franchise. Alangan naman’g i-decline mo ‘yung interesado mag-field ng kandidata at ready to pay…..

        At since pera nila ‘yun, they have full prerogative whom to send over.

        ‘Eto na ‘yung sinasabi ni @ Closer2Fame, na sa iba’ng bansa, kailangan dumaan muna sa hierarchy – village, then town, then State – bago mag-Nationals and you need to win every stage of the way to the International. Hindi kung sinu-sino lang.

    • @ MrManila For one thing, Manila Hotel ‘yan. Like SMART Araneta Dome, it’s an already-old structure with limited possibilities as far as lighting is concerned.

      MUT nga last year, sa atrium lang ng shopping mall sa Bangkok. Dilim din.

      This should have been done outdoors, sa Pool. Hindi naman umulan today.

  5. NOT liking that the candidates came in their own wardrobe. Obviously, a rough start for MUP considering they waited for the AP’s to finalize participation (read : pay the franchise), thus leaving no time for the organization to conduct fittings for a standardized look on Press Presentation Day.

    Fifty-six (56), for just one title. Kung natuloy pala LAHAT ng province/region at HUC, lalo na!


  6. Hirap maging pageant aspirant. Di naman nila ikayayaman
    Buti pa yung mga matataba at bamsot sa TV

  7. Alaiza vs Felizarta . The latter has everything Alaiza is being praised for .. plus great comm skills and personality .
    Why she joined BP , idk

    • @ Fabian Reyes Sandra Lemonon is sashed as Taguig City, NOT Pasig City as per her previous outings in MWP and BBP. Why???! Did the Pasig City AP get priority for that sash, forcing Sandra to “relocate”?

      Mr. Tinio, what’s going on? Are sashes being auctioned?


    • mag ta transform pa yan. Yun sabi nila eh hehe that for me is the exciting part.

    • @ Miswa Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      GOSH! Ang BAGAL ng proceedings….. 😦

      NOT quite consistent with the image of MU as a fast-paced and gripping bloodbath. GROAN…..

      • I agree, it was so slow & long.

        I mean if anyone can do fast-paced, it would be Bb Pilipinas.

        Bb Pilipinas’ finals night is fast-paced in the same way that KF candidates undeniably have natural teeth.

        Personally, give me Bb Pilipinas even during the drought years (broken by Jonas & A&Q). After all, tradition is tradition & it must be respected even when it holds us from progress or from actually winning Alpha titles.

        Disruptors like Jonas Gaffud & Steve Jobs & Tim Berners-Lee & Tomas Edison & the Wright brothers & the Katipuneros & let’s go even further back, WHOEVER INVENTED THE WHEEL!!!! Wtf??? Who needs the change that the wheel represented when the tradition of walking was perfectly fine. Disruptors must be stopped!

        I hope Jonas will fail so the Universe title will go back to Binibining with their fast-paced & modern productions. While we’re at it, let’s revive the Cumbia wardrobes & Barazza national costumes & gowns.

        A lot of salty Sebastians in here commenting from Under the Sea.

      • @ SQ Pot_h! Akala ko nu’ng una, seryoso ka. Sarcasric ka pala….Ouch, you hurt me. 🙂

    • so is it really e “BEAUTY CONTEST”? medyo iba kasi ang dating if Beauty Contest.. Beauty Pageant.. haha

  8. Can’t wait until the the final line up is announced
    I hope it’s worth it
    Michelle would have been my choice if she could lose weight . I know it’s impossible

  9. dapat gayahin nila ang MU
    sa hotel lang tapos 1 week lang finals na

    dami dami nila sponsors eh facebook live lang naman sila broadcast

  10. I wonder why Philippine Airlines is not one of the sponsors? Did they opt with BBP or can’t they sponsor both.

    Former MUP winners should have free association with the new MUPO and BPCI

  11. It says a lot about MUP that the corporate sponsors willing to associate with it their own brand’s image are upscale, if not global. Olay is an example. Sponsorship by a known cosmetic product is meticulously studied on the impact of the sponsored product on their brand’s image. I’m sure Olay must have considered the spirit at the core of MUP brand—celebration of the total woman: beautiful inside and out, empowering than just simply captivating. It must have considered the participants to this marketing event– accomplished young women, academic and professional achievers, community and church leaders, social advocates, and more importantly, solidly backed by their respective communities. Finally, it must have considered the psychographic profile of the fan base—that segment who appreciates today’s multi-dimensional concept of beauty, not the archaic hedonistic sense that commodifies women. This fan base are the discriminating, thinking, achievement-oriented consumers.

    • Come to think of it: aren’t discriminating, thinking, and achievement-oriented consumer attributes are basically the characteristics of millenials and GenZ? If I may add, Olay must have been conscious of the research finding that this generation is known to enjoy purchasing products from brands that support charities or causes.

      The same thought processes undergone by Olay must have been the same mindset of the other brands.

      The Business Development Team of MUP must be doing its job well. It should be a marketing coup if it can be instrumental in getting Olay sponsor MU 2020.

  12. Just looking at the list of sponsors, you can tell that MUP is bringing in the bigger guns.

    MUP is indeed the Crème de la crème title in the country.

    Patibayan ng malalakas ang loob at talino with only one crown at stake with no safety net third-tier titles.

    Looking forward to the announcement of official candidates later.

    • @Viveka: I think even if there is only one crown at stake, all the candidates are already winners! The paid training, sustained involvement in grassroots advocacy, and the prestige in having been part of the quest to acquire a global advocacy platform by competing on intellect, professional and scholastic achievements, community leadership, besides simply physical assets, are priceless rewards that can already jumpstart one’s career pursuits.

  13. I can SO imagine Amelinckxz, Ysmael-Roxas, and Lemonon in a (lemon-scented) Downy TV ad. 🙂

  14. dami sponsors. since wala ang frontrow sa baba as sponsor. so sure na! na frontrow ang may ari ng Franchise. they always place their logo at the top and now nasa left naman with presents ek ek. nakka cheap talaga. tignan mo nga ang bbp walang nakalagay na araneta presents bbp. img presents MU. Cory Q presents mutya. lorraine presents MEP. what is the purpose of puting their logo? ok lang kung once. but never so it again. Pwede namang MUP sa taas at sa baba presents by Frontrow mas ok pa siguro yon kesa nasa taas o nasa left or right ng logo ng MUP. anyway! so may sash pa din ng MUP from pldt sir norman?

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