21 comments on “Adee Hitomi Akiyama for Miss Universe Philippines 2020

  1. Whoops another contender has come forth! MUP is shaping up to be a bloodbath and not as one-sided as we thought it would be! I have a top 3 now with her, Alaiza, and Isabella! Followed closely by Michelle and Rabiya. I also saw a black barbie, whose name I forgot, who I also really liked. If Adee doesn’t win MUP, maybe she can try for MUJ instead.

    • @ Nelson You apparently have not seen Roxie Baeyerns and the now-streamlined Shane Tormes.

  2. Just a day prior to the reveal of ALL MUP 2020 candidates to the Press, I have the following placements in mind. Only an AP-candidate with PLENTY of potential can change it.

    Kim Docekalova > Maria Isabela Galeria
    Patraporn Wang > Pauline Amelinckxz
    Tanachapohn Boonsang > Alaiza Malinao
    Miriam Somnprommas > Christelle Abello
    Paweensuda Drouin > Rabiya Mateo

    Sorry, I have moved on from both Lemonon and Gumabao. Let’s face it. They are now mere fillers.

  3. I like her beauty, so refreshing and very likeable. If she were only three inches taller pa, mas maganda sana. But if she looks proportioned, why not? I’d like to see her in beauty pageant get up, and see if she can outshine Michelle and Alaiza.

    That’s all.

  4. Pretty sana pati sa personal ganyan din sya kaganda… Alam nyo naman mga camera ng mga cellphone ngayon naka auto filter na may beauty plus pa 😁😁😁

  5. A refreshing addition to the rare assemblage of remarkable women, all presenting their worth not in terms of physical attributes alone but in terms of what makes them a complete woman– intellect, leadership ability, social change advocacy, professional/ scholastic achievement and moral fortitude. And everything for the prize of acquiring a national and global platform for their advocacies! Like HItomi and Isabela in the prior post, I admire the participation of everyone in this pageant because presenting their holistic beauties alone make us all feel proud that in this day and age there are many exemplary Filipino women who chose to go beyond being “captivating” into the more meaningful realm of being “empowering”. Our society is replete with beautiful women who would rather be listened to for their ideas than to be gawked at for their bodies. Let them all come out for all the world to be awed and inspired. They are winners!

    • so hackneyed and antiquated observation. a cheap cacophony of lexicon, reflecting mediocrity and wastage of rubbish biases. oh holy cow.

      • A weird mix of non sequiturs. Nice try though.

        This is pageantry, a celebration of beauty. I’m talking about the most modern concept of beauty, the multi-dimensional kind, not the archaic hedonistic type that commodifies women. Have a nice day!

  6. Mr. Tinio, you know who SURPRISED me, in latest photos?

    Sigrid Grace Flores and your “alaga” most everybody here in the blog liked immediately, Christelle Abello.


    Back to the subject of this post….

    Adee Hitomi Akiyama reminded me of MUJ 2019 Ako Kamo, who was an exchange student at Assumption College San Lorenzo (Makati City) and studied at College of Saint Benilde. DLSU system gets PLENTY of Japanese enrollments? Why, po?

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