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  1. Mr. Tinio, I would like to suggest you post your interview with Rosco Dickinson.

    I appreciate his brutal honesty – an onstage Question Round is unnecessary in his pageant.

    That the final result is pre-determined, that even just after a few days with the guys it is evident who has potential.

    LALABAS at LALABAS ang natural. Doesn’t Miss International also follow this approach?

    Thank you and peaceful week ahead.

  2. Down to earth persona. I betcha he gets all the attention of the ladies!
    Go on now, Daumier.

    • @ Closer2Fame Let’s just say, when you scrutinize a good many photos of the two…..

      • Hindi rin… according to my research(the people who “experienced”) sakto lang silang lahat… Marco Poli leading ng konti…

      • @ Closer2Fame Siyempre, sasabihin nila ‘sakto lang. Either out of modesty or politeness. Or risk being bashed for being cheap or “ba_uy”, worse be blocked by the guy/s in question. Blank can either be “b” or “d”.


        Here’s my Pre-Arrival 10-Pick – Philippines (nemen….), Netherlands, Guam, Singapore, Switzerland, 4th RU South Africa, 3rd RU Nepal, 2nd RU Greece, 1st RU Brazil, and Spain for a back-to-back win!

  3. The underwear pic is amazing but the other ones are horrible.
    I don’t understand how he won
    Is that the best one we can have ?
    Pitiful , He has no chance at all

    • @ Fabian Reyes Maniwala ka, kung hindi pa nagpapasok si Jonas G (through Mercator) ng mga Fil-Am like Daumier, Jeff Langan, and Daniel Azurin (though latter was already in the country studying at DLSU system prior to being snapped up for pageantry), LALO tayo’ng wala’ng laban!

      Mayroon naman options locally, pero in your parlance “SM Girl” (meaning, cheap-ish). Some have joined (other) Nationals prior…. but Jonas G does NOT accept repeaters/crossovers. He likes nouveau and fraiche faces, precisely to launch as his discoveries, as would any good model scout.

      And, the moment he finds out the candidate has a “sordid past”, ligwak! One of Dom’s co-candidates at GLAM Philippines – which also crowned Marina Benipayo’s “muy alta” panganay (elder son), btw – was one such unfortunate example. Just before Finals, photo/video (?) of his “act” went semi-viral.

  4. Wow, is holding a rifle a good thing?
    Is being masculine and not caring much about one’s physique a good thing? He sounds as dry as a piece of board… No wonder anyone would prefer the not so tall granpa briefs Denver Hernandez who’s absolutely charming compaired to this tall modelesque Daumier Coriĺla.

    • @ Closer2Fame I do not think your comparison is justified. I did, but only between PHYSICAL equals (hence, with Marco Poli). And c’mon, it is neither illegal nor immoral to be interest in guns.

      Even personality-wise, the two are polar opposites. They most probably will not befriend each other in real life if they crossed paths. Introvert vs. extrovert. Heck! I even doubt Marco and Denver liked each other when they competed together at MrWP.

      It is very obvious that Dom and Denver had totally disparate life paths, so the differences need to be understood and respected.

      Dom gives the Filipino-emigre-turned-Republican-chill-dude vibe, somewhat akin to his predecessor, Jeff Langan. Now so as not to turn the comment into a cock fight-of-sorts, go ahead and dig up the back story on Denver’s Italian chapter…. even their respective family stories could differ vastly.

      In any case, we can be proud that both guys are pure Pinoy blood. Both came to the country to explore opportunities. In Denver’s case, he landed a TV advertisement for a popular strong local beer.

      And yes, grandpa briefs are LOVE. 🙂

      And, OH, one more thing…..

      (one is _aks, while the other is _uts, the dimensions inversely proportional to the height)

  5. Mr. Tinio, in your opinion, how does he stack up against another guy you personally met, Marco Poli?

    Both are TALL and live lives on two continents (Kuya Dee is full Filipino extraction but from his looks you could swear he is halfie, while Marco is Filipino-Italian). And while LA guy only came back five months ago, the other had played amateur football here for a while before being taken into pageantry.

    Who registers STRONGER?

    • Daumier has loads of personality as compared to Marco. His California vibe oozes effortlessly.

      Marco, on the other hand, has a better physique.

      • @ Norman I also noticed…. he seems to like guns.

        TWICE (in both videos), he shoots us readers down with his flying kiss. And there is a photo of him in his FB page holding rifles.

        Tell his manager/handler to get him in as an image model for a local gun manufacturer (Armscor) or outdoor recreation gear supplier (Habagat or Hawk). Or similar industries. With his height and deep voice, he registers VERY masculine. Yeah, the California vibe helps.

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